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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGIES

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Astrology, 199:activity of the 6th and the 3rd rays and their energies, and when these are rightly employed thereAstrology, 200:is peculiarly active in this solar system. The energies coming from Alcyone impregnated theAstrology, 201:of the process and the true nature of the energies to be released through the medium of humanityAstrology, 201:Humanity - the focal point for all these energies and the divine distributor of them to individualAstrology, 202:is a reflection of or a corollary to the major energies of its greater prototype, Ursa Major, theAstrology, 221:to demonstrate the potency of Scorpio and its energies in the life of the disciple. Scorpio is oneAstrology, 222:and conditions of the tests; all these ray energies express themselves as the active subrays of theAstrology, 226:and the practical understanding of the energies thereby conferred upon the recipient. Such are someAstrology, 239:nature of its influence. The significance of the energies working out into our solar system throughAstrology, 239:divine purpose, produce that fusion of living energies which will be adequately potent in time andAstrology, 257:Mutable Cross, and - as you also know - the four energies which constitute this Cross (for theAstrology, 259:is that of the meeting and fusion of the energies of these three signs upon the Earth and theirAstrology, 261:and with a voluntary reorientation of his energies so that they are directed towards the productionAstrology, 263:Through these three planetary rulers the energies of the fourth ray pour, governing the mindAstrology, 263:and the physical form through the Moon; the energies of the first ray, expressive of the will ofAstrology, 263:the self-conscious man (unfolded in Leo) and the energies of the second ray, embodying the love ofAstrology, 263:he is and such are the governing and directing energies which use the mind (Mercury), the emotionalAstrology, 265:the testing points in the process of the play of energies from the other nine signs as theseAstrology, 265:of energies from the other nine signs as these energies affect individual aspirants. They are: LeoAstrology, 266:the planets is to be distributing agents for the energies emanating from the zodiac as theyAstrology, 266:is the emanation, transmission and reception of energies and their transmutation into forces by theAstrology, 266:into forces by the receiving entity. The energies of the various signs are attracted by theAstrology, 267:of life upon another planet and the "impending energies," as they are called, which are beingAstrology, 267:capacity to receive and profit by the planetary energies (themselves received as emanated from someAstrology, 267:of the forms of reception. The planets, the energies and forces have existed all the time but haveAstrology, 268:himself responsive to a very wide number of energies, coming to him from many angles andAstrology, 268:increased and he becomes receptive to those energies which we have tabulated under the termAstrology, 268:augmented. In the stage of initiation, the energies of the signs and their constellations (shall IAstrology, 269:and thus be focused upon our planet. To these energies, the initiate tunes his consciousness andAstrology, 269:he will be responsive to the synthesis of energies which emanate from the "seven spirits before theAstrology, 269:system, do we find another great triangle of energies, of which the focal points on our Earth areAstrology, 270:positive focal points for the seven major cosmic energies. Rulers of the seven CreativeAstrology, 270:of the seven Rishis. Fuse with the positive energies of the Great Bear and, unitedly, work throughAstrology, 271:understands the nature of the polarity of energies and responds to the three cosmic Realities, theAstrology, 271:to the three cosmic Realities, the twelve cosmic Energies and the seven planetary Impacts and theAstrology, 271:Gemini, and Scorpio. Here again is a triangle of energies of great importance in the life of theAstrology, 272:mystery of Virgo and will be revealed when the energies pouring into Virgo from Gemini, via theAstrology, 272:These Lives have achieved Their goal, but Their energies are still directed towards and focusedAstrology, 272:and signifies the relation of these two major energies in the human or fourth Creative Hierarchy;Astrology, 273:Neptune, connects the force of Virgo with the energies of Taurus, of Cancer and of Aquarius. ThisAstrology, 273:which are conditioned and manifested by the energies of these signs, performing cyclically andAstrology, 273:manifestation of a solar disciple. Hence the two energies which come from the Fixed Cross. This isAstrology, 274:of the characteristics imparted or stimulated by energies pouring from Vulcan. You can realize thatAstrology, 278:will be made of the planetary influences and the energies coming from the signs as they cyclicallyAstrology, 279:the flower of the race. The fact that all four energies of the Mutable Cross, three of the FixedAstrology, 279:"sign of reception" as it is called. All nine energies are required to bring a man to the pointAstrology, 280:and is believed to be the director of the energies, developed and recognized in the first solarAstrology, 280:influence of the second, fourth and sixth ray energies through Jupiter (second ray) the Moon andAstrology, 285:polar opposite of Aquarius, and the interplay of energies between these two is far more potent thanAstrology, 293:This can be clearly seen if we contrast the energies of the four arms of the Cross as they areAstrology, 297:is called into activity and which pours its energies through Neptune upon man. These stimulate andAstrology, 297:Sun in a threefold form (combining the lowest energies of the threefold Sun) pour into and throughAstrology, 298:emotional or sensitive nature is responsive to energies coming from "the heart of the Sun," andAstrology, 304:Mysteries will work under instructions and with energies which emanate from the Lord of theAstrology, 304:of the Mysteries acts under inspiration and with energies emanating from Capricorn - an earth signAstrology, 307:profoundly aware of the realities, forces and energies of existence and, therefore, free from theAstrology, 307:governed by the physical Sun, motivated by the energies pouring from "the heart of the Sun" (viaAstrology, 308:such as the above can be given for all the energies of the constellations and planetary forces, butAstrology, 316:which exists between the four major divine energies which - pouring through the four arms of thisAstrology, 321:and as distributing agents for certain cosmic energies. Much has been earlier indicated along thisAstrology, 321:understanding of the nature of these impacting energies can only be grasped as we continue with ourAstrology, 336:constant necessity for you to think in terms of energies and forces, of lines of force, and energyAstrology, 339:will, therefore, note that when the pull of the energies pouring into and through the signs of theAstrology, 340:you why the Moon and Neptune, transmitting the energies of the psychic nature and of form, plus theAstrology, 340:matter) you will note how in this sign all the energies concerned tend to bring about theAstrology, 342:furthers the ends and purposes of the governing energies or rays of harmony through conflicts (theAstrology, 344:Gemini, Taurus and Aries are three subjective energies or the three conditioning signs which lieAstrology, 345:Mutable Cross. The main objective of these four energies is to produce that constant flux andAstrology, 347:Sun is in Leo, the triangle of constellation energies determining the interpretation of theAstrology, 350:points of change or are the custodians of those energies which produce the needed periods ofAstrology, 350:Jupiter is responsible for the focusing of energies at this point. I will enlarge upon this later,Astrology, 351:a significant triangle of a cosmic nature, the energies of which are focused through the threeAstrology, 353:understanding of the available potencies and energies pouring into the planet at any particularAstrology, 354:ruler as Venus, for they embody between them the energies of the fourth Ray of Harmony throughAstrology, 357:enable the man to take initiation. These three energies, focused through the three planetsAstrology, 358:that they are conditioning triangles, with the energies of two constellations focused throughAstrology, 359:exact knowledge beyond a general idea of focused energies and related forces. Let me, therefore,Astrology, 363:produces the appearance in form of the dual energies of soul and the subjective psychicAstrology, 363:psychic personality. Ponder on this. It is the energies of the fifth, fourth and third rays,Astrology, 363:the Moon, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto. They transmit energies expressive of the fourth, second, sixthAstrology, 381:The triangle of expression is one of potent energies: Desire - aspiration - will. Man - theAstrology, 387:the initial impact of energy upon form or of energies upon the soul. Man today is becoming slowlyAstrology, 388:Gemini force. All this concerns the subjective energies which express themselves through the mediumAstrology, 388:aspect. When, therefore, I speak of subjective energies, I refer to the forces pouring from theAstrology, 394:Ray of Love-Wisdom and its subsidiary line of energies appear and, therefore, love and wisdom areAstrology, 396:a close analysis of the qualities of the four energies which play through each arm of the CrossAstrology, 396:types of men. It has been said that "four energies make a man; eight energies make a Master; twelveAstrology, 396:been said that "four energies make a man; eight energies make a Master; twelve energies make aAstrology, 396:make a man; eight energies make a Master; twelve energies make a Buddha of Activity." During thisAstrology, 400:led to the Moon becoming a dead planet, the energies of these stars and certain of the planetsAstrology, 403:the reactions of humanity to these multiple energies and forces. These forces, pouring out fromAstrology, 403:differing divine qualities which this play of energies evokes in humanity - as well as in all otherAstrology, 403:bewilderment the vast aggregation of impelling energies which play throughout our cosmos;Astrology, 411:be borne in mind and that is that the great energies, playing upon our planet, exert a hindering orAstrology, 411:- it might also be said that: Zodiacal energies pass through Shamballa and are related to the firstAstrology, 411:of Will or Power and affect the Monad. Systemic energies pass through the Hierarchy and are relatedAstrology, 412:new studies. You have here a major trinity of energies, emerging out of a vast and incomprehensibleAstrology, 412:and incomprehensible aggregation of forces and energies which stands to them as the One Life standsAstrology, 412:also be remembered that this triple group of energies produces differing effects according to theAstrology, 412:widely distinctive, just as the effect of these energies as they make their impact upon man will
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