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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGIES

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Magic, 394:When this stage has been reached the three energies which constitute a personality have beenMagic, 402:with the vision. To note what influences or energies were available for use in the large endeavorMagic, 404:times of opportunity, forces, influences, and energies are temporarily at work, and of these theMagic, 404:in of the Aquarian age, with its distinctive energies and its amazing opportunities. These [405]Magic, 410:have arisen, working with the forces and energies that constitute the divine Life, dealing with theMagic, 421:undesirable, but must [421] instead bend all his energies to creating the new temple of the LordMagic, 431:themselves, composed and blended of coordinating energies. The subject matter is therefore of soMagic, 431:reason that it profits us not to study these energies too closely is because the planetary SpiritMagic, 431:respond most forcibly to the impact of these energies. The human being responds, and that onlyMagic, 432:the personality mechanism. The quality of these energies is primarily astral-buddhic, and the biasMagic, 433:tip and man's reaction to them noted. Solar energies have also a dual effect. First, there is whatMagic, 433:the heart than the throat. Secondly, there are energies which emanate from what is esotericallyMagic, 434:on White Magic - Rule Ten - Astrology and the Energies Astrology and the Energies To these twoMagic, 434:- Astrology and the Energies Astrology and the Energies To these two energies, a third group ofMagic, 434:Energies Astrology and the Energies To these two energies, a third group of energies must be added,Magic, 434:Energies To these two energies, a third group of energies must be added, and these are the basis ofMagic, 434:and the permutations of these three groups of energies lead to the infinite complication which weMagic, 434:of the astrologers as to the reality of the energies playing upon the human organism can be seen toMagic, 434:adepts utilize primarily the intuition. These energies leave their mark upon every form in everyMagic, 435:field. I cannot here write a treatise on the energies with which astrology should deal, sorely asMagic, 435:on White Magic - Rule Ten - Astrology and the Energies In the moon influence, we have indicated theMagic, 438:soul and it becomes the focal point of spiritual energies. This is the problem of the soul on itsMagic, 438:The inner group of seven major or systemic energies produce their effect upon the man who is livingMagic, 438:the individual problem) is this meeting of the energies of two types of constellations in the caseMagic, 438:on White Magic - Rule Ten - Astrology and the Energies Astrologers must remember also that thereMagic, 439:take certain geometrical lines, the lines of energies will form patterns. These three charts,Magic, 439:to another line, and the trends of the life energies will become apparent. Eventually, even in thisMagic, 440:on White Magic - Rule Ten - Astrology and the Energies It might be of value if I here attempted aMagic, 440:thought which directs the work of the emanating energies is of value. For our world period they areMagic, 447:type of energy. We have considered the various energies with which men work and the power a man canMagic, 449:from his aura and so save the drain upon his energies. It will be noted that the formula hasMagic, 450:problem as to the character and nature of the energies - focalized or localized in the differingMagic, 453:achieve meaning as the aspirant learns to handle energies, to work in mental matter and toMagic, 458:into the world of tangible forms. These are: The energies emanating from the archetypal plane. ThisMagic, 458:with which the work is carried forward, and the energies which must be manipulated; they allow forMagic, 465:which they are attracted. These attractive energies have earlier been utilized by the soul -Magic, 504:will result in the focusing of the life energies above the diaphragm and so negate the attractiveMagic, 520:fit man to work easily with the new forces and energies playing upon him. At the center of humanMagic, 525:the cosmos, and speaking symbolically, these energies are basically three in number: SpiritualMagic, 528:It concerns the use humanity has made of all the energies available within the natural world ofMagic, 552:terms: "A precipitation is an aggregation of energies arranged in a certain form, in order toMagic, 568:an understanding of the fires and of the energies with which they must work, is of primeMagic, 570:and being themselves transmitters of energy. The energies of the lower man are energies of theMagic, 570:of energy. The energies of the lower man are energies of the third aspect, the Holy Ghost or BrahmaMagic, 570:to do: First, he has to learn the nature of the energies or [571] pranas which have brought hisMagic, 571:of his personal, mental, sentient and vital energies, and those same forces as they are found inMagic, 571:of the Macrocosm. Learning to work with these energies in an intelligent manner in order to bringMagic, 572:centers in the body those universal forces and energies which are needed for world work. This hasMagic, 577:right to left. Certain centers transmit their energies via the right hand and others via the left.Magic, 581:planes and with the seven types of the seven ray energies. I would point out that these fourMagic, 581:the initiating cause and as he works with these energies they will call forth a response and aMagic, 587:the main task of the aspirant is the handling of energies, both in himself and in the world ofMagic, 604:of the mind and of the emotions and of the energies which make physical expression possible andMagic, 609:sensitive and responsive to the influences and energies pouring in on the new tide of the AquarianMeditation, 185:to be seen burning in all civilized peoples. All energies are turned to the feeding of that sparkPatanjali, 10:spiritual life and along them certain forces or energies are released. a. Emotional intuitional orPatanjali, 34:the Whole. From meditation upon the tattvas, the energies or principles, or upon the tanmatras orPatanjali, 39:perception and of the physical senses. The energies producing concretion and the motive power ofPatanjali, 39:through their ability to withdraw the energies into the thousand petalled lotus of the head, andPatanjali, 47:and is no longer under control of the forces and energies of the lower nature. There is given inPatanjali, 72:subsequent adjustment of pranic and vital energies. Patanjali, 80:himself at any moment with any one of the ray energies to the exclusion - where desired - of thePatanjali, 96:further and enter into the consciousness of the energies who produce the objective body. These arePatanjali, 107:has no clue to the causes or to the subjective energies of which they are the product. HisPatanjali, 109:speak, which is reached by mental and emotional energies, is a psychical state, just as the mindPatanjali, 110:he sees his consciousness as one with all other energies, or conscious expressions of divine life.Patanjali, 150:may be avoided by a right adjustment of a man's energies so that through his changed attitude ofPatanjali, 223:him the ability to tap certain types of forces, energies, or shaktis, to utilize them correctlyPatanjali, 227:and being themselves transmitters of energy. The energies of the lower man are energies of thePatanjali, 227:of energy. The energies of the lower man are energies of the third aspect, the Holy Ghost or BrahmaPatanjali, 256:of poise and rhythmic control of the energies of the body, and through the power to withdraw hisPatanjali, 331:can no longer hold the emancipated soul. The energies of the solar plexus no longer dominate.Patanjali, 332:[332] The outer court corresponds to those energies and their corresponding organs found below thePatanjali, 332:the lungs. When the body is purified and its energies rightly directed, and when rhythm isPatanjali, 339:aware of the relationship existing between the energies working through the seven centers and theProblems, 159:to accept the fact of the approaching spiritual energies, focused through Christ and His spiritualPsychology1, xxv:man should be able to recognize these types and energies in the particular field of phenomena inPsychology1, 6:It will appear, as we study, that the energies which inform the personalities and which constitutePsychology1, 6:being fall naturally into three groups: Those energies which we call "the spirits in men." You notePsychology1, 7:It is with these seven that we shall deal. The energies into which the three distribute themselves,Psychology1, 7:You have therefore: Three monadic groups of energies. The essential Unity expresses, through thesePsychology1, 7:of Will, Love and Intelligence. Seven groups of energies which are the medium through which thePsychology1, 7:It is with the seven groups of souls (or soul energies) that we shall deal, and with the threefoldPsychology1, 9:in forms, energy streams in flow; and that these energies are made potent and embody our purposePsychology1, 10:at an understanding of his ray impulses and energies we shall need to see clearly the way we go soPsychology1, 11:that which is an expression of the controlling energies and of the directed thought of the thinkersPsychology1, 19:approach to man through an understanding of the energies, seven in number, with their forty-ninePsychology1, 37:finds, is essentially a septenary aggregation of energies, each energy producing differing effectsPsychology1, 37:of the interrelation between the seven basic energies or rays; and from that he proceeds to aPsychology1, 40:manifesting One; sevenfold the work; seven the energies and sevenfold the Path back to the centerPsychology1, 43:outside. Plan and purpose concern the emanating energies of that central Life and involve duality -Psychology1, 44:seven breaths of the one Life, the seven basic energies; they streamed forth from the center formedPsychology1, 47:myriad of forms. The aeons will see these two energies steadily dominating all appearance andPsychology1, 50:the form, and the prime manipulator of the energies of God in such a way that the Temple of thePsychology1, 62:Jupiter Saturn Mercury Venus Mars The Moon The energies of these seven Lives however are notPsychology1, 62:forces, his desire impulses, and his mental energies - sweep throughout his body, bringing thePsychology1, 69:is [69] this particular ray Life, and how His energies (having produced the tangible objectivePsychology1, 75:finds consummation in the thoughts of man. The energies and forces receive their secret names,Psychology1, 82:order, and to bring about the rearranging of all energies with the objective (unrealizedPsychology1, 83:Who guide so to direct the incoming spiritual energies that the formation of the esoteric groups
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