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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENDURED

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Autobiography, 26:in the doorway and made our curtsies and thus endured the misery of being talked to and inspectedBethlehem, 23:daily undergone can the final Death be met and endured. (I Cor., XV, 31.) The Resurrection andBethlehem, 68:the service to be rendered, the death to be endured, and then the resurrection into more extendedBethlehem, 223:such as may pass between friends who have endured between them some strange and secret sorrow, andBethlehem, 232:as a common malefactor. What they must have endured during the three days of His absence it is notBethlehem, 248:cherish. We desire compensation for what we have endured, and the realization that everything hasDiscipleship1, 451:a whole (distributed over the entire planet) has endured already its full quota of karma and thatDiscipleship2, 67:and frequently of doubt may have to be endured, thus handicapping his general usefulness. 4. TheDiscipleship2, 330:By means of it added light can be "occultly endured." I would like to have you ponder on thatDiscipleship2, 439:is adequate compensation for all that must be endured as the initiate discards limitation. The goalDiscipleship2, 470:suffering, will be of another kind and the pain endured will be largely mental, but "you can takeDiscipleship2, 655:for you, both physically and mentally. You have endured almost to the limit - in pain of body, inDiscipleship2, 655:tell you this, for your sufferings, unselfishly endured, have earned you the right of recognition.Externalisation, 405:have trodden it and accepted its conditions, endured its disciplines, rested back in confidenceExternalisation, 472:suffered, achieved, failed, attained success, endured death and passed through the experience ofExternalisation, 518:In the infancy of the race the forms for long endured. Evolution moved more slowly. But now on thisFire, 19:sacrifice of Flame, arrived, and for aeons hath endured. The timeless Ones entered into time. TheInitiation, 72:of difficulty and of suffering is necessarily endured. These difficulties arise from variousInitiation, 76:it produces a temporary separation. This must be endured and passed, leading to a closer link at aMagic, 371:the aeon. In the infancy of the race the forms endured for a long time. Evolution moved moreRays, 468:thwarted desire of the lower nature, willingly endured by the aspirant, but - in this phase - a
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