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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGIES

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Psychology2, 68:energy-unit which we call the soul. Its two energies (mind and love, the latter being also a dualPsychology2, 68:seen, is anchored in the human heart. The four energies of the lower self - atomic energy, vitalPsychology2, 68:feeling energy and mental energy - plus the two energies of the soul, make the six energies used byPsychology2, 68:plus the two energies of the soul, make the six energies used by man in his life experience; butPsychology2, 69:therefore man is regarded as a sum total of five energies, and not of six energies. The human soulPsychology2, 69:as a sum total of five energies, and not of six energies. The human soul (in contradistinction toPsychology2, 69:by and subject to the control of the lower energies for the major part of its experience. Then,Psychology2, 69:of the objective of all aspirants. When the five energies are beginning to be used consciously andPsychology2, 69:two vibrating and magnetic units, or grouped energies, begin to swing into each other's field ofPsychology2, 69:that the soul, in its turn, is a union of two energies, plus the energy of spirit, of which thePsychology2, 70:intelligence in the form world. In these three energies we have the atma-buddhi-manas of thePsychology2, 70:Modernizing the concept, we might say that the energies which animate the physical body and thePsychology2, 70:to be blended with, and transmuted into, the energies which animate the soul. These are thePsychology2, 79:and the reverse stages, that we are dealing with energies. Occult students must increasingly thinkPsychology2, 79:think and work in terms of energy. These energies are spoken of esoterically as "having impulsivePsychology2, 85:expression upon the physical plane of certain energies and tendencies, inherent in the soul itself.Psychology2, 85:itself. These, in their turn, are governed by energies and laws which are of a nature differentPsychology2, 86:are so called because they are, in essence, the energies controlling group relations; the powers,Psychology2, 86:are all of them indications of the energies of soul life upon the physical plane, and within thePsychology2, 92:this fourth ray of conflict is the ray whose energies, rightly applied and understood, bring aboutPsychology2, 101:when greater knowledge has been gained of the energies determining the type of a man, a person, forPsychology2, 119:imposition upon the planetary rhythm of certain energies and impulses which emanate from that signPsychology2, 130:light into a distracted world, and release human energies in right directions. It is not herePsychology2, 171:great task the Follower, now a leader, bent his energies. He still pursues this way..." Psychology2, 184:between soul and soul. We live in an ocean of energies. We ourselves are congeries of energies, andPsychology2, 184:ocean of energies. We ourselves are congeries of energies, and all these energies are closelyPsychology2, 184:are congeries of energies, and all these energies are closely interrelated and constitute the onePsychology2, 188:points in the human family through which certain energies can flow out into the entire race of men.Psychology2, 188:can flow out into the entire race of men. These energies are ten in number. They are an experimentPsychology2, 191:of communication or intermediaries between the energies which constitute the forces which constructPsychology2, 194:of the past few decades, are all the result of energies that are so potent - owing to their immensePsychology2, 194:of stronger and more definitely directed energies. When the groups are functioning adequately andPsychology2, 194:This Law or Group Progress embodies one of the energies which have gradually been released over thePsychology2, 195:with these laws, we shall discover that the energies of the zodiacal signs have a specific effectPsychology2, 195:laws. This effect produces a blending of energies which is both balancing and, at the same time,Psychology2, 195:the same time, impelling. In December, 1935, the energies of Capricorn were augmented by thePsychology2, 215:therefore with the subtle activities of energies which, on the inner side, actuate the outerPsychology2, 216:with the factors already present in man, and the energies already in objective use on this planet.Psychology2, 220:go. We should be aware that there are forces and energies which are kept in abeyance as the resultPsychology2, 281:Avatars, for He carries in Himself not only the energies of the two divine principles, alreadyPsychology2, 284:impress, impel and motivate this group of four energies is the energy of the informing, indwellingPsychology2, 284:mind and emotion, or will and love. These six energies in their turn are animated or impelled byPsychology2, 284:the life of God Himself, thus making the seven energies now in manifestation. This is, of course,Psychology2, 285:The Spirit. The energy of life itself. These energies constitute the human being, a unit of energy.Psychology2, 285:the truth of the existence of this septenate of energies. I would reply as follows: 1. UnevolvedPsychology2, 286:energy, and the blended activity of the soul energies (buddhi-atma) produce the unfolding of thePsychology2, 287:activity - they attract upward the planetary energies and bring downward the energies of thePsychology2, 287:the planetary energies and bring downward the energies of the Spiritual Triad, the expression ofPsychology2, 293:of success through the play of the many energies upon and through any one single human mind. It isPsychology2, 293:It is not necessary here to elaborate upon the energies which create and form the emotional body,Psychology2, 294:seven centers in the etheric body, the seven ray energies make their appearance and produce theirPsychology2, 294:plus an understanding of the rays) what the energies are which are conditioning a patient, thenPsychology2, 294:have been dealing with the substance energies and with the instinctual life of the organism. ThesePsychology2, 294:These constitute the sum total of the available energies, organized into the form of the automaticPsychology2, 303:do two things: Correlate the idea of these ray energies with the modern teaching of exotericPsychology2, 3o8:of the so-called "three lunar Lords" (the triple energies of the integrated personality) comePsychology2, 315:the case may be - of soul energy, playing upon energies which have in them the quality ofPsychology2, 322:soul. This produces an integration of the three energies which constitute the threefold lower man.Psychology2, 322:the rhythm set up by the fusion of the lower energies (the astral and the mental) becomes dominant.Psychology2, 340:angle of force expression) a mass of conflicting energies and an active center of moving forcesPsychology2, 341:right arrangement, according to ray type, of the energies which are motivating and dynamicallyPsychology2, 365:of evolutionary development, in which low grade energies are active and the personality is neitherPsychology2, 365:and character. (Is such a phrase as "low grade energies" permissible? When all are divine? ItPsychology2, 376:now coming into manifestation and it brings new energies to man of so potent a nature that thePsychology2, 377:field of business, he cooperates with third ray energies and the executives of the Plan. In thePsychology2, 379:Physical and emotional sentient energy (2 energies therefore) are brought together and eventuallyPsychology2, 380:type of energy expression, and thus the five energies integrate, blend and fuse. These fivePsychology2, 380:energies integrate, blend and fuse. These five energies, when rightly related to each other,Psychology2, 380:of the ego or soul and the fusion of the two energies - soul and body - is then complete. [381] Psychology2, 381:and the furthering of the Plan. The egoic energies are only brought into play when needed for groupPsychology2, 382:The result is that the integration of the three energies is proceeding fast. At the same time, thePsychology2, 386:solar plexus center - a great clearing house for energies, and a great transmuting station, if IPsychology2, 390:The result of this inflow of supremely high energies is that the processes set in motion by thePsychology2, 394:rare thing to find) views the human body and its energies, so the disciple upon the later [395]Psychology2, 397:It is with these mysterious and slowly emerging energies that the man, ready for initiation, willPsychology2, 399:from the "central spiritual Sun", and these energies find their focal point through the medium ofPsychology2, 411:with a most complex aggregate of differentiated energies, through which or among which thePsychology2, 412:of attention shifts into the realm of the higher energies, and the soul factor becomes increasinglyPsychology2, 412:second point I seek to make is that these inner energies make their contact through the medium ofPsychology2, 415:intelligence. For the reception of these three energies, the triple lower nature has been preparedPsychology2, 425:as consisting of the interrelation of [425] many energies, their fusion and their balancing, plusPsychology2, 425:balancing, plus the final synthesis of two major energies, their fusion and their balancing, wePsychology2, 432:the other bodies. The soul and its triplicity of energies (life itself, expressing will or purpose,Psychology2, 442:the entire lower nature and have fused the energies of the personality. All the energies involvedPsychology2, 442:fused the energies of the personality. All the energies involved in this fusion have quality, andPsychology2, 442:hypothetical case, giving you the governing ray energies and reminding you that their fusion is thePsychology2, 442:Personality - Some Problems of Psychology Major Energies Egoic energy - Ray 1. The energy of willPsychology2, 443:energy of harmony through conflict. [443] Minor Energies Mental energy - Ray 3. The energy ofPsychology2, 443:complicated by the rapidly emerging fourth ray energies of the personality. This means that thePsychology2, 444:sought to show one thing: that the conflict of energies within a man can produce seriousPsychology2, 445:quality of his daily life. Which of these five energies is (at the time of the difficulty) the mostPsychology2, 445:or vehicle it is focused. Which of these ray energies is struggling against the imposed dominance,Psychology2, 445:energy within their own particular field. Higher energies which are endeavoring to control thePsychology2, 445:which are endeavoring to control the lower energies and therefore indicating a cleavage in thePsychology2, 445:fusion process itself, which unifies the lower energies into one functioning personality. ThePsychology2, 445:of the bridging process between the two major energies. This will result in the at-one-ment of soulPsychology2, 445:and in each of these fields of conflicting energies there are lesser centers of conflict. These arePsychology2, 446:a major or a minor crisis? What are the five ray energies conditioning the subject? How far doesPsychology2, 446:process, and leading thus to a fusion of energies? One of integration, requiring rightPsychology2, 465:to the world of soul activity. He has "let in" energies which are stronger than the forces of which
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