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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGIES

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Astrology, 5:deals with those conditioning and governing energies and forces which play through and upon theAstrology, 5:this fact is grasped and the sources of those energies are better comprehended and the nature ofAstrology, 5:on him impinge and through him flow all those energies which come from the sign in which the sunAstrology, 6:as souls; small allowance has been made for the energies which play upon our planet all the timeAstrology, 6:all. Universal relationships, the interplay of energies, the nature of what lies behind the GreatAstrology, 7:the livingness of the Sources from which all the energies and forces which play upon our planetAstrology, 7:the life of this entity and with the forces and energies, the impulses and the rhythms, the cyclesAstrology, 9:and has not laid the emphasis upon the great energies and their Source. These sources areAstrology, 9:of space is the field in and through which the energies from the many originating Sources play. WeAstrology, 10:provides the medium of transmission for all the energies which play upon and through our solarAstrology, 10:medium for the exchange and transmission of energies. Astrology, 11:ours, form a cosmic unity and into these pour energies and forces from certain greatAstrology, 11:golden web there is a constant circulation of energies and forces and this constitutes theAstrology, 11:This "control of form through a septenate of energies" (as it is defined in the Old Commentary) isAstrology, 12:always emphasized the incoming influences and energies as they beat upon and play through ourAstrology, 15:a fairly complete analysis and picture of the energies to which the etheric body of manAstrology, 16:then becomes receptive to the subtler and higher energies of the solar system and of the twelveAstrology, 19:the zodiacal, the systemic and the planetary energies act either as hindering or as stimulatingAstrology, 22:It should be noted here, however, that all the energies - zodiacal, systemic, and planetary - haveAstrology, 23:and livingly aware of the nature of these energies and begin to know them and to use them. This isAstrology, 24:The ajna center. The head center. Three of the energies work through the head center but only afterAstrology, 24:them for your enlightenment. Out of all the many energies which impinge upon, pass through andAstrology, 25:of distributing centers to which the incoming energies may go and from which they may pass outAstrology, 25:the response of the etheric body to the incoming energies. It relates finally the lowest center atAstrology, 26:ray lives is the recipient and the custodian of energies coming from The seven solar systems. TheAstrology, 27:that we have necessarily to study these energies and their interplay from the angle of their effectAstrology, 27:coming (yet very ancient) "science of effective energies," as it has been called, I may present aAstrology, 27:rays and their equivalent and corresponding energies, upon the effects of ray energy and theAstrology, 27:effects of ray energy and the interplay of these energies with, and their effect upon, the variousAstrology, 28:Basic Statements I have pointed out that these energies fall into three groups: Those coming fromAstrology, 30:is profitless. A vast system of interlocking energies is in active and rapid circulation throughoutAstrology, 30:We shall confine ourselves to the vast field of energies which I have outlined for yourAstrology, 30:our day and generation. We are concerned with energies which can and do evoke response and of whichAstrology, 31:There is, therefore, a direct interchange of energies between the lives of the seven planetaryAstrology, 32:found suggestive of some of these interlocking energies which play through, traverse, return,Astrology, 33:as a focal point and a transmitter of the higher energies to our solar system and to the planet. IfAstrology, 40:it makes itself felt on the seventh plane. The energies which are functioning are those which theAstrology, 40:centers of force which are the seven Spiritual Energies. Astrology, 41:the number 8. The formulae for these electrical energies are too complicated to be given here, butAstrology, 50:Hierarchy (the 9th) Unknown All the above energies are called into play as far as man is concernedAstrology, 51:wherein there is increasing response to the energies, concealed by the rising sign. They evoke theAstrology, 52:right understanding of the effect of the various energies and forces will make it apparent that,Astrology, 52:the conditioning planetary forces, the expanding energies of the sun sign and the driving energy ofAstrology, 52:the very verge of liberation. Eventually the energies of the twelve constellations [53] and - at aAstrology, 53:the solar Logos are blended with the innate energies of the seven rays or of the seven planetaryAstrology, 53:marks a point of perfection. These extraneous energies (I refer here to those of the majorAstrology, 53:when there is the complete fusion of the related energies and, therefore, full expression, a greatAstrology, 53:have no effect, though the initiate wields their energies potently as they pour into and throughAstrology, 53:three activities and purposes must be noted. The energies of the twelve constellations are blendedAstrology, 54:of the individual to identify himself with the energies and impulses which are reaching him, and isAstrology, 55:upon the astral plane, can be seen when the energies of the sun sign and of the planets areAstrology, 55:forward onto the mental plane and when the energies of the sun sign and the rising sign areAstrology, 58:with the constellations as conductors of cosmic energies or as transmitters of their own energy, IAstrology, 63:It is the misuse of the [63] various energies which has created the illusion. This illusory path isAstrology, 65:the disciple or the initiate. As the various energies and forces circulate throughput the ethericAstrology, 70:the diaphragm" and who react to the incoming energies through the medium of the lower centers willAstrology, 70:different manner than earlier. Cyclically the energies from the constellations pour through theAstrology, 71:a "beneficent organization" of the totality of energies found in the initiate's equipment. WhenAstrology, 76:diaphragm and with the emphasis of the incoming energies and forces focused either in the solarAstrology, 76:of people who are in an interim stage, with the energies and forces focused mainly in the lowerAstrology, 76:center as a vast clearing house for the incoming energies and who are beginning to work through theAstrology, 79:of discipleship and initiation. 2. Consider the energies of the three major constellations as theyAstrology, 80:and these in their turn fuse and blend their energies into three major streams of force upon theAstrology, 83:to countless combinations of forces and energies - ray, planetary, zodiacal and cosmic - until heAstrology, 84:Signs In our study of the interlocking system of energies, in so far as they affect and condition aAstrology, 85:A steady recollection of the twelve basic [85] energies (five major and seven minor which are inAstrology, 85:the twelve planetary Rulers. These twelve basic energies emanate from the seven stars of the GreatAstrology, 85:to a world cycle in the Masters' Archives) these energies are stepped down into forces and areAstrology, 90:New planetary potencies (conveying zodiacal energies) will control and take precedence of the oldAstrology, 106:reversal upon the wheel which brings in other energies and influences when he substituted Venus forAstrology, 111:of the inner man will be conditioned by energies coming to him from the "Heart of the Sun." I wouldAstrology, 111:By the word "influencing" I here refer to the energies pouring from these three aspects of the SunAstrology, 120:and the man is aware of his duality that the energies of the Fixed Cross supersede in effectivenessAstrology, 120:Cross, just as after the third initiation the energies of the Cardinal Cross begin to control theAstrology, 128:and effective manner and to deal with the energies which these planets release, subordinating themAstrology, 128:these planets release, subordinating them to the energies released by the Fixed Cross upon which heAstrology, 128:achieving intelligent and active response to the energies released and earlier mastered through theAstrology, 138:expressing the quality and bringing in the energies of the seventh ray, in one case, and the thirdAstrology, 140:and his consciousness expanded by the new energies, but all the time the effects and conditioningAstrology, 140:astrology, we are dealing all the time with the energies which produce movement and subjective andAstrology, 140:become subject to the diffusion of the soul energies and the personality or form nature becomesAstrology, 140:in a different manner, and so attracts to itself energies of a higher and more dynamic plane to theAstrology, 140:to control and use; in other cases, the soul energies intensify certain of the personality forcesAstrology, 140:by an increasingly steady inflow of the energies [141] of the esoteric planets, and these begin toAstrology, 162:their turn, are being subjected to the impact of energies from Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces - anAstrology, 164:Capricorn - constitute a potent quaternary of energies and between them produce those conditionsAstrology, 165:Students can work out the remaining interlocking energies for themselves, if they so desire, byAstrology, 178:human consciousness through the influence of the energies let loose through the various zodiacalAstrology, 179:a new way, and then - under the stimulation of energies from the planet Venus - a fusion took whichAstrology, 183:plus the [183] play of qualitative energies; they bear witness at the same time to the fact thatAstrology, 183:in intermediate space where the twelve zodiacal energies meet and cross. Libra, therefore, controlsAstrology, 185:to take form upon the Mutable Cross before the energies of the Fixed Cross can change the ambitiousAstrology, 186:other eleven signs. The Mutable Cross - The four energies which meet "at the midway point" and haveAstrology, 186:dynamic manner. In the case of Sagittarius these energies are Venus, the Moon, the Earth and Pluto.Astrology, 186:and prove my point anent the multiplicity of energies to which the wonderful mechanism of man canAstrology, 187:here enter into a detailed analysis of the many energies which pour through the disciple as heAstrology, 194:that I can tell you in connection with the energies pouring into the four zodiacal signs from theseAstrology, 198:or before I could point out the nature of the energies pouring from distant constellations andAstrology, 198:and past all controversy. This is the fact that energies and forces are pouring upon our system andAstrology, 199:The Fixed Cross - a fusion of four major energies, pouring into our solar system, on to our planet
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