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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENDOCRINE

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Astrology, 426:are to the planetary Life what five major endocrine glands are to the human being. They are relatedDiscipleship1, 414:energy and this would lead to a balancing of the endocrine system and greater freedom inEducation, 10:3. Medically, with special attention to the endocrine system, plus the usual modern methods inEducation, 36:(which will become increasingly obvious) to the endocrine glands. The brain as the coordinatingHealing, 38:the physical body through the [38] medium of the endocrine system. This point should be borne inHealing, 45:and fed from the astral body. These we call the endocrine glands. These glands are effects of orHealing, 46:body with its seven major centers of force. The endocrine system, which is an effect of the sevenHealing, 47:of the endocrinologist, as he deals with the endocrine glands, viewing them as power stationsHealing, 77:body, involving also the nerve ganglia and the endocrine system, you will also have trouble. TheHealing, 84:investigation anent the "imbalance" of the endocrine glands, and many physical difficulties areHealing, 84:will right balance be achieved and the human endocrine system control the physical man in theHealing, 85:of a vast aggregate of energies and forces. The endocrine system whose various glands are inHealing, 86:but also through many other centers. That of the endocrine system, which works primarily throughHealing, 140:manner. The centers, as you know, govern the endocrine system which, in its turn, controls theHealing, 141:or are attempting to condition the man. 3. The endocrine system. This is the tangible and exotericHealing, 143:The nervous system is ruled by Venus. The endocrine system is governed by Saturn. The blood streamHealing, 160:active. At present, the general imbalance of the endocrine system militates against the safe andHealing, 189:Causes of Disease The Etheric Body, Nervous and Endocrine Systems What I have to say here is basedHealing, 189:The etheric body itself The nervous system The endocrine system are closely "related to each otherHealing, 197:as their united externalization is the endocrine system which corresponds to the form or matterHealing, 198:the result of this will be a well-balanced endocrine system. The vitality and life pouring throughHealing, 199:turn, affect the nervous system, making the endocrine system what it is in the individual man, andHealing, 208:over-development or the underdevelopment, of the endocrine system. This ductless glandular system,Healing, 208:midway between the centers and the corresponding endocrine glands, and acting as the agent for theHealing, 213:a Master of the Wisdom. Knowledge concerning the endocrine or ductless glands is as yet in anHealing, 219:power and thus produce a right reaction from the endocrine system. This will necessarily involveHealing, 240:the centers which is not directly related to the endocrine system; it penetrates, by its radiation,Healing, 254:and through a correct appreciation of the endocrine system, its glands and their subtleHealing, 289:and equipment and the glandular [289] or endocrine system have played tentatively with the subject.Healing, 333:centers, network and nadis, is the heart, the endocrine system and the brain. Into this generalHealing, 338:through certain centers, plus the related endocrine system, with its relation to the blood stream,Healing, 454:agency, and through the close relation of the endocrine system to the blood stream, we have the twoHealing, 473:system in its various expressions, and the endocrine system. With these effects I shall not deal.Healing, 548:areas of the body via The nadis. The nerves. The endocrine system. The blood stream. These fourHealing, 614:this here because in Law VII the fact of the endocrine glands is brought to our attention, and itHealing, 614:this subject from the right point of view. The endocrine glands are a tangible part of the physicalHealing, 617:structure, to which we have given the name "the endocrine glandular system." These glands - inHealing, 617:worker knows little anent the relation of the endocrine glands to the blood and to the totalHealing, 617:and until he recognizes that which produces the endocrine glands he will remain totally at sea asHealing, 618:agency of the centers into the blood stream (the endocrine glands) I would like to point out thatHealing, 618:to point out that the centers work through this endocrine system through direct impact, through aHealing, 621:was the appearance in the Christ of a perfect endocrine system. All His glands (both major andHealing, 623:and reacting in strict unison with them, is the endocrine or glandular system, through which systemHealing, 625:attention to the balance or the imbalance of his endocrine system or set-up (if I may use thatHealing, 626:that the world of causes (as far as the endocrine glands are concerned) is the etheric body withHealing, 628:throughout the entire body of a man. The endocrine or glandular system. The blood stream, theHealing, 628:recipient of streams of living energy from the endocrine system, via what are called the hormones.Hercules, 111:in the etheric body. The discovery of the endocrine system shows corresponding physical glands inMagic, 285:when all parts of his nervous system, his endocrine system, and his centers are coordinated andMagic, 496:and peripheral; and then there is the endocrine system, which might be regarded as the densestMagic, 496:agency, and through the close relation of the endocrine system to the blood stream, we have the twoMagic, 588:and physical bodies, remembering ever that the endocrine system and the seven major glands, inMagic, 592:and is the subtle counterpart of the nervous and endocrine systems. A little clear thinkingPsychology1, 90:equipment of brain, nervous system and the endocrine system. All these in their turn are understoodPsychology1, 326:of the centers determines the response of the endocrine system, governs the nervous system in itsPsychology2, 63:conformation of the body, the condition of the endocrine system, and consequently the set ofPsychology2, 413:These centers are closely concerned with the endocrine system, which they determine and conditionPsychology2, 419:plus correct treatment and balancing of the endocrine system. Along these lines much work is beingPsychology2, 434:and then by conscious soul direction. The endocrine or glandular system, acting under impulsesPsychology2, 519:human mechanism and closely connected with the endocrine system. This is part of the new Science ofPsychology2, 533:units. In the vital body (thus conditioning the endocrine and lymphatic systems) are certain focalPsychology2, 551:plexus centers. The glands - major and minor, endocrine and lymphatic - in the abdominal area areRays, 431:The brain is largely conditioned by the endocrine system, and this far more than theRays, 669:conditions the personality, working through the endocrine system; the energies which the centersRays, 671:it becomes a balanced part of the general endocrine system and past imbalance is avoided.Soul, 20:the organism, the nervous apparatus, and of the endocrine system. The following quotations bearSoul, 31:subject of psychology. In considering the endocrine system, it is not my intention to describe itSoul, 35:and thought activity have their seat in the endocrine system, and that even the nature of man isSoul, 38:These are known as the ductless glands, or 'endocrine organs' and their products have been calledSoul, 38:G., M.D., The Glands of Destiny, p. 1. The word "endocrine" it may be noted is from the Greek wordSoul, 39:of secretion are often referred to as the 'endocrine glands.' Their secretions are absorbedSoul, 39:Your Mysterious Glands, pp. 8, 9. This system of endocrine glands forms a unit functionally,Soul, 39:own activities, but are closely linked to the endocrine system. The blood acts mysteriously as theSoul, 40:to the normal, or abnormal, functioning of the endocrine glands. From this discussion of theSoul, 40:endocrine glands. From this discussion of the endocrine system we come naturally to the question:Soul, 46:the speed of living and is the keystone of the endocrine system. It is indispensable to life.Soul, 52:But are all these conclusions as to the endocrine glands, in fact correct? Has man, in outline,Soul, 122:that we are no better or worse than our peculiar endocrine system. But the reason for this may lieSoul, 128:part is in the dense physical realm, namely the endocrine glands and the nervous system, whichSoul, 129:and of his environment are determined by his endocrine system. So says the West. The second is: AsSoul, 130:structure. Man's mechanism is determined by his endocrine system plus the nervous system, theSoul, 133:medicine and the general health of the endocrine system. An intellectual understanding andSoul, 136:it is claimed, bring physical man and the endocrine system eventually into such a condition that weTelepathy, 147:dense matter, and thus the seven major sets of endocrine glands slowly came into functioningTelepathy, 147:through responsive centers and creating the endocrine glands as a consequence, gradually began toTelepathy, 152:for the creation and preservation of the endocrine glandular system in a form either limited andTelepathy, 163:themselves through the seven major glands of the endocrine system. I have said earlier that the
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