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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENDS

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Externalisation, 377:nation should hold before itself when the war ends and opportunity faces each and all? It is surelyExternalisation, 379:at heart. It has been used for selfish and evil ends far more often than for good. Of this tendencyExternalisation, 379:public opinion) can be as easily turned to good ends as bad, and to constructive measures as toExternalisation, 424:and fundamental truths were twisted to meet the ends of the evil workers. The doctrine, forExternalisation, 430:to bring planetary disaster and to deflect the ends and the aims of the Great White Lodge. AmongExternalisation, 447:is the intention to gain individual and national ends instead of those international purposes whichExternalisation, 451:have used psychology in order to reach the ends they had in view, and have used it with amazingExternalisation, 454:the Hierarchy is how to further these desirable ends without infringing on human freedom of thoughtExternalisation, 460:the world situation for their own immediate ends and for the benefiting of their particular nationExternalisation, 461:and so implemented that it attains their narrow ends, no matter at what cost to the rest of theExternalisation, 483:has been the prostitution of matter to selfish ends and for separative purposes which has beenExternalisation, 489:and which prostituted science to achieve their ends, requires the imposition [490] of a powerExternalisation, 498:see that its power is not prostituted to selfish ends and purely material purposes. It is a "savingExternalisation, 511:when it can be divorced from politics and social ends and from its present paralyzing condition ofExternalisation, 515:has gone, in which science is prostituted to the ends of money and hate, and in which the produceExternalisation, 578:maneuvering. In the achievement of these ends (and only major issues will be considered, leavingExternalisation, 619:desire to do good and to accomplish spiritual ends is ceaselessly gnawing away within hisExternalisation, 620:rationalizes himself so successfully that he ends by deciding that he is doing the best he can inExternalisation, 626:and grabbed for selfish individual or national ends. Of this, the world war (1914-1945) is theExternalisation, 689:unconsciously by humanity for purely material ends, and are therefore basically anti-spiritual andFire, 51:the medium of substance or form. When evolution ends, the fire of matter is not cognizable. ItFire, 127:turned to the manipulation of matter for selfish ends, if he continues this in spite of theFire, 127:this union must be desired, not for selfish ends, but because group perfection is the goal andFire, 131:no longer persists. The work of the second Logos ends, and the divine [132] incarnation of the SonFire, 185:unless for certain work and for certain specific ends, the man consciously and willingly foregoesFire, 193:to know where one begins and the other ends. Touch is that innate recognition of contact throughFire, 231:form is either consciously utilized for specific ends or is vacated, and the man is liberated.Fire, 278:some particular period begins, continues, and ends, in connection with the awareness of someFire, 338:the will of the Indweller. All these ends are the result of the manasic development and perhaps theFire, 355:and intelligently working to effect certain ends, and thus each is the originator of manas to HisFire, 360:that each life - great or small - serves its own ends, yet subserves the greater ends of the BeingFire, 360:- serves its own ends, yet subserves the greater ends of the Being in Whose body it is a corporateFire, 376:to a different key, and serve their own specific ends, so do the globes serve an analogousFire, 411:as it is required in order to attain certain ends. It is succeeded by "abstraction" occultlyFire, 417:or distortion of force to certain erroneous ends, not along the line of evolution, account for muchFire, 427:of matter, and to drive it towards certain ends; To employ the electrical force in the air toFire, 427:will be seized by man to bring about specific ends during specific cycles. 49 The Trinity.Fire, 454:sound and color to bring about certain desired ends, such as The aligning of the Ego, TheFire, 454:the devas in order to further the constructive ends of evolution, and many other objects which willFire, 476:would misuse the knowledge gained for selfish ends. The phrases are as follows: He who transfersFire, 491:the devas, and attempt to produce specific ends by manipulation of the matter of the form. TheFire, 494:that they utilized them for their own selfish ends and along lines of endeavors outside theirFire, 580:that of attraction. It is one of the laws that ends with the solar system, for the great laws ofFire, 614:or with the lesser Builders to bring about ends [615] of his own, incited thereto by selfishFire, 642:would use it only for selfish, evil and material ends. Hence no more can be said anent denseFire, 643:in the use of the forces of nature for selfish ends; it is characterized by intense selfishness andFire, 643:by intense selfishness and separativeness, and ends in Avitchi, the 8th sphere, the home of lostFire, 734:and of the human divine Ego is turned to other ends, the substance of Their vehicles is affected,Fire, 753:a particular line of force made to forward the ends of evolution, and the effort for the twentiethFire, 755:festival. Students would do well to further the ends of the occult Hierarchy by a similarFire, 755:being made use of by certain powers to achieve ends contrary to the plans of the Lord. The era ofFire, 804:and can turn them, if he so will, to his own ends. Fire, 866:on the inner side to bring about certain desired ends. This it is also which oft times temporarilyFire, 876:and an energy which leads Him to fulfil His Own ends and projects, and which will eventually causeFire, 928:in different keys, accomplish certain desired ends, such as the invoking of protective angels orFire, 966:supplied to Them for the accomplishment of Their ends measures up to that necessitated. It will beFire, 987:This is the reason why he achieves many of his ends through the method of pranic stimulation or ofFire, 991:forces and to use them for specified selfish ends in this round during the fourth root race. BlackFire, 994:student can, in this case, turn them to selfish ends, use them for his own temporal materialFire, 996:ever the energy of the Solar Angel to effect his ends. The dark brother works through the inherentFire, 1003:be sent on selfish missions and for destructive ends, and until they are more spiritual, and haveFire, 1003:be asked how it is that men do achieve their ends, through concentration and visualization, and doFire, 1003:of certain sounds. They did not achieve their ends through mental ability, but principally throughFire, 1022:those who manipulate living matter for selfish ends. The white magician utilizes solar forces. AsFire, 1279:becomes as one, and all is peace for aeons. Time ends; space disperses; naught is. Darkness reignsGlamour, 18:as I am working definitely towards these three ends as a part of my ordained (self-ordained)Glamour, 83:those with separate tendencies and for selfish ends. It is the soul itself which dispels illusion,Healing, 4:has been constructed essentially for physical ends, to serve more subjective purposes. This againHealing, 233:Cycles which continually institutes the new and ends the old, or it can be brought about by theHealing, 300:this third ray energy for selfish and personal ends and manifests primarily upon the sixth orHealing, 420:no longer persists. The work of the second Logos ends, and the divine incarnation of the Son isHealing, 459:where Light and Life are found. Thus illusion ends. - Page 308. Letters on Occult Meditation: AHealing, 472:and is using normal channels to attain projected ends. Death in these cases is normal, and thisHealing, 508:personality is dedicated to lower and selfish ends. Students who are more advanced are dedicated toHealing, 578:them. In Lemurian days, the healer achieved his ends by the use of drastic physical disciplines,Healing, 604:the potency of thought, the process of radiation ends. This radiation has passed through twoHealing, 658:has been started, the work of the healer ends. He "shuts off" his soul contact and reassumesHealing, 668:fostering racial differences for their own ends, and keeping ignorance in power. Their sin is greatHealing, 679:law - which create, sustain and utilize, for the ends of His divine Purpose, the entire planet. HeHealing, 684:[684] Students are apt to think that death ends things, whereas from the angle of termination weHealing, 704:come; the life cycle on the physical plane then ends unless he is a worker in an Ashram, a discipleHealing, 706:of potency and influence who can serve their ends. Also their evil work is only possible at theHercules, 12:impossible to say where one begins and another ends. The veil that hides the concealed Deity isHercules, 32:this life force has been applied to selfish ends, to the purposes of self-gratification and to theHercules, 32:from the world of souls, and to vision group ends and group objectives. Now he has to learn to useHercules, 91:by rams' heads, and the stern of one of them ends in a fish's tail. Note, therefore, how we haveHercules, 91:but which begins in Aries, the ram, and ends in Pisces, the fishes. A close analysis of theHercules, 102:probationary path. When the labor of this sign ends, definite training for initiation in CapricornHercules, 107:Experience starts with the bird of matter and ends with the bird of spirit. It is interesting toHercules, 121:the man who is crucified thereon to material ends in order that he may learn eventually theirHercules, 121:substance and the prostitution of matter to evil ends is a sin against the Holy Ghost." It was thisHercules, 129:and justice and the law we find that the test ends in a burst of laughter, the only labor thatHercules, 130:force than is necessary. He seeks to achieve his ends gently, not coercively. We are told thatHercules, 131:institutions. This is the only labor that ends in a burst of laughter. Not only does HerculesHercules, 151:that triple personality for selfish or divine ends. The great illusion is the utilization of thatHercules, 151:the utilization of that personality for selfish ends. To sum up the whole story, in the signHercules, 192:all the single men In such a unity the picture ends." Initiation, 74:is needed, using the tongue for constructive ends; expressing the love force of the world, as itInitiation, 75:stands forth. He is a server because he has no ends of his own to serve, and from his lower sheathsInitiation, 79:on the inner side to bring about certain desired ends. This it is also which often causes the
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