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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENDOWED

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Astrology, 118:He is, at this stage, negative, fluid and endowed with an instinctual consciousness which containsAutobiography, 18:Isles. She had her own specially built and endowed cottage hospital; she supported missionaries inDiscipleship1, 361:inner worlds of expression. Besides this, it has endowed you with a body of somewhat heavy andDiscipleship1, 692:and agonizing world. The group will then be endowed with power to serve but it will not be powerDiscipleship1, 746:he must respond to that call, for it is the endowed right of the trusted disciple to send it outDiscipleship2, 109:of the occult facts, and who are also endowed with the rare group virtue of silence, we shall notDiscipleship2, 237:subject requires revitalizing; it needs to be endowed with a fresh and new presentation and a newDiscipleship2, 272:and ancient sets of phrases or symbols are endowed with power, owing to the potency of the mindsDiscipleship2, 340:form. The Master, however, stands free, endowed with the Christ-consciousness. He then wields thisDiscipleship2, 525:in the initiatory period intensifies; it is endowed with acute emotionalism and swift response toDiscipleship2, 537:the average person who is kind, well-meaning and endowed with a normal sense of responsibility,Discipleship2, 742:plane all the energies with which you are endowed and to produce that ordered rhythm and arrangedEducation, 35:teaching him to use his inherited, acquired and endowed equipment for the evidencing of the socialExternalisation, 98:and to present the mind (with which humanity was endowed in the earlier process) to the light ofExternalisation, 447:view, those qualities will be strengthened and endowed with potency; where selfishness rules, whereExternalisation, 583:talents and with certain firmly rooted ideas, endowed with irrevocable ideals and a brain which isExternalisation, 622:and physical equipment with which they are endowed, they can and must work. I shall not labor thisFire, 279:350, 592, 593. Every atom in the universe is endowed with consciousness, - S. D., I, 105. II, 709,Fire, 695:Hylozoism is the doctrine that all matter is endowed with life. "When we have attained to thisHealing, 188:and also to the three human races which are endowed with the power to unfold the seed of theseHealing, 227:tendencies with which their past history has endowed them. It should therefore be borne in mindHealing, 248:The power of absorption with which the planet is endowed is very great within certain limitations;Healing, 401:that those who possess this gift are likewise endowed with eternal persistence. One schoolHealing, 668:necessities prohibitive to those not richly endowed. Those who thus work, think and plan are to beHercules, 214:Cancer and Scorpio). Quality: Duality. Fluidity endowed with instinctual consciousness.Intellect, 91:series of life experiments and experience has endowed us, and whether we undertake the work fromMagic, 449:last the life aspect with which the creator has endowed the creation. We are consequently face toPatanjali, 299:therefore driven by desire to incarnate, Endowed with atomisation and other powers, therefore ablePatanjali, 408:intermediate forms are dependent upon some life, endowed with the capacity to think, and throughPsychology1, 27:are inherently and innately aspects of life, endowed with quality and capable of appearance. BelowRays, 162:but (having served their purpose and having endowed man with certain required assets -Rays, 338:initiation and of experience [338] with the then endowed energies emerge as the ability of theRays, 670:usual faculties or appetites with which man is endowed; it is brought under control through theReappearance, 169:and physical equipment with which they are endowed, they can and must work. There is no possibleSoul, 60:still prefer to use the term space. But a space endowed with physical properties is more than aSoul, 67:X- or Roentgen rays, etc. [67] "The ether is endowed with creative power in space and on earth...Soul, 89:said: "The different senses... with which we are endowed... have, somewhere, in the brain, secretTelepathy, 127:who have left that stage far behind but who are endowed with all the faculties and all the
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