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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENDS

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Initiation, 106:and authorizes what shall be done to further the ends of evolution. Occasionally, too, he meetsInitiation, 121:of force in the wise furthering of the ends of evolution. When this has reached a certain stage,Initiation, 155:through sacred sounds, and thus further the ends of evolution. It has been necessary to digressInitiation, 156:to the controlled use of words to effect certain ends, and the retention of speech energy when notInitiation, 172:effect liberation for himself, thus helping the ends of evolution, and to cooperate intelligentlyInitiation, 210:hands can keep the chain complete. Where ends the ladder's length? What point of gloom is piercedInitiation, 211:the nethermost hell, down into densest maya, and ends within the latent fire, the molten lake ofIntellect, 28:and development of the individual for social ends, that is, for the largest service to man..." "WeIntellect, 261:they should be used for the furthering of the ends of evolution, and the helping of the Plan. TheMagic, 121:with oil. Ever the radiance growth till the path ends within a blaze of glory, and the wandererMagic, 138:the good of the group for their own personal ends or who use unworthy methods. Give to them loveMagic, 163:and who will work constructively towards these ends. Thus it will be seen why, in all systems ofMagic, 215:forms, withdraws itself from manifestation and ends the cycle of creative work. Bringing theseMagic, 239:form of intellectual achievement for selfish ends, and the use of knowledge for personalityMagic, 247:and of force utilization towards specific ends. Here the magician takes his stand and through theMagic, 279:word. The builders build. The cycle of creation ends and the form is adequate in manifestation. TheMagic, 308:where Light and Life are found. Thus illusion ends. It is his astral polarization which lays a manMagic, 315:of those who drive him either for their own ends or for the good of his soul - for it works in bothMagic, 323:of chaos and Those Who work for constructive ends and order, should likewise use that mostMagic, 473:of God. Use it not therefore for thy selfish ends. Before a thought-form is by thee constructed,Magic, 477:communication being prostituted to the selfish ends and ambitious purposes of those who speak andMagic, 519:as he seeks to achieve his own separate ends. The difference is not only that of motive, but alsoMagic, 523:creator, and as he works serve the higher ends of the Life which enfolds him. Thus he aids in theMagic, 531:self-consciousness work out certain well seen ends through the medium of the human family. 2. ThoseMagic, 574:everybody in the work of furthering his own busy ends. If he is, however, a true disciple andMagic, 621:to continue to employ to bring these desired ends about in such a way that the form nature can beMeditation, 53:and congregational work. c. For certain specific ends. Its effect on the bodies and centers, andMeditation, 63:and in its employment for certain specific ends. We have very briefly studied the Word as used byMeditation, 67:the use of the Word for certain calculated ends. Let me enumerate for you some of the aims groupsMeditation, 89:selfish desire and would misuse it for their own ends. It is deemed by the wise Teachers of theMeditation, 108:repeats the action of the Logos. For certain ends he builds a certain form; he gathers certainMeditation, 113:collective forms for the attainment of his ends, and the awakening of the heart center shows itselfMeditation, 123:the intelligence as a means to serve selfish ends and using it wilfuly, knowing it to be wrong. ButMeditation, 134:to be exploited for the furtherance of his own ends. This then, on a small scale, is the mark ofMeditation, 135:or child, provided that in the process his own ends are furthered. Expect absolutely no mercy fromMeditation, 136:retards progress and shapes all to his own ends; the Brother of Light bends every effort to theMeditation, 141:[141] The use of specific forms for specific ends. The use of Form collectively. In the expositionMeditation, 154:3. The Use of specific Forms for specific Ends Until now we have dealt more with the personalMeditation, 163:power of the Lodge is required to effect desired ends. Great events are inaugurated by the soundingMeditation, 181:were used by those of unclean life, for selfish ends and evil purpose. They called [182] theMeditation, 182:When the need of communication for constructive ends is sincerely felt, then, under the judiciousMeditation, 193:and intelligently working together for certain ends. You have in the Christian Bible the remnant ofMeditation, 194:and practiced, being utilized for selfish ends in most of the cases. You read that at the sound ofMeditation, 197:specified directions, for certain specified ends. This has been well understood right down theMeditation, 199:out through the world for certain constructive ends. This work is closely allied to that undertakenMeditation, 250:utilization of ordered sound to achieve certain ends. [251] You will ask, what place has all thisPatanjali, 37:aspiring to that which lies beyond his ken and ends by being inspired by that which he has soughtPatanjali, 149:an activity which will bring about the desired ends. Hence the use and necessity for the guna ofPatanjali, 152:he desires in order to attain certain specific ends but is not deluded into regarding them asPatanjali, 353:his decisions are so instantaneous and his ends so swiftly achieved that his physical plane life isPatanjali, 400:that personal self, bend it to the higher ends and raise its rate of vibration. Man is one thingPatanjali, 428:the mind has either been prostituted to material ends or has been deified. Through the science ofProblems, 19:enable her to function smoothly and attain her ends. She has been accused of an intenseProblems, 69:together versus other combinations for selfish ends. Boundaries and regional controls andProblems, 70:and used the labor of mankind for their selfish ends. From the feudal barons of Europe and GreatProblems, 78:using threat, fear and force to gain its ends. Many of its leaders are powerful and ambitious men,Problems, 79:and demand? Must we legislate for material ends and comfort? What standard of living will - in theProblems, 91:are using them as "talking points" for their own ends or are championing the cause of the small andProblems, 101:political groups for international and selfish ends. In the countries where anti-Semitic feelingProblems, 120:however, by groups working for their own ends, no matter how honestly, correctly or sincerely. ItPsychology1and is what Does, And has the use of earth, and ends the man Downward: but, tending upward forPsychology1and, tending up, Holds, is upheld by, God, and ends the man Upward in that dread point ofPsychology1, 47:Knowledge itself is that which knows its own ends and works towards those ends through the processPsychology1, 47:which knows its own ends and works towards those ends through the process of experiment,Psychology1, 61:of life, though he seeks it not for selfish ends. "When the right hand holds the golden lotus firmPsychology1, 188:on the side of the workers for constructive ends, who are fighting no other groups or organizationsPsychology1, 279:the divine. If energy is prostituted to material ends, such as the expression of physical planePsychology1, 290:the material world and prostituted to material ends. In the coming centuries this will bePsychology1, 291:shall see these powers prostituted to personal ends and ambitions, and to consequent disaster, justPsychology1, 298:of man's God-given faculties to selfish physical ends, instead of their consecration to divinePsychology1, 301:we fight and hate and use our powers for selfish ends, our bodies and our appetites for materialPsychology1, 346:It is apparent that force in the first group ends in separativeness, for five is the number of thePsychology1, 359:in the realm of energy are today adapted to ends which serve man's hatred or love of self, isPsychology1, 394:"pull strings" in order to bring about desired ends. As a race, they are natural law makers, andPsychology2, 33:of, form is the life of the Blessed Ones. It ends with the wonderful injunction: "Therefore be fullPsychology2, 40:Ray Two The power to build for selfish ends, Capacity to sense the Whole and to remain apart, ThePsychology2, 43:magic, or the use of magical powers for selfish ends, The power to "sit upon the fence" till thePsychology2, 43:magic, the use of soul powers for spiritual ends; The identification of oneself with reality; RightPsychology2, 46:pours throughout the field of combat and ends, in peace, the strife. The warrior stands revealed.Psychology2, 47:goes forth: 'The warfare is no more. The battle ends. The glamor and the clouds have disappeared.Psychology2, 126:the truth and are biassed by personality ends. They must learn to lay the emphasis upon soulPsychology2, 126:the truth, being biassed by personality ends) to lay the emphasis upon soul contact and not uponPsychology2, 136:and the part that he may play in furthering the ends of those who are responsible for the carryingPsychology2, 231:up. When the interplay ceases and manifestation ends, such terms are no longer suitable; they havePsychology2, 236:and all awakening souls must work for these ends. The moment there is knowledge and a flash ofPsychology2, 263:selfishly applied and utilized for personality ends, the way, that a person, a race, or aPsychology2, 336:a development of the imaginative faculty. It ends finally in the production of the Mystic, with hisPsychology2, 337:in a world which he exploits for his own selfish ends. When this stage is reached, the focus of thePsychology2, 338:personality and as a worker for material ends, bringing to bear upon those objectives all the forcePsychology2, 387:employing this first ray technique of fusion, ends by producing second ray characteristics of whichPsychology2, 395:be urged by their souls to work towards these ends. By so doing, [396] they will succeed in raisingPsychology2, 422:ahead: Eventual acquiescence of a nature which ends the life in futility, deep depression and aPsychology2, 444:but will fight fanatically to bring about these ends because his fourth ray personality and sixthPsychology2, 451:They are unconsciously working towards the same ends as is the Hierarchy. Where these two alliedPsychology2, 554:and subverted to purely selfish and separative ends, thus producing a powerful personality, but -Psychology2, 556:(as the conscious Indweller) towards appointed ends. I wanted to make these points adequately clearPsychology2, 610:himself for selfish purposes, and personal ends. Psychology2, 613:are misapplied or turned to selfish and personal ends. This cannot as yet be avoided by any but thePsychology2, 632:the masses, and twist the situation to their own ends, sometimes with the best intentions,Psychology2, 636:sometimes for good and sometimes for selfish ends. They play upon the human mind as a musician
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