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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGIES

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Rays, 551:Intelligence The impact of the new incoming energies upon Humanity [552] will result from a plannedRays, 552:and of the teaching anent the raising of the energies from this lower center to the throat center.Rays, 552:creative reorganization and the newly directed energies which are engaging the attention of theRays, 553:[553] All this reorganization and redirection of energies is carried forward in the realm of theRays, 553:race of men" - those potencies and stimulating energies which produced that major destructiveRays, 553:agency, the world war (1914-1945). As these energies occultly "fell into the center," the effectRays, 554:to you the factual nature of the circulation of energies. All these happenings are part of aRays, 556:do so primarily from the standpoint of the ray energies, considering the subject from theRays, 557:or a scientific process whereby the septenate of energies which compose the sum total of all theRays, 557:is a method whereby the circulation of energies is furthered by the opening or the awakening ofRays, 557:fully prepared disciple utilizes the available energies (at the time of initiation) to bring aboutRays, 557:in a position to control certain related energies and enables him to become increasingly a trainedRays, 557:increasingly a trained manipulator of those energies; each initiation gives him understanding ofRays, 561:will energy with the developed and manifesting energies of intelligence and love. In the final raceRays, 562:and become the recipient of exceedingly active energies until he has proved that these energiesRays, 562:active energies until he has proved that these energies will not be "occultly retained" by him butRays, 562:now upon a somewhat close analysis of the energies of the seven rays and their effects upon theRays, 563:composed of and governed by one of the seven ray energies, so that a great and dynamic synthesis isRays, 563:is begun - is in reality a composite of five energies: The energy of the soul, in itself aRays, 563:of the soul, in itself a threefold energy. The energies of the personality which is of such aRays, 563:of such a potency (being a fusion of three ray energies) that it has evoked a ray which dominatesRays, 563:the term applied to this system of integrated energies is "soul-infused personality." The fusion isRays, 563:also be said that this system of integrated energies is (through the initiatory process) confrontedRays, 564:of integration - as follows: [564] Fusion of the energies of the soul-infused personality with theRays, 564:of the soul-infused personality with the triple energies of the Spiritual Triad. Fusion with theRays, 565:forward on the path of evolution by spiritual energies which from higher spheres invoke and evokeRays, 565:of progression is a streaming downward of the energies, producing effects in that which is thusRays, 568:of the Rays are the creating and sustaining energies which implement the Will of the planetaryRays, 568:forth into the three worlds, the impacting energies produce changes, disturbances, progress andRays, 569:These great initiations, implemented by the ray energies, must be registered in the physical brainRays, 572:take forms which will express the new incoming energies. Just as the period governed by the sixthRays, 575:"within the head" of the lower and higher energies in such a manner that "the Christ is born." ThisRays, 577:he must have some knowledge of those spiritual energies which will dissipate glamor, plus anRays, 577:to the higher realization is slowly dominated by energies which are to be released into theRays, 577:period is always one of great difficulty. The energies being registered, made active and finallyRays, 581:The sixth ray will bring together all these energies in time and space: ray energy, Piscean energy,Rays, 581:to humanity which is implementing the initiatory energies, which is crystallizing the ideologiesRays, 584:the Aquarian Age (with its potent purificatory energies and its quality of synthesis andRays, 584:the corporate relation and fusion of all these energies makes the manifestation of the Sons of GodRays, 585:the Major Initiations As we study the other ray energies and their initiatory effect, we shall notRays, 587:or in relation to the manifestation of energies about which I can tell you nothing. We shall dealRays, 587:radiation and the expression of his controlling energies - prior to this stage of unfoldment - isRays, 588:immense synthesis of ordered activity. The ray energies, utilizing the created form world and theRays, 588:It is into this world of active moving energies that the initiate penetrates and within which heRays, 592:because it receives all these impacts of varying energies, synthesizes them, produces order out ofRays, 593:mental plane; it is the relation of these major energies which makes the initiation of theRays, 602:We are here dealing with immutable law, for the energies of the various rays move under law;Rays, 629:interesting to note the unusual alignment of ray energies to be found at this time in the UnitedRays, 637:world today are submerged in an ocean of warring energies; the Principle of Conflict touches everyRays, 640:watched and possibilities are considered; the energies pouring into the human family are directedRays, 641:rays to each other, you will discover that the energies which made their impact upon the would-beRays, 645:man, thus [645] placing at his disposal the energies of the seven rays and of the twenty-oneRays, 645:the three divine aspects, or in the Trinity of Energies, is factually demonstrated. The first RayRays, 646:influence [646] and quality when related to the energies and the forces, is most difficult toRays, 666:way leads the aspirant into the world of energies and forces, which is the true world of occultRays, 669:working through the endocrine system; the energies which the centers channel and the forces whichRays, 670:reference to the sacral center and the energies which bring it into activity. When a properRays, 670:of all extremes, by the dedication of the bodily energies to the higher uses, and by the acceptanceRays, 671:as the transmutative process proceeds and the energies of the sacral center are gathered up intoRays, 672:the disciple who is engaged in lifting the energies of the sacral center to the throat center andRays, 672:see, therefore, that in the creative work three energies are brought into a related activity: TheRays, 673:the dual function of [673] "lifting up the lower energies into the light" and - at the same time -Rays, 673:at the same time - of "bringing down the higher energies into bodily expression." Thus he becomes aRays, 673:he sees, for the first time, what are the major energies which he must bring into expression, andRays, 673:difficulties, producing vortices of uncontrolled energies, glamor and delusion. Even though it mayRays, 677:At the close of the initiatory process certain energies and divine aspects should be recognized byRays, 677:a part in his thinking and his purposes - energies which heretofore (even if present) wereRays, 678:What has happened, technically speaking? The energies of the solar plexus center are beingRays, 678:the three major centers into which all the lower energies must transfer. At the first initiation heRays, 683:and produces glamor inevitably. The violent energies of the solar plexus center will eventually beRays, 683:in lifting both physical and emotional active energies from below the diaphragm into the heartRays, 688:you might expect, will constitute the emanating energies transmitted through the application of theRays, 689:begins consciously and creatively to direct the energies being made available to him, doing so viaRays, 689:and directed towards humanity as a whole. These energies are: [690] The energy of his own soul.Rays, 690:due to the magnitude of the great reservoir of energies; he is a recipient of the incoming energyRays, 691:is consciously undertaken (and there are certain energies of which the initiate is constantlyRays, 691:bases all action in relation to these entering energies on the ancient premise that "energy followsRays, 691:control and direct all the incoming divine energies. This is, in reality, the major hierarchicalRays, 691:evolutionary process proceeds, new and higher energies become available. This is particularly theRays, 698:phases, the initiate rejects control of the energies which are seated in the three centers belowRays, 698:left; they are simply pure receptacles for the energies of the three higher centers. The threeRays, 708:There you will find the inference that three energies are necessary for the initiate to employ ifRays, 708:or the initiation he faces, these same three energies will be brought into play. They are: TheRays, 708:he is affiliated. These are the three essential energies and without their synthesis in theRays, 709:same time, either helpful or a hindrance. To the energies which he has generated within himself theRays, 709:motive is likewise selfless. The second group of energies are those coming to the disciple from theRays, 710:world into the spiritual. These higher spiritual energies have hitherto been recognized by himRays, 711:Aspirant and the Major Initiations Three major energies begin to make an impact upon his lowerRays, 712:Themselves Who work at the center of these energies; the Hierarchy is a great reception point forRays, 712:with these dynamic, revealing and impulsive energies. These three energies focus through and areRays, 712:revealing and impulsive energies. These three energies focus through and are directed by the threeRays, 733:are known as "The Wise Ones and the Attractive Energies of Shamballa." I am of course endeavoringRays, 733:activity and the seven great creative ray energies are directed into action by Them under theRays, 734:readiness to function as destroying or building Energies in any part of our solar system and areRays, 734:but They work along the line of the seven ray energies in the solar system and produce certainRays, 738:work as reconstructive and regenerative Energies and forever - Serve. I sign myself, because it hasRays, 757:service of Humanity into one great Triangle of Energies; [758] this triangle will have two majorReappearance, 28:vortex of loving activity, the meeting place of energies coming from the center of the divine will,Reappearance, 40:the highest spiritual sphere and set in motion energies and forces which cannot now be stopped. TheReappearance, 44:of Days, the Father of all, plus the Creative Energies and Living Beings Who dwell there with Him,
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