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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGIES

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Education, 61:and the Black Lodge employ the same universal energies but with different motives and objectives;Education, 61:is automatic in its response to other and inner energies, and those which come from emotional andEducation, 61:activities. To become sensitive to the impelling energies of the soul, emanating from the higherEducation, 61:is reached. To recognize the conditioning energies in his [62] environment, seeing them not asEducation, 62:the scene of outer happenings into the world of energies, seeking contact and qualifying for theEducation, 62:remain deeply esoteric. It is a higher realm of energies - planetary, extra-planetary andEducation, 62:Piscean groups, to regard any interest in the energies producing world events or which concernEducation, 63:political circumstances, as expressions of the energies to be found in the inner world of esotericEducation, 63:the entire world of phenomena, of forces and of energies, which cannot be brought under the controlEducation, 63:War is, factually, a great explosion of energies and forces, generated on the inner planes whereEducation, 65:of all discover the nature of his own qualified energies (and here the nature of the governing raysEducation, 65:pass on to the Science of Life and deal with the energies which will eventually hold and use theEducation, 67:comprehension of the relation between forces and energies and the power to use energy for theEducation, 67:of intelligent substance) as recipients of the energies of the two higher aspects and, in so doing,Education, 67:is the art of "bringing down to earth" those energies which emanate from the highest sources andEducation, 70:racial problems; it will indicate the forces and energies which are struggling for expression inEducation, 117:and direction - must appear; the more subtle energies must be enabled to express themselves.Education, 143:whatever direction and source. To these major energies, the names of "sutratma" or "life thread" orEducation, 143:have frequently been given. FORCE: to all the energies which - after due manipulation andEducation, 144:and becomes in time a powerful repository of energies gathered out of a wide range of contacts,Education, 146:diversifications and consciously to employ these energies in two ways: interiorly inEducation, 147:from the knowledge petals. Though these three energies are woven into one thread finally, yet theyEducation, 147:and fusion. It deals also with the outgoing energies and their relationship to the environment andEducation, 148:the force centers. The incoming and the outgoing energies constitute finally two great stations ofExternalisation, 40:sacral and the solar plexus centers. When the energies, finding expression through these twoExternalisation, 42:and their task is that of bringing through the energies of life, emanating from the soul plane, viaExternalisation, 42:via the mind, but excluding the emotional. These energies have to be brought through into physicalExternalisation, 43:and cause such a violent increase of the active energies that death may occur before so very long.Externalisation, 56:the physical plane, or between life, the solar energies and the lunar forces. This involves aExternalisation, 57:knowledge and intuitive idealism, those energies which will further human interests, relate theExternalisation, 71:think it is, for the source lies in the realm of energies and forces. As I explained elsewhere (TheExternalisation, 72:to direct and control all five of the powerful energies that the Divine Plan can materialize, andExternalisation, 75:of death. The Forces of Darkness are powerful energies, working to preserve that which is ancientExternalisation, 85:his bodies, so will man react to the inflowing energies. This is a fundamental statement. It is aExternalisation, 86:the third or creative order; and in these three energies you have, in reality, the expression ofExternalisation, 87:Forces correspond in their entirety to the energies of the sacral center of the planet, dealingExternalisation, 88:its problems intelligently. Thus the forces and energies of the creative process are exceedinglyExternalisation, 91:idea somewhat by pointing out that these five energies are related to the centers or the lotuses toExternalisation, 91:the lotus flows; in the case of the first three energies (of Shamballa, the Hierarchy and Humanity)Externalisation, 93:however, part of the temporary interlocking of energies which is going on between the manyExternalisation, 100:to the planet - gifts of definitely directed energies producing peculiar and equally definiteExternalisation, 100:is man's feeble interpretation of the divine energies with which he will some day salvage theExternalisation, 109:involve the impact upon our planet of Forces and Energies which will be instrumental in alteringExternalisation, 129:focal points for those Lives and [129] Energies which are inherent in matter itself and whoseExternalisation, Esoter:Shamballa force and of certain little understood energies. These have wrought significant changesExternalisation, 148:evocation of active agents and responsible energies of some kind or another upon the physicalExternalisation, 149:activity of the Hierarchy and of those Forces, Energies and Beings Who are not controlled by matterExternalisation, 150:interplanetary or solar, and also great cosmic Energies. It is now possible to discover those who -Externalisation, 150:with the spiritual Lives and the divine embodied Energies as well as with the Hierarchy (which isExternalisation, 153:magnetically impelled to respond and then potent energies can be sent direct to the waitingExternalisation, 154:will promote the circulation of spiritual energies between the three centers from point to point soExternalisation, 155:interrelated, then certain extra-planetary Energies can be called in by the Ruler of Shamballa toExternalisation, 155:system via Jupiter as the transmitter of divine energies from Virgo and Aquarius which JupiterExternalisation, 155:Christ child and is, therefore, the emanator of energies which nourish and aid the growth of theExternalisation, 156:to real students. In considering these great Energies, there is little you can do beyond acceptingExternalisation, 158:of the Monad becomes possible; then Forces and Energies, personified for us in these great andExternalisation, 168:World Picture I would point out that just as the energies released by use of the first threeExternalisation, 168:governing and directing the individual energies, once any real measure of personality integrationExternalisation, 170:of the soul. The major approach of the two basic energies of form and soul (as an expression ofExternalisation, 252:out upon the physical plane of forces and energies which have long been generated. People are aptExternalisation, 252:from human control. For ages man has generated energies which must inevitably produce events uponExternalisation, 263:bring about the release of some of these higher energies and the establishing of a line of factualExternalisation, 268:the agency of One of Them, Who will unify the energies of all Three, and so produce thoseExternalisation, 275:will consequently be brought about and energies will be set in motion which will end the rule ofExternalisation, 275:aided by Humanity. This synthesis of the three energies, evoked through invocation and the responseExternalisation, 275:the mental plane. Though it is a blend of the energies of the three centers referred to above, itExternalisation, 276:only distorted forms of the higher divine energies. This is a point to be carefully noted. Of LightExternalisation, 278:and the disappearing of great and active energies which pass in and out of manifestation, fulfilingExternalisation, 280:alone which can precipitate the new incoming energies from the Lords of Liberation and makeExternalisation, 303:the Christ, the Lord of Love. In this way, the energies of both Shamballa and the Hierarchy will beExternalisation, 304:the quality of His Own life, the three great energies: The will-to-spiritual power. TheExternalisation, 312:a world group through which the new forces and energies can function, the new ideas can spread, andExternalisation, 338:a constructive trend and to focus the invoked energies which led me, under instruction from theExternalisation, 343:unshakable, immovable focusing of all energies in the need to triumph (the enemies of the Forces ofExternalisation, 357:Preparing the way for the three spiritual energies which will sweep humanity into an era ofExternalisation, 358:minds throughout the world. These three imminent energies are The energy of the intuition whichExternalisation, 388:at the time of the Full Moon of May, so that the energies then set in motion may be aided by yourExternalisation, 390:and June. Can the forces be so organized and the energies, pending distribution, so dispersed thatExternalisation, 390:goodwill? Can the will-to-good of the spiritual Energies and the goodwill of humanity itself beExternalisation, 392:succor as it rises from mankind. Certain great Energies of extra-planetary significance Who standExternalisation, 396:the Christ will focus in Himself the spiritual energies of the Hierarchy, plus the energy which theExternalisation, 397:Christ, the Prince of Peace; thus His stupendous energies will be stepped down through the mediumExternalisation, 401:Evocation, of bringing together great spiritual energies and then stepping them down for theExternalisation, 401:energy and the protecting of humanity from energies and forces which they are not, at theExternalisation, 416:existence of the greater Hierarchy of spiritual energies of which our tiny planetary sphere is aExternalisation, 418:to accept the fact of the approaching spiritual energies, focused through the spiritual Hierarchy,Externalisation, 424:from humanity. Certain great Forces or embodied Energies of darkness and of evil organizedExternalisation, 442:in the hearts of men. When this Triangle of Energies has synchronized its efforts, then at the MayExternalisation, 454:of mankind. When that cry arises, these divine energies will precipitate themselves into the realmExternalisation, 456:to gauge what will be the results if these energies and potencies are released through theExternalisation, 457:problem of the brotherhood of man. These [457] energies, if released upon the Earth, will renderExternalisation, 462:they are being mobilized by the light-bearing energies upon the planet so that wisdom,Externalisation, 482:in your minds the three groups of spiritual energies which - at the time of the three Full Moons ofExternalisation, 483:potent downpouring of spiritual energy. These energies involve the activities of the Spirit ofExternalisation, 485:aspiration and bewilderment. These groups of energies are ready to focus and distribute themselves,Externalisation, 486:impulse. It will not be easy. The spiritual energies which will be released will inevitably evokeExternalisation, 496:focusing of all mental, emotional and physical energies at a central point of planned activity.Externalisation, 496:little knows the extent or the nature of the energies which have been tapped and released. ThereExternalisation, 520:attention. The Hierarchy receives and transmits energies and consequent forces from Shamballa, withExternalisation, 525:things are somewhat changed. New inflowing energies and the partial "sealing" of evil in its own
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