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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGIES

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Externalisation, 527:transmitters and distributors of the seven ray energies to the seven planetary centers and - viaExternalisation, 534:the nature of Shamballa, its work and emanating energies. Shamballa, as it constitutes theExternalisation, 537:so long waited. This will take time, but the new energies and their emerging qualities are adequateExternalisation, 537:are: Adjustment to those extra-planetary energies which were released into the highest center. ThisExternalisation, 538:and integrity, but on the absorption of new energies, made available via Shamballa, of theseExternalisation, 540:can know nothing - problems related to the new energies pouring into our planet, impersonally andExternalisation, 555:each major inflow at the May Festival; these energies will be released at a solemn ceremony on eachExternalisation, 562:to react to and absorb certain extra-planetary energies and to use them in an intra-planetaryExternalisation, 594:the highest spiritual sphere and set in motion energies and forces which cannot now be stopped; IExternalisation, 598:of Days, the Father of all, plus the Creative Energies and Living Beings Who dwell there with Him,Externalisation, 641:work. See that you do likewise. The spiritual energies are then uniquely available. 6. Discover theExternalisation, 642:The strength, the power and the special energies which He received at that dramatic moment when He,Externalisation, 644:at the coming Full Moon. The five specialized energies are as follows: Externalisation, 645:through Their united and directed effort, these energies will flow. Forget not that ChristExternalisation, 645:and focused on goodwill, the union of the two energies of Love-Wisdom and of Will can bring aboutExternalisation, 647:Love-Wisdom - the first of the great outpouring energies. It emanates, therefore, from theExternalisation, 647:Section IV - Stages in the Externalization These energies - along with others at this time far lessExternalisation, 647:the Members of the Hierarchy to distribute these energies (once they are released by the Christ) toExternalisation, 647:task of implementing the work and directing the energies for which the Christ is responsible. TheExternalisation, 648:Christ possible. The blended influence of these energies will bring about what may at first appearExternalisation, 649:and the true may be greatly increased. These energies will bring in the new creative era, whichExternalisation, 654:stimulating, vivifying, fructifying and mutable energies under what is called (esoterically)Externalisation, 654:(esoterically) "scientific impression." These energies are: [655] 1. The energy of prana; this isExternalisation, 657:This has happened through the agency of the energies listed above. Disciples and aspirants and theExternalisation, 657:or unconsciously - responsive to these four energies; the closer they are affiliated with someExternalisation, 657:Hierarchy, the more the sevenfold hierarchical energies can be distributed to the rest of the humanExternalisation, 657:problem confronting the Hierarchy, for these energies must be most carefully directed and theirExternalisation, 659:on and only if the activity of the six preceding energies fulfil their purpose. With it we cannotExternalisation, 659:in the middle of the Aquarian Age. These energies, along with the five specialized energiesExternalisation, 659:These energies, along with the five specialized energies referred to in my June (1948) Full MoonExternalisation, 659:The year 1952 will see the five specialized energies assuming great potency. I would again callExternalisation, 659:countless thousands of men and women everywhere, energies hitherto unable to penetrate deeper intoExternalisation, 659:for 1948, I referred to the five specialized energies which were at that time released to carryExternalisation, 660:their [660] impersonal task. Each of these energies is concerned with the desired organization, forExternalisation, 663:Himself open to certain powerful inflowing energies, absorbing into Himself streams of spiritualExternalisation, 663:Manu and the Master Morya - create a triangle of energies into which (and through which) the energyExternalisation, 669:ray Master, am attempting to do. With what energies am I working? What is the goal towards which IExternalisation, 673:upon this theme I dealt with the various energies which would be brought into activity or utilizedExternalisation, 673:of years. The point to be grasped is that the energies with which I dealt will be used in a new andExternalisation, 673:be used in a new and more vital manner. These energies are ever present and ever active, but theyExternalisation, 673:may entail in any particular cycle. These energies bring about what we idly call the "events" ofExternalisation, 673:being that events, as expressions of directed energies, mean little to us, except in so far as theyExternalisation, 673:simply a way of life in any specific time. These energies were started on their activities in theExternalisation, 674:period of time), the impact of these substantial energies on matter will be radically alteredExternalisation, 674:the planet in the three worlds; hitherto, these energies have been directed from the buddhic planeExternalisation, 674:thought The occultist works in energy and with energies. The thought of God brought the universe ofExternalisation, 674:The thought of God brought the universe of energies into organized form upon the highest of theExternalisation, 674:or upon the first cosmic etheric level. These energies have for untold aeons been directed from theExternalisation, 674:and the Masters have "manipulated these energies in conformity with the Plan, which is theExternalisation, 675:whereby modern science (working as it does with energies) can be brought into cooperativeExternalisation, 675:which constitute the present modern exits for energies, through which directed energies can pass toExternalisation, 675:exits for energies, through which directed energies can pass to carry out the creative process, areExternalisation, 675:five form a five-pointed star of interlocking energies, symbolic of the major divisions of ourExternalisation, 675:and to nothing else; I am not relating these energies to the other kingdoms in nature; I am hereExternalisation, 692:done so as to make available the transmission of energies there stored. In the cycle which is nowExternalisation, 692:hierarchical formulas, thus setting loose the energies needed to destroy the germs of evil, latentExternalisation, 692:The stage of withdrawing of the purifying energies; this is to be followed by a period ofExternalisation, 698:then, my brothers, He will come, bringing new energies of love and compassion and implementing theFire, xii:in giving out information concerning the various energies of atomic matter is too great, and theFire, xii:indication be given as to the nature of those energies which are strictly confined to the physicalFire, 41:108) Their method is objectivity The reawakened Energies sprang into space. They are the veiledFire, 81:are only the result of the harmoniously working energies that resolve ether into the expressionFire, 136:energy in bodies which are the source of all energies including Prana... "This word comes from theFire, 263:or common brain-intelligence of the man. "The energies that express themselves through the lowerFire, 294:synthesis of the principles or the qualitating energies and not the synthesis of form. Evolution inFire, 564:into action by the force of the currents, and energies set up in subtler matter, by the greatFire, 614:forces and deal with positive and negative energies as appears best in the interests of the plan ofFire, 872:handed to him and he can then unlock the hidden energies of atomic substance. The key to theFire, 872:to him, and he learns to unlock the hidden energies of the will aspect. The dynamo of the solarFire, 881:of the uses and purposes of form, and of the energies involved in form-building, the utilization ofFire, 898:upon our planet. Certain of His influences and energies affect paramountly the deva essence of thisFire, 901:plane or the second cosmic ether, direct the energies of the manipulating devas of the fourthFire, 945:specific kind which may bring in entities and energies of any particular scheme incident upon theFire, 981:and formulae which set in motion the hidden energies of nature and call the devas to their work.Fire, 993:manifestation, and who endeavor to control the Energies of all that is seen, need the strongFire, 994:fact that when he tampers with these forces and energies he is dealing with that which is akin toFire, 994:the line of least resistance; he augments these energies, thereby increasing their response to theFire, 1054:within [1054] limits he wields forces and energies, he manipulates lesser lives and controls lesserFire, 1054:the initiate and the adept are controlling energies of many kinds in the three worlds, as theFire, 1080:are coming in who will endeavor to direct the energies of this race on to the right line though theFire, 1100:considered as comprising the following: The energies of the atoms of substance which compose theFire, 1100:of substance which compose the mental body. The energies of the lunar father who is the coherentFire, 1101:the third aspect of monadic manifestation. The energies of the solar Angel, or Father, which is theFire, 1101:behind manifestation in the three worlds. The energies of the intelligent lives who form the bodyFire, 1101:lives of the sheaths, the qualities of the energies influencing such lives, and the character andFire, 1101:They will thus arrive at facts concerning energies in the human kingdom which will prove ofFire, 1102:through the bringing together of these energies through self-engendered impulse. He, for purposesFire, 1103:lower connotation of the term. Later, as higher energies come into play and the effort is made toFire, 1103:vehicle is the point of the at-one-ment of the energies; it is the battleground whereon theFire, 1104:of vibration is brought about by the inflow of energies of different kinds. These various factors,Fire, 1104:also more rapid transition of the various energies, or increased spiral action. This is one of theFire, 1104:four spirillae of the mental unit. Some of the energies which produce increased momentum in theFire, 1104:thing human unfoldment really is. These energies are: The direct increasing influence of the solarFire, 1105:pass in and out of incarnation. The forces and energies which become active or latent duringFire, 1105:more factors too numerous to mention. All these energies have their effects, and serve either toFire, 1107:incarnation process, and on the other absorb the energies of the personality at the close of theFire, 1115:we have a direct graded chain of transmitting energies. The Heart of the central Spiritual Sun. TheFire, 1116:on the Plane of Mind The Sacrifice Petals The energies or forces flowing through, and thusFire, 1116:self, of love forces which are the natural energies of the solar Angel, and of sacrifice forcesFire, 1116:Thus we have a marvelous aggregate of streams of energies, all representing interior and still
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