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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENDS

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Psychology2, 636:organized for political, religious and social ends. Their ideas and utterances percolate downPsychology2, 640:spiritual ideas, but all of them prostituted to ends which lead to separativeness, to hatred, partyPsychology2, 655:been subordinated to selfish or ambitious ends. Human beings are innately kind when their minds arePsychology2, 670:distort and misapply them to their own selfish ends. They enforce drastic measures upon the peopleRays, 128:discipline and the earlier, inevitable, selfish ends. Let me repeat: the physical disciplines areRays, 162:in order to implement certain evolutionary ends, is no longer needed. It is then regarded asRays, 182:etheric plane; he is also aware where one veil ends and another begins, and from what level he canRays, 235:possible for the Masters to turn energy to evil ends, but They necessarily have to master newRays, 262:consciously and with clear purpose further the ends of evolution. Transmutation "disappears" out ofRays, 294:and the cult of goodwill. Towards these ends, workers in the Ashrams are bending every effort. TheRays, 349:in groups, but he does this for his own selfish ends and for the fulfilment of his own ambitiousRays, 402:of love into our planet, and till His cycle ends He thus must work." This is but a roughRays, 421:to learn to comprehend. The training given Him ends in another tremendous decision which will placeRays, 437:and personality. The dual life of the disciple ends. Rays, 461:then controls and utilizes for its own spiritual ends the consecrated personality, via theRays, 501:starting the dual process of building from both ends of the bridge (if such a phrase is possibleRays, 570:to the attaining of material and purely selfish ends, will be at war with the new and innerRays, 607:crisis that conflict, as we understand it, ends. In the realms of formless living wherein theRays, 697:in the life of the soul - an experience which ends at the crucifixion, because the soul inRays, 698:if the initiate chooses to incarnate for service ends. The solar plexus center, which has receivedRays, 717:and then direct its potency to certain ends known only to Them. Speaking symbolically, theRays, 753:and by the prostitution of religion to material ends and narrow theological and mental tenets, theRays, 761:with oil. Ever the radiance grows till the path ends within a blaze of glory, and the wandererReappearance, 166:desire to do good and to accomplish spiritual ends are ceaselessly gnawing away within hisReappearance, 167:rationalizes himself so successfully that he ends by deciding that he is doing the best he can inReappearance, 174:and grabbed for selfish individual or national ends. Of this, the World War (1914-1945) is theSoul, 91:and is what Does, And has the use of earth, and ends the man Downward: but, tending upward forSoul, 91:and, tending up, Holds, is upheld by, God, and ends the man Upward in that dread point ofTelepathy, 59:understood, and directed to useful hierarchical ends. In these words, you have a very simpleTelepathy, 89:and hardly know where truth begins and delusion ends; illusion, which is the problem of the mentalTelepathy, 146:of the head, just above where the spinal column ends. This makes eight centers but is in reality
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