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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGIES

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Telepathy, 154:however, may flow all or any of the possible energies - emotional, mental, egoic, manasic, buddhicTelepathy, 154:has reached. This always means that several energies are pouring through these tubes, unless theTelepathy, 154:one is dealing with a cleavage; these various energies are fused and blended together but findTelepathy, 156:At present, the etheric body is responsive to energies from: The physical world. These are notTelepathy, 157:opens the door to the higher cosmic etheric energies. The soul, the principle of individualism, theTelepathy, 161:therefore, what conditioning factors the various energies become when appropriated and used, andTelepathy, 161:substance, or rather the presence of certain energies in the etheric body of the personality, areTelepathy, 161:could be said that these seven great and living Energies are in their totality the etheric vehicleTelepathy, 162:coming from many different sources; these energies run through or along (both words are equallyTelepathy, 162:a network of tubes through which the transmitted energies can pour; here you have a case whereTelepathy, 162:are wholly inadequate and even misleading. These energies - according to their source, quality andTelepathy, 163:I have said earlier that the intersecting energies in the etheric body of the planet are at thisTelepathy, 164:formed by Sanat Kumara, and we call the three energies which circulate through its medium the threeTelepathy, 164:for the "squares" through which their energies at this time pass. Thus the work of transforming theTelepathy, 164:of the same process in the triangle of energies created by the relationship between the Monad, theTelepathy, 164:motion and ceaseless transformation, and the energies of which it is composed are in a state ofTelepathy, 164:has no reference whatsoever to the transmitted energies or to the various centers, except in so farTelepathy, 164:in so far that it becomes far easier for the energies to flow through the triangular formation ofTelepathy, 165:are in reality those "crossing points" of energies where the etheric body possesses seven trianglesTelepathy, 166:of the monadic life. [166] The related energies of the egoic lotus, conditioned by the soul. TheTelepathy, 167:with: The Point at the Center. Related Energies. Sphere of Radiation. The Triangle of Energy. TheTelepathy, 167:cosmic ethers, to which we give the names of the energies of the buddhic plane, the energies of theTelepathy, 167:names of the energies of the buddhic plane, the energies of the atmic plane, the energies of theTelepathy, 167:plane, the energies of the atmic plane, the energies of the monadic plane and the energies of theTelepathy, 167:plane, the energies of the monadic plane and the energies of the logoic plane. This statementTelepathy, 168:to the point of personal integration, then the energies of the highest, the etheric-atomic planeTelepathy, 168:place, then the possibility is present of the energies of the cosmic etheric planes bringing theTelepathy, 168:This interesting process of transference of energies is called by several names, such as "radiatoryTelepathy, 168:inadequate words what happens when the higher energies are substituted for the lower, when theTelepathy, 168:lower, when the magnetic "pull" of the spiritual energies draws upward and absorbs the lowerTelepathy, 168:energies draws upward and absorbs the lower energies which are concerned primarily with theTelepathy, 169:to the physical plane ethers as they transmit energies from the three worlds of human evolution,Telepathy, 170:the diaphragm, or upon the transference of the energies of these centers into their higherTelepathy, 170:has ever sought to use it. They are, however, energies which are dedicated to divine and not toTelepathy, 171:- The Centers and the Personality 2. The Related Energies. This expression has reference to whatTelepathy, 171:with these differentiations of the various energies I seek not here to deal; too much emphasis hasTelepathy, 171:persistent Eternal ONE, so the related energies or petals are indicative of the state ofTelepathy, 172:by the size, the color and the activity of the energies which compose the petals of the lotus;Telepathy, 172:has well nigh run his course, the energies are all fully developed, active and vibrant, and areTelepathy, 173:this knowledge indicates the number of the energies which are available for service, i.e., twoTelepathy, 173:which are available for service, i.e., two energies, twelve energies, sixteen energies, and soTelepathy, 173:for service, i.e., two energies, twelve energies, sixteen energies, and so forth. No attention hasTelepathy, 173:i.e., two energies, twelve energies, sixteen energies, and so forth. No attention has hitherto beenTelepathy, 174:out of Him" - He knew, therefore, that healing energies had poured through one of His centers to aTelepathy, 175:and the Personality 4. The Central Triangle of Energies. This central triangle indicatesTelepathy, 176:that it is intended, first of all, to carry the energies of the emotional and of the mental planeTelepathy, 176:that it is also intended to carry the threefold energies of the soul in the stage of consciouslyTelepathy, 176:is built, it is intended to carry the energies of the Monad in the stage of consciously expressedTelepathy, 177:manifestation is the manifestation of a sea of energies, some of which are built into forms, othersTelepathy, 177:This tangible substance is composed of living energies, vibrating in relation to each other, yetTelepathy, 178:this cosmic etheric area is the field of untold energies and the basis of all astrologicalTelepathy, 179:of many types of informing and penetrating energies, and it is also the field for the intelligentTelepathy, 179:- is related to all other forms and expressing energies in the environing space, and isTelepathy, 179:of non-recognition; it relays or transmits other energies, radiating from other forms, and it thusTelepathy, 181:point of life and is related to all surrounding energies; it has its own sphere of radiation or ofTelepathy, 181:every center has its central triangle of energies; one of these energies expresses the ensoulingTelepathy, 181:its central triangle of energies; one of these energies expresses the ensouling life of the form;Telepathy, 181:or non-responsiveness to the environing energies and the general nature of the informing life, plusTelepathy, 183:as a great lotus composed of many interweaving energies, located within the greater form of theTelepathy, 183:the Earth, is responsive to the many entering energies with which I dealt at some length in my bookTelepathy, 183:Vol. III.) At the heart of this vast sea of energies is to be found that cosmic Consciousness toTelepathy, 183:Center of Existence works through a triangle of energies or through lesser centers, each of whichTelepathy, 183:expression by one of the three major Rays or Energies. The Center which is created by the Ray ofTelepathy, 185:and controlling Triangle or central Triangle of Energies. In relation to Shamballa, this TriangleTelepathy, 185:of which this triangle of functioning embodied energies will emerge, is already in preparation. OneTelepathy, 186:entire energy form, with the central triangle of energies carrying the qualities of the three majorTelepathy, 187:nine points, ever revolving"; then the massed energies of the three major Centers will dominate theTelepathy, 188:through etheric means, wielding and controlling energies; the Human Center, with its "units ofTelepathy, 191:the diaphragm, gathering and transmuting their energies and transmitting "that which has beenTelepathy, 192:to the free distribution of the many circulating energies. The three periodical vehicles whichTelepathy, 192:throat centers) are the organs of reception for energies coming from the three planetary centers.Telepathy, 193:[193] The agent for the distribution of the energies received via the head, the heart and theTelepathy, 193:transmutation and transmission of the energies of all centers below the diaphragm is the solarTelepathy, 193:both for the reception and the distribution of energies, until such time as the heart center isTelepathy, 193:of in terms of circulating and freely moving energies, distributing themselves throughout theTelepathy, 194:members consciously. The distribution of energies from the Hierarchy constitutes a very interestingTelepathy, 194:impression upon the world. Its "impulsive energies" and its inciting forces are directed toward theTelepathy, 195:Ashram constitute a united channel for the new energies which are, at this time, entering theTelepathy, 195:are, at this time, entering the world; these energies pour dynamically through the Ashram out into
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