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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENDURANCE

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Astrology, 274:Vulcan which brings in what might be called the endurance aspect of the will to-be which carriesAstrology, 274:full maturity. This necessitates persistence, endurance and continuity of effort and is one of theAstrology, 274:Taurus - Illumination. Vulcan - First ray or endurance. Third Creative Hierarchy - LiberatingAstrology, 591:forms and which basically concerns the force and endurance of the life as it manifests through andAutobiography, 101:watched her - as a result of five years patient endurance - come through to a measure of usefulnessAutobiography, 238:to take himself in hand for discipline and endurance, he finds himself at one with seekers in theDiscipleship1, 157:persistence in meditation and your contemplative endurance. The conservation of energy is wise, yetDiscipleship1, 384:been offered to you wherein you may demonstrate endurance. The particular group test has touchedDiscipleship1, 384:of circumstance, and of demonstrating not only endurance but loving detachment and joy. WhatDiscipleship1, 419:his fellowmen and by means of that uncomplaining endurance which is the hall mark of the disciple,Discipleship1, 455:Dr. ... For you there has been the long test of endurance, and that is for you - as for many - aDiscipleship1, 462:of life. For you, today, the battle is one of endurance, of the control of the emotions, of theDiscipleship1, 477:of prime importance in your case. Your patient endurance of difficulties, your earnest and keenDiscipleship1, 572:will try the mettle of the group, and put the endurance and the faith of the group members to aDiscipleship2, 29:I would therefore ask you to steel your souls to endurance, knowing that the Hierarchy Stands; IDiscipleship2, 669:built up and established a persistent endurance and a trained response to events which is aDiscipleship2, 672:have told you as the reward of a life of patient endurance, of overcoming and of acceptance. ItExternalisation, 614:Germany's attack upon the world - is hard beyond endurance, and must therefore be shared by allExternalisation, 672:pessimism which conditions, too hard for human endurance, have imposed upon men's minds. TheFire, 758:share, provided they demonstrate the necessary endurance. Naturally, the first group will be theFire, 812:then begin to note, for instance, the powers of endurance shown by the great souls of the earth,Glamour, 250:will call for all the strength, courage and endurance of which he is capable. Broadly speaking, theHealing, 444:its way to its present point of longevity and endurance. - Page 626. Healing, 691:the wisdom of aeons of struggle and of patient endurance. Nothing further is to be gained byHercules, 3:endless distress. His attitude is one of active endurance until such time as he mysteriously andHercules, 24:he might be faced, and in his power of endurance, we have shown to us the characteristics of theHercules, 75:yourself; and if you will but try and have endurance and patience, the goal will surely be yours."Hercules, 110:with pronounced mental activity and endurance. This pituitary body is dual in its configuration: inHercules, 184:outstanding characteristic of the aspirant is endurance and the sign that calls for the utmostHercules, 184:endurance and the sign that calls for the utmost endurance is Scorpio. He triumphs in Scorpio. andInitiation, 76:eliminate desire, and all is joy. Have patience. Endurance is one of the characteristics of theIntellect, 237:to the behests of Truth, ...a courageous endurance of personal injustice, a brave declaration ofMagic, 129:clear thinking, accurate discrimination, patient endurance, and an ability to proceed along theMagic, 148:wrestling and exploration that tests the endurance and steadfastness of purpose of the aspirant toMagic, 186:activity, loving service, and patient endurance, he is working out of those conditions which areMagic, 277:- nor too prolonged and so strain beyond endurance the sorely tried fabric of humanity. All newMagic, 375:gradually that the aspirant learns the lesson of endurance (even to the point of enduring theMagic, 626:its way to its present point of longevity and endurance. The sciences which concern themselves withPatanjali, 26:The yogi or Master is the result of patient endurance; his achievement is the fruit of a steadyPatanjali, 43:an iron will, and a steady, strong, unswerving endurance will carry the aspirant along this pathPatanjali, 213:qualities of service, love of man, and patient endurance in well-doing, will carry a man along thisPatanjali, 255:of itself normally. Steady perseverance, patient endurance, the achievement of a little every day,Patanjali, 422:of steady perseverance, common sense and endurance. Unless the utmost vigilance is exerted, the oldPatanjali, 423:to endure whatever may be coming, when endurance has been taxed to the limit, which is the hallmarkPatanjali, xi:power and the glory" provided our aspiration and endurance suffice to carry us along the thorny wayPsychology1, 81:and calm, untired and unafraid? Quality - endurance and fearlessness. See you not God in all, thePsychology1, 202:Special Virtues: Calm, strength, patience and endurance, love of truth, faithfulness, intuition,Psychology2, 38:that perceptive steadiness which leads to proved endurance. Adherence to the chosen Way, andPsychology2, 240:in the word so often used by disciples: Endurance. This principle of continuance constitutes thePsychology2, 249:will ponder upon these three requirements - endurance, meditation, and imagination - he willPsychology2, 291:The principle of immortality. Perseverance or endurance upon the Way. Ray Four In unevolved ManPsychology2, 714:a sense of strain, a pressure which seems past endurance, and an impasse from which there appearsRays, 219:and radiance. It is this quality of patient endurance which is so sorely needed by the members of aRays, 610:crises and tensions, sometimes almost past endurance; they indicate nevertheless rapid developmentRays, 662:about when the disciple has learnt patience, endurance and sagacity in emerging from the manySoul, 44:will also be pronounced mental activity and endurance. It seems to have a very close connection
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