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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGIES

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Discipleship2, 41:aid in the directing of the registered spiritual energies into avenues and channels of usefulnessDiscipleship2, 56:as a whole, as a unit. Realization two: That energies, not usually or normally contacted, can beDiscipleship2, 62:institutes new law and brings into play new energies. Laws are only the unalterable conditionsDiscipleship2, 62:atoms of his body along the line of his wishes. Energies are but the rhythm of his breathing andDiscipleship2, 62:the diastolic action of his heart. From these energies we cannot escape, but - in a mysterious andDiscipleship2, 66:and inflowing streams of energy: The energies set in motion by the uprising cry of humanity itself,Discipleship2, 66:astral substance. The new inflowing spiritual energies which the planetary Logos is steadilyDiscipleship2, 69:everywhere) are all reacting to this inflow of energies, and with consequent conflict; with some ofDiscipleship2, 70:the first three initations, then the inflowing energies work through the heart, [71] the throat andDiscipleship2, 71:and Answered Prayer. One admits of reciprocal energies, the other predicates action from aboveDiscipleship2, 71:few and uses their organism to fuse and free the energies of dispersion. This is sudden death toDiscipleship2, 82:this has been necessary, for the incoming energies will render excessive the weaknesses (if theyDiscipleship2, 89:and correctly motivated unless the spiritual energies which are available to it and the knowledgeDiscipleship2, 95:of your etheric body and, therefore, of the energies which flow through it? And do you want hisDiscipleship2, 95:which flow through it? And do you want his energies to flow through you? These are some of theDiscipleship2, 95:thinking, of your emotional reactions and of the energies to which you give entrance all the timeDiscipleship2, 96:and absorbing the many actuating and incentive energies constitute a vast process of manyDiscipleship2, 105:field of reflecting, reflective and reflected energies as resembling the brain of a human being;Discipleship2, 120:also exceedingly magnetic, gathering all the energies of all the centers below the diaphragmDiscipleship2, 120:plexus is the clearing house between the lower energies and the higher. This process is in itselfDiscipleship2, 120:to each other, and the lower sacral and material energies are transferred into the hithertoDiscipleship2, 120:in quality and potency. The concentrated energies in the new center within the periphery of theDiscipleship2, 120:head. In this triple transference of the lower energies to the solar plexus, to the heart andDiscipleship2, 121:are of major 'importance: The relation of the energies, found below the diaphragm and correspondingDiscipleship2, 121:life (motivated by desire), and the higher energies found above the diaphragm and motivated by theDiscipleship2, 122:by the inflow of energy of a dual nature - the energies of the heart and the head, workingDiscipleship2, 122:head and resulting in the elevation of all the energies to the head, just as the solar plexus wasDiscipleship2, 124:in the right way and able to transmute the lower energies so that they will be pure enough to beDiscipleship2, 124:to the heart center. 5. As you vision the energies of the solar plexus being carried up the spineDiscipleship2, 132:have in it seven points of energetic life, the energies of which will be contributed by the groupDiscipleship2, 132:be. Disciples have, for aeons, been using the energies and forces found in the three worlds forDiscipleship2, 133:of the Ashram but can avail yourselves of these energies. The force of the Ashram must be "routed"Discipleship2, 136:disciple. Thus is the Triad formed; then are the energies related unto the world of men; thus canDiscipleship2, 152:that the initiate is eternally occupied with energies and forces which he directs and manipulatesDiscipleship2, 153:of these centers to register and transfer energies which enter into the lower mechanism as aDiscipleship2, 159:it serves to focus and anchor the invoked energies in the human kingdom. That is their task. FromDiscipleship2, 161:VIII Precipitation of the new and long awaited energies is brought about in three ways: By theDiscipleship2, 161:who provide a channel by means of which the energies and the fructifying forces can reach mankind.Discipleship2, 162:things" has condensed or brought together energies which have been made available by the Spirits ofDiscipleship2, 162:and Resurrection. These now available energies are - on a larger scale and of a higher nature -Discipleship2, 162:the Path of Probation or of Discipleship. These energies are far more potent because they are, inDiscipleship2, 162:they are, in their turn, a precipitation of energies which have been placed at the disposal ofDiscipleship2, 162:been placed at the disposal of Shamballa, plus energies and forces generated by the Hierarchy.Discipleship2, 163:matter and matter into energy. The spiritual energies have, therefore, impersonally and with aDiscipleship2, 163:result, and the release of certain impressive energies in matter itself for the benefit of allDiscipleship2, 168:out the relation of humanity to these three energies of intelligence, love and will, and mankind'sDiscipleship2, 170:- through faith and acceptance - directing the energies of light and love (which have been invoked)Discipleship2, 170:use - by means of these three methods spiritual energies are tapped and brought into activity. ByDiscipleship2, 170:are simply channels for new and desired divine energies; ideals are these ideas changed or reducedDiscipleship2, 174:of men, these evil qualities and these directed energies which keep the door of evil open will giveDiscipleship2, 181:it could enable you to enter into the field of energies and from there - choosing the needed energyDiscipleship2, 181:as a Master or an initiate. He will manipulate energies in line with the Plan; he will then directDiscipleship2, 181:in line with the Plan; he will then direct such energies from his own place within the Ashram,Discipleship2, 181:factor. He has consequently to begin with the energies working through his own centers before heDiscipleship2, 183:lotus and that focal point or junction of energies to be found in the medulla oblongata, and whichDiscipleship2, 185:his relation to that vortex of special [185] energies which we call an Ashram. It is thereforeDiscipleship2, 190:is based on knowledge and receptivity to certain energies from Shamballa. 4. This goodwill - as itDiscipleship2, 193:but is in reality a vortex of force or twelve energies held together by the will of the spiritualDiscipleship2, 194:active Intelligence in the use of the two higher energies. It must not be forgotten that the energyDiscipleship2, 194:or implementing agency of the other two monadic energies. H.P.B. taught that the antahkarana wasDiscipleship2, 199:Center, Shamballa; then the Hierarchy evokes the energies, the Beings and the spiritual inflowDiscipleship2, 204:the Hierarchy which meets and merges with the energies of the ascending group reflection. WordsDiscipleship2, 206:plane." They then transfer the focused received energies - after due reflection and contemplation -Discipleship2, 207:may not be upon creation by use of mental energies; others may not be so advanced and, in them,Discipleship2, 208:of their meditation - those extra-planetary energies [209] which he needs to carry forward hisDiscipleship2, 210:meditation - a vast reservoir of potent energies which are impregnated with the qualities of theDiscipleship2, 210:are impregnated with the qualities of the seven energies of the seven planetary Rays. They are theDiscipleship2, 210:will make them a channel for the inflow of ray energies from Shamballa into the Hierarchy. TheirDiscipleship2, 212:plea, and resulted in the evocation of energies from the Hierarchy which were transmitted by theDiscipleship2, 219:ray or of the soul ray; therefore, the energies of [220] all the rays are being brought to bearDiscipleship2, 221:is a hard thing to bring about, for the subtle energies of the inner worlds take much time inDiscipleship2, 222:meditation. It is invocative of the higher energies, and creates a channel of contact between soulDiscipleship2, 223:sustained thinking which sweeps all the creative energies into evolutionary and cyclic activity, inDiscipleship2, 223:our planetary livingness certain extra-planetary energies which are needed to carry forward theDiscipleship2, 223:hierarchical activity, to transmit the needed energies from Shamballa to the united Ashrams andDiscipleship2, 271:disciples; these latter step down the inflowing energies so that the thinkers and idealists canDiscipleship2, 275:the square of service - he precipitates the energies and forces which that service demands. FromDiscipleship2, 282:Resulting from this service, certain powers and energies will manifest, and your ability to useDiscipleship2, 290:substance. It is the conscious use of these energies and the intelligent utilization of this tripleDiscipleship2, 311:process, those ray conditions and those new energies and forces for which the humanity of anyDiscipleship2, 357:to the wise circulation and direction of the new energies which are pouring into and through theDiscipleship2, 357:by realizing himself as a center of changing energies. This is the way the Hierarchy works. You whoDiscipleship2, 357:demand for group work and recognition. The new energies pouring through Shamballa into theDiscipleship2, 358:the Aquarian quality of the present cycle; these energies are steadily eliminating the energies ofDiscipleship2, 358:these energies are steadily eliminating the energies of the Piscean Age. Therefore, my brother,Discipleship2, 358:also given. The Hierarchy as a meeting-place of energies is emphasized and - in the disciple'sDiscipleship2, 361:and the availability of the disciples, plus the energies to implement the Plan. Next comes Program,Discipleship2, 374:to learn to distinguish between the various energies he contacts. The initiate has to master theDiscipleship2, 374:of differentiating between: His own energy or energies, which have been generated [375] as theDiscipleship2, 375:This force imports into the usually available energies certain conditioning qualities which emanateDiscipleship2, 382:of the Hierarchy and - through the Hierarchy - energies from the Heart of the Sun can reach him. HeDiscipleship2, 384:focused in Shamballa, is one of the great basic energies; the initiate has to learn to work in andDiscipleship2, 396:ascertain the "direction" from which the various energies (which empower his life and motivate hisDiscipleship2, 396:in time and space) the direction in which the energies, manipulated by the disciple, must go as heDiscipleship2, 396:words. The disciple moves always in a world of energies; they make an impact upon him from many andDiscipleship2, 396:and varying directions. He has to learn which energies should be rejected and those to which heDiscipleship2, 396:those to which he should be receptive; all these energies are moving in space and are in realityDiscipleship2, 397:is reversed at times. The disciple learns to use energies - located and found by him in space -Discipleship2, 403:those substances (etheric in nature) and those energies which permeate the cosmic etheric body (theDiscipleship2, 404:of the process of [404] redemption, because the energies released within the Council Chamber of
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