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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGIES

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Fire, 1116:interior and still greater (because cosmic) energies. Finally, we have the dynamic force of theFire, 1120:rhythm is imposed upon the lotus, and its energies are stabilized. This rhythm is diverse accordingFire, 1120:causal body, is the coordination of the lower energies of the human being. These lower energies, asFire, 1120:lower energies of the human being. These lower energies, as we know, demonstrate through the mediumFire, 1122:which are the transmitters of all the higher energies from the Ego, and from the two higherFire, 1137:six groups and is therefore the synthesis of energies taken from each and manifested. The higherFire, 1153:will be utilized by the abstracted essence and energies of the septenate of schemes as the negativeFire, 1168:part of the deva kingdom, and of certain pranic energies. The student will find much of esotericFire, 1186:their objectivising through mutual interplay. Energies (Tabulation VII) Source Focal Point MediumFire, 1191:when it seeks to explain the nature of the Energies which influence any human being: The quality ofFire, 1198:it makes itself felt on the seventh plane. The energies which are functioning are those which theFire, 1198:centers of force which are the seven Spiritual Energies. 32 S. D., I, 233-250; III, 565-566. Fire, 1199:the number 8. The formulae for these electrical energies are too complicated to be given here, butFire, 1211:internal economy and of the latent forces and energies which it has to contribute to the good ofFire, 1213:of the power to act as the transmitter of energies from greater lives than his own, and to become aFire, 1217:to the Vishnu aspect. One group of laws concern energies emanating from the physical sun; the onesFire, 1235:is to put them en rapport with the forces and energies hidden in the akasha and the anima. mundi. AFire, 1276:the balances, and the scales are duly set. The energies converge, and shake them out ofFire, 1276:right hand side and sometimes upon the left. The Energies are five in number and their major hue isGlamour, 42:to distinguish between the energy of life, the energies of the soul, and the forces of theGlamour, 42:and that is that the nature of these forces and energies, and their use and control have always toGlamour, 63:it into his plans, and tries to work with energies for which he is not temperamentally suited. HeGlamour, 69:mental polarization and awareness, and with the energies which become active through soul contact,Glamour, 85:here under the term maya are those uncontrolled energies, those undirected impulses which emanateGlamour, 86:world of the personality and the ancient energies of matter itself, brought over as latent seedsGlamour, 96:and all humanity are the victims of forces and energies over which they have no control and whichGlamour, 96:and thither. He becomes aware also of forces and energies within himself over which he likewise hasGlamour, 96:own revolts, his own acts and selfishly directed energies. Here the man discovers (unconsciously atGlamour, 96:the mechanism of contact with the inner forces, energies and worlds of being. This vital bodyGlamour, 97:Purification. When there is unification of these energies upon the physical plane, you then haveGlamour, 106:of energy which produce a temporary whirlpool of energies and, from the angle of man - the onlookerGlamour, 120:sign of the zodiac. Therefore powerful and new energies are playing upon humanity, producingGlamour, 148:by any other force or forces than those energies which come direct from the soul, conditioning andGlamour, 149:man and could thus determine what combination of energies conditions their life activity, theyGlamour, 150:centers, which control the personality, into the energies of the centers above the diaphragm, whichGlamour, 154:forces, vital energy, astral forces and mental energies, constituting the sumtotal of the lowerGlamour, 156:ray is, as you know, a combination of three energies which produce the fourth or personality ray,Glamour, 164:Preparing the way for the three spiritual energies which will sweep humanity into an era ofGlamour, 164:minds throughout the world. These three imminent energies are: [165] The energy of the intuitionGlamour, 172:into activity, producing the freeing of the energies of the etheric body from the control of matterGlamour, 220:from illuminating the waking consciousness. The energies taking form upon the astral plane are notGlamour, 242:motivated, energized and conditioned by certain energies and forces, emanating from those levelsGlamour, 242:maya is a fractional part of the world of energies and forces which constitute the life expressionGlamour, 243:sentient consciousness and the playground of the energies are something apart from the Thinker,Glamour, 243:ever-impacting, outgoing and incoming energies. The occultist, however, works there; he becomes aGlamour, 245:and consciously, deliberately works with the energies in the three worlds. He directs them into theGlamour, 246:of all types and qualities. He is composed of energies in every part of his manifested andGlamour, 246:he is, therefore, related to all other energies. His task is one of supreme difficulty and needsGlamour, 246:the evolutionary cycle. With the mass of world energies and systemic forces we cannot here deal,Glamour, 247:an automaton, obedient to whatever forces and energies are the controlling factors in theGlamour, 247:eye and controlled by the spiritual man. Which energies can and must be thus used? What forces mustGlamour, 249:consideration of the potencies of the forces and energies reaching him astrologically, you will seeGlamour, 249:himself. Not only has he to isolate his five ray energies, but he has to allow for the energy ofGlamour, 249:He knows then what he is doing, with what energies he must work, and he begins to feel theseGlamour, 249:he must work, and he begins to feel these energies as they find their way into the etheric vehicle.Glamour, 249:inlet and outlet for the moving forces and energies with which he is immediately concerned in thisGlamour, 251:instrument to the soul through which appropriate energies can flow and the full organization andGlamour, 252:life expression, maya or the world of etheric energies becomes devitalized, and only those forcesGlamour, 252:becomes devitalized, and only those forces and energies are employed which serve the need of theGlamour, 266:that which conditions the One Being, and senses energies and contacts which are extra-planetary andHealing, 3:It constitutes part of the vast [3] network of energies which underlies all forms whether great orHealing, 7:this involves a decentralized attitude. Those energies, when need arises, which will stimulate theHealing, 31:the pouring upwards, into the etheric body, of energies from the physical plane itself and from theHealing, 31:their causes in physical plane conditions. The energies entering into the centers of man from theHealing, 35:control of soul energy, whilst the other three energies are being increasingly subordinated to thisHealing, 36:itself as many differing and varying [36] energies. Of these many energies, the universe isHealing, 36:and varying [36] energies. Of these many energies, the universe is composed. Likewise man's bodiesHealing, 36:body form by the coherent force of more potent energies. The major focal point of energy to beHealing, 39:in the etheric body pass varying kinds of energies amongst themselves, and a great deal of theHealing, 39:two telephonic installations - one bringing in energies from without the house and the other beingHealing, 40:channels and permits the entrance of the higher energies. The emotional causes of disease and theHealing, 40:great field of knowledge - that concerning the energies which meet and war within the human frameHealing, 41:healer knows much about the inner forces and energies and has some understanding of the basicHealing, 43:the mass polarization. This is also augmented by energies coming from the animal kingdom, which isHealing, 49:of them is expressive of one of the seven ray energies. Let me first of all make clear whichHealing, 52:the human equipment and the intricacy of the ray energies are such that no hard and fast rules canHealing, 54:man's life energy. From the plane whereon those energies are focused, proceed those determiningHealing, 71:body. The etheric body is a transmitter of all energies to the physical body, [72] and all types ofHealing, 75:normally, which means that some of the energies which produce the form of the center are movingHealing, 85:body as a transmitter of a vast aggregate of energies and forces. The endocrine system whoseHealing, 87:physical body and its receptivity to the inner energies most decidedly condition the man. It willHealing, 87:does, act as the transmitting agent of the inner energies to the outer plane, and the physical bodyHealing, 94:body of the failure to bring in these higher energies and rhythms, and that, in its turn, isHealing, 96:can be the directing agency of forces and energies which can disrupt and dispel disease, but theHealing, 96:an understanding of the rays and their types of energies, and also by a capacity to handle lightHealing, 97:heart is one of the most potent of all the energies employed. I have brought these two questions toHealing, 98:until [98] man learns how to handle the higher energies and to recognize the need for a rhythmicHealing, 108:to an understanding of the right use of the energies which pour through from the inner man, via theHealing, 120:and those who are in process of transferring the energies of the centers below the diaphragm intoHealing, 120:these at this time are transferring solar plexus energies into the heart, and the world agony isHealing, 122:the brain, is the vagus nerve, along which the energies (entering via the head center) areHealing, 127:body. The disciple is learning to lift the energies, gathered from the lower centers, into theHealing, 127:center, thus bringing about a refocusing of the energies above the diaphragm instead of putting theHealing, 131:circulation of the life essence. These two basic energies, as they play upon the forces of theHealing, 133:man's life energy. From the plane whereon those energies [134] are focused, proceed thoseHealing, 135:as considering the results of the forces and energies (I use these distinctive words advisedly)Healing, 136:There is naught but energy, for God is life. Two energies meet in man, but other five are present.Healing, 136:central point of contact. The conflict of these energies with forces and of the forces twixtHealing, 136:be tabulated as follows: We live in a world of energies and are a constituent part of themHealing, 136:The physical vehicle is a fusion of two energies and seven forces. The first energy is that of the
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