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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGIES

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Psychology1, 83:and the more intelligent manipulation of the energies which create and constitute all forms. ThePsychology1, 86:Lord of the second ray and utilizing the energies of the Lord of concrete thought. The aphorismsPsychology1, 94:it and is lost? Is there nothing but matter or energies in constant movement which produce thePsychology1, 120:knows much about the nature of the subjective energies and the qualities which color and conditionPsychology1, 120:A knowledge of the rays and their tendencies and energies will bring much illumination to thePsychology1, 150:activity - an activity which is a blend of many energies, for life is the sum total of the energiesPsychology1, 150:many energies, for life is the sum total of the energies of the seven solar systems, of which ourPsychology1, 150:sevenfold cosmic energy, the fused and blended energies of seven solar systems, including ours,Psychology1, 151:the organized solar system is produced, whose energies are in constant circulation and whosePsychology1, 151:system are interdependent; all the forces and energies are in constant flux and mutation; all ofPsychology1, 152:planet is a focal point through which forces and energies circulate and flow ceaselessly, and thatPsychology1, 152:circulate and flow ceaselessly, and that these energies emanate from the outer cosmos or universePsychology1, 153:the seven rays are themselves Expressions of energies emanating from the seven solar systems, whichPsychology1, 153:control of, the twelve constellations whose energies are contacted by our solar system during thePsychology1, 154:of the rays is the recipient and custodian of energies coming from The seven solar systems. ThePsychology1, 154:The twelve constellations. Each ray passes these energies through its body of manifestation (aPsychology1, 154:and the twelve constellations. This blend of energies, working on substance, produces the forms,Psychology1, 155:But the nature of the qualities [155] and energies can be somewhat grasped as we study the sevenPsychology1, 160:to give the student an idea of a world of energies in which he has to play his part. From thePsychology1, 178:combining with the energy of the first ray. The energies of the aspirants and disciples on thePsychology1, 178:and separativeness that it takes the united energies of three groups of workers to bring about thePsychology1, 182:of essential life, who is the sum total of all energies; the energy of life itself, the energy ofPsychology1, 185:to discard and much to give as it works with energies and forms of life hitherto unrecognized. ThePsychology1, 191:rays is the recipient and custodian of various energies, coming from varying sources. To these twoPsychology1, 191:in the kingdom of souls. Each is animated by the energies coming from all the seven groups of solarPsychology1, 192:rays, being each the recipient and custodian of energies coming from the universe, bring in thePsychology1, 194:till today we are lost in a world of energies. We have been taught to picture to ourselves a worldPsychology1, 195:the worlds of quality and of those qualifying energies which are seeking to manifest through thePsychology1, 195:which constitute the phenomenal world. There are energies which lie behind the phenomena producedPsychology1, 195:is to produce the gradual emergence of these energies, so that the skilled occultist can eventuallyPsychology1, 195:of qualities. These two types of active creative energies must be controlled by the creating WillPsychology1, 229:- is the tangible result of the interplay of the energies and qualities of the first and seventhPsychology1, 248:the interplay of forces and the interchange of energies, and thus producing new effects, new formsPsychology1, 259:two expressions or earlier fusions of divine energies. It is the higher aspect of divinity whichPsychology1, 262:of individualization was initiated, the energies or ray influences from the superhuman kingdomsPsychology1, 263:effects which must be considered. First, the ray energies, five in number, play upon the humanPsychology1, 263:its two component parts. Secondly, these ray energies, working this time through [264] the humanPsychology1, 264:"the relation of death to the five life-giving energies seen working upon the third day ofPsychology1, 278:directions. You have, then, under these new energies, a definite progress forward into new andPsychology1, 279:responds cyclically to the inflow of the higher energies, their effect is to stimulate all partsPsychology1, 279:If the effect of the impact of these energies is to produce material reactions, and if man thenPsychology1, 280:recognition of the new incoming seventh ray energies. These rays, pouring through the sacral centerPsychology1, 285:apart from the cyclic return of the seventh ray energies, we have mankind in a condition where thePsychology1, 285:where the response to the deeper spiritual energies and to the new opportunities is, for the firstPsychology1, 288:sense. Man, as you know, is the expression of energies. These energies galvanize the physical manPsychology1, 288:you know, is the expression of energies. These energies galvanize the physical man into activityPsychology1, 289:in the evolutionary process. First, the energies below the diaphragm have to be lifted up andPsychology1, 289:of creative expression. Through the union of the energies of these two centers we shall come toPsychology1, 289:is a true union of the higher and the lower energies, you will have the emergence of beauty inPsychology1, 289:behind the teaching of the fusion of the lower energies with the higher, and of this, physicalPsychology1, 289:more creative, for the transfusion of the energies is going on under the new impulses. As wePsychology1, 290:people today live below the diaphragm, and their energies are turned outward into the materialPsychology1, 290:coming centuries this will be corrected; their energies will be transmuted and purified, and menPsychology1, 291:the spiritual will, he automatically raises the energies of the centers in the body up to thePsychology1, 291:of the species. In the union of the lower energies with the higher, resulting in the creative work.Psychology1, 291:work. In the union within the head of the energies of the personality with those of the soul,Psychology1, 291:point where man is beginning to raise the lower energies into the higher centers, and it is thisPsychology1, 292:disaster. Some few, however, are raising their energies higher still and translating them intoPsychology1, 292:which will enable them to raise the lower energies into the higher centers, and to transfer thePsychology1, 325:learning how to adapt the forces of nature, the energies of the rays and the potencies of thePsychology1, 332:the rising sign, or the governing planets? The energies which astrologically affect a human beingPsychology1, 334:a ray combining two great cosmic principles and energies. It is the ray which governs thePsychology1, 341:a growing power to discriminate between energies and forces, a slowly developing sense of valuesPsychology1, 345:are adjusted and there is free interplay of energies and a straight aligned channel between thePsychology1, 350:therefore, and the beauty of the blended energies are at this time great, for so many rays arePsychology1, 363:are but the evidence of a custody of forces and energies, then the idea is constructive in itsPsychology1, 364:to the service of the race. Send forth those energies which will produce in some one or other ofPsychology1, 364:beneficent aspect. Call in and redistribute the energies which are present in all the forms in thePsychology1, 364:ray activity, plus the aid contributed by the energies released during the incoming Aquarian Age.Psychology1, 376:a certain rhythm, a definite materialization of energies, and a specific type of civilization whichPsychology1, 377:man knows little, the fusion of the three divine energies produced a second law. It should bePsychology1, 394:the tendency of the Jew to manipulate forces and energies, and to "pull strings" in order to bringPsychology1, 421:two rays of Power and Love are directing their energies to Vulcan and Jupiter, whilst Saturn'sPsychology2the words used, we are dealing with forces and energies. These, as they cyclically run their coursePsychology2course and play upon and intermingle with other energies and potencies, produce those forms inPsychology2, 4:the sum total of all the potencies and energies whose will is to create and to manifest. InPsychology2, 4:and to manifest. In dealing, however, with these energies and forces, it is impossible to expressPsychology2, 7:of uncontrolled forces and of disunited energies, which slowly and gradually become coordinated,Psychology2, 7:Man, the Solar Angel, is the sum total of those energies and forces which are unified, blended andPsychology2, 8:man. The solar angel is a dual combination of energies - the energy of love, and the energy of willPsychology2, 12:It is, secondly, the entering into man of those energies which are distinctive of the soul and ofPsychology2, 12:love and of spiritual will. These are dynamic energies, and they actuate all who are liberatedPsychology2, 13:and with the Plan. They are aware of forces and energies utterly unknown to the majority. TheirPsychology2, 13:possible, it indicates that two great groups of energies (those of the triple integrated [14]Psychology2, 17:light. Around him and in him and through him the energies of the two rays pour and conflict.Psychology2, 26:begins to organize and the focus of energies begins to shift gradually out of the lower centersPsychology2, 28:we see today is only the expression of Their energies in the processes of form-making and of thePsychology2, 30:to the dominance of one or other of the ray energies, but there will be - in the final stages - noPsychology2, 37:harmonizing all. Peace lies behind the warring energies.' " Ray Five "The Blessed One came forth inPsychology2, 42:It is the point of meeting for all the energies flowing through the higher spiritual triad and thePsychology2, 46:ages long, thus has he stood, the center of all energies from above and from below. WithPsychology2, 54:story of his response to, or repulse of, applied energies. The fact that the interplay betweenPsychology2, 55:subordinate the more superficial and obvious energies (which have worked their way through to thePsychology2, 66:aspirant. There they merge with the sum total of energies, using the three points referred to - thePsychology2, 66:by an act of the will, raises the accumulated energies at the base of the spine, he draws them intoPsychology2, 67:in our studies that the soul is a dual blend of energies - the energy of life and the energy ofPsychology2, 67:temporarily concerned. The merging of these two energies in the human mechanism produces what wePsychology2, 67:is, in its own nature, also a blend or fusion of energies - the energy of substance itself whichPsychology2, 68:in the case of man, two groups of major energies dominating, as a result of a long experience ofPsychology2, 68:Personality. Seeking to impose itself upon these energies and to subordinate them to higher and
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