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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGIES

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Magic, 13:is producing an evolutionary unfoldment of the energies of that universe which it is not possibleMagic, 15:world of ideas, and being of the nature of those energies which produce all that is known and seen.Magic, 29:problem as to the character and nature of the energies - focalized or localized in the differingMagic, 46:to: The above mentioned types of force. Energies generated in and emanating from any part of theMagic, 50:if it must be so called, of the two blended energies is intensified. These correspond to the sevenMagic, 50:through the seven Planetary Logoi, focuses His energies. This will be later elaborated. The pointMagic, 50:for it is by understanding the nature of the energies displayed and the unified nature of the formMagic, 94:aspirant, is brought into being by the focused energies of the soul and the reoriented forces ofMagic, 96:as a magnetic intelligent creator, transmits its energies. The plans can then mature according toMagic, 98:must do two things: Blend and fuse the energies of the lower two centers of force, and Raise theseMagic, 98:two centers of force, and Raise these fused energies and so, blending with the energies of theMagic, 98:these fused energies and so, blending with the energies of the other and higher centers, reach theMagic, 103:the forces of true love, and to those spiritual energies which seem to vitalize the personality,Magic, 105:It is through the etheric body that all the energies flow, whether emanating from the soul, or fromMagic, 121:the main creative factor and the utilizer of the energies of the cosmos. Love attracts, but theMagic, 128:with myself. Students can sidetrack their energies in idle speculation as to my identity. Of whatMagic, 191:and indeed working with forces, subjecting energies to our needs, subordinating [192] elementalMagic, 192:Nevertheless, it remains a fact that when the energies, latent at the base of the spine, areMagic, 192:side of her son, the Christ, the soul. When the energies of the sacral center, focused hitherto onMagic, 192:the new heavens and the new earth. When the energies of the solar plexus - expressions hitherto ofMagic, 196:plexus center as a clearing-house for the lower energies be touched upon. [197] I am anxious forMagic, 199:centers in their turn are responding to the energies being lifted and raised from the centers belowMagic, 199:this is only a differentiation dealing with the energies focused in the two petals. It will beMagic, 199:amount in all to forty-eight petals. These energies in their two aspects of physical vital energyMagic, 202:is a predominant trend towards which all the energies of his nature turn. Perhaps he is swayedMagic, 202:the lower self. Virtue is the calling in of new energies and of a new vibratory rhythm so that theMagic, 204:becomes only a medium for the bringing in of energies which but serve to stimulate the undesirableMagic, 220:is the case, the man is a victim of his own form energies and the matter aspect of allMagic, 220:of his own destinies, and swings the lower energies into forms and activities through the power ofMagic, 225:preserve the balance and the equilibrium of the energies of the three worlds and so become aMagic, 231:the Elder Brothers, can call upon the spiritual energies of their group and at rare and indicatedMagic, 247:hence a builder in [247] union with the building energies of the Cosmos. He carries the energy ofMagic, 248:soul on its own plane and thence redirect his energies in the performance of the magical work ofMagic, 249:personality. It transmutes and transmits the energies of the sacral center and of the center at theMagic, 249:of the spine, and is the clearing house for all energies focused in the centers below theMagic, 252:transmuting, transforming power at work upon the energies which constitute his lower nature, untilMagic, 263:gold, in possessions concrete. He bends all his energies to the search for the satisfaction of thatMagic, 263:or artistic - to them he consecrates his energies, physical, astral and mental, and always the formMagic, 278:as the agent of the Divine Mind. Let him use two energies and work with three laws. These are theMagic, 280:him to act as a transmitter of the greater life energies and to serve as an efficient cooperatorMagic, 281:on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Centers, Energies and Rays The Centers, Energies and Rays There areMagic, 281:- The Centers, Energies and Rays The Centers, Energies and Rays There are two connections in whichMagic, 283:on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Centers, Energies and Rays 2. Vital forces. These are oftenMagic, 285:on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Centers, Energies and Rays The above enumeration might therefore beMagic, 285:of the glands) is the medium of many forces and energies - some purely physical, others related toMagic, 287:on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Centers, Energies and Rays The occult aphorism: "To will, to know,Magic, 289:on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Centers, Energies and Rays The vital forces, which are simply theMagic, 289:the medium for the transmission of solar energies, of planetary forces, and of extra-solar orMagic, 289:esoterically called "breaths". These forces and energies of the cosmic rays are, constantlyMagic, 290:are not clogged then the circulating rays, energies and forces can find an easy medium and canMagic, 291:forms on the planet, to the seven basic types of energies emanating from the seven planets, andMagic, 291:respond to these many forces, to these seven energies and to the one ray. The human family areMagic, 291:The human family are responsive also to other energies and to solar rays, - all however colored byMagic, 291:and be able to differentiate between forces, energies and rays. For the beginner a clearMagic, 291:clear distinction can be made between forces and energies by appreciating the fact thatMagic, 291:purified and aligned, can be transmitters of the energies of the soul. Magic, 291:on White Magic - Rule Ten - The Centers, Energies and Rays Broadly speaking, the work of the humanMagic, 291:relation to the human kingdom, is to transmit energies from the spiritual realm, from otherMagic, 291:centers, and from the solar system. These energies when stepped down for transmission differentiateMagic, 294:astral body of planetary and solar and cosmic energies, every human being has appropriated, out ofMagic, 295:centers, and through them stream the forces and energies, earlier dealt with, into the ethericMagic, 295:with, into the etheric body. These centers carry energies from the seven planets and from the sunMagic, 296:takes place which so refocuses the astral energies that they are turned in a different direction.Magic, 297:not to anything inherently wrong or right in the energies themselves. I. Fear. This is one of theMagic, 311:here if we were very briefly to list the major energies which impress the human organism andMagic, 311:circulate through the sentient body of man. 1. Energies passing and repassing through the sentientMagic, 312:fragments of the great whole. 2. Certain astral energies, emanating from some planetary forms whichMagic, 313:itself certain instincts upon which these energies can work. It should also be remembered that inMagic, 313:not possible, but mention is made of it, as the energies coming from these two factors must beMagic, 313:- Rule Ten - Astral Energy and Fear 3. Astral energies emanating from the new sign of the zodiacMagic, 316:has himself constructed as he responded to the energies of the groups enumerated above. The astralMagic, 318:knowledge, consists of the emanating of certain energies of the vital body in a particularMagic, 318:particular direction, which serve to keep other energies at a distance through what is calledMagic, 318:impact. Through this impact upon approaching energies, they are reversed and sent in anotherMagic, 318:and sent in another direction. But those energies must go somewhere, and should they damage anotherMagic, 319:and transmute the wrong vibrations and the energies which are destructive. He has no shells norMagic, 319:himself all the evil emanations (destructive energies, and wrong forces) and he breaks them up intoMagic, 319:and of certain Words of Power he can command the energies to reverse themselves and to return toMagic, 320:appended to these three rules says: "These three energies - of speech, of thought, and of purpose -Magic, 320:his brother whom he seeks to aid, are the three energies with which all adepts work." It is almostMagic, 332:and this will be based on the discovery of those energies which (playing on the atom and on atomicMagic, 337:yet regard it as subjected to the influences of energies and forces emanating from an outerMagic, 337:from an outer environment. These are the energies of a wider nature than those arising entirelyMagic, 338:of vitality which is his own, but that there are energies and forces in nature and the planet, andMagic, 355:sentient forces respond with obedience to mental energies. "The light of reason" brings this aboutMagic, 362:play their part in this work of carrying energies from these exalted spheres into the field ofMagic, 372:of prana but is the medium for all the energies which we are considering. Its importance also liesMagic, 374:The Founding of the Hierarchy The various energies which play upon the human being and produce hisMagic, 383:the soul. Then the intuition takes control, and energies from the intuitional or buddhic planeMagic, 383:and an ability to utilize the undifferentiated energies of the Universal Mind are the mainMagic, 384:these groupings, and hence the focusing of the energies through which the Plan of the Ages worksMagic, 385:as he struggles with and masters the energies of the mental world. Work on the mental planeMagic, 386:onward way - the way of God - I see all lesser energies die out. I am the One; I, God. I am theMagic, 388:hold the key to manifestation. Our study of the energies which have been brought to our attentionMagic, 388:is gaining each year in potency. Planetary Energies: emanating from: The seven planets. The Earth.Magic, 388:a few things can be noted about this section of energies and about the next, for this is a seriesMagic, 388:the aspirant and not a treatise on energy. Solar Energies: emanating from: The physical sun. CosmicMagic, 388:the Hierarchy In all thoughts concerning these energies it should be remembered that they areMagic, 391:planetary intricacies and the interplay of solar energies, but will concern ourselves with the lawsMagic, 392:energy. The result of this union of three energies in an objective form is self-consciousness.
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