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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGIZED

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Atom, 79:and viewed the solar system as a cosmic atom, energized by the life of the Logos. We have,Atom, 80:atom, or man. [80] Thirdly, the planetary atom, energized by a planetary Logos, or the HeavenlyAtom, 91:his multiplicity of atoms, or lesser lives, energized and bound together into coherent forms. AtAtom, 144:another quality: love or wisdom, the whole being energized by a great central Will. We deducedDestiny, 73:that great capital through the soul of the city, energized by Virgo and, forget not, that Virgo isDiscipleship1, 23:and blended into groups of serving Minds, and energized by one Life. Its Members are organized toDiscipleship2, 122:centers but particularly is the throat center energized and actuated eventually by the sacralDiscipleship2, 373:These living forms of thought are then occultly energized and become centers of energy orEducation, 30:in its two sections. Their activities are energized by mind and not by desire, as in the earlierExternalisation, 206:The men and women of goodwill must not be energized into activity with the note of sacrifice. TheExternalisation, 692:atom within their various bodies is equally energized and aided. It is this fundamental processFire, 59:Electricity, substance of one polarity, and energized by one of the three aspects logoic. ToFire, 138:and when the matter of these vehicles is energized sufficiently by its own latent fires that he canFire, 228:of electric fire (Spirit) and fire by friction (energized matter) solar fire is produced. ThisFire, 285:hasty revelation) and another with that which is energized. Therefore it will be apparent thatFire, 289:or the conscious realization of place, and of energized activity within the ring-pass-not of theirFire, 294:the perfection of the form. The response of the energized form to the qualitative life is naturallyFire, 430:phenomena which we call matter, - of that energized active material we call substance, - to theFire, 596:all that is in the solar system is but substance energized from the cosmic mental and astralFire, 621:separated [621] from its originating source, yet energized by the vitality emanating from him. AllFire, 637:negative deva substance is influenced, built and energized. This is true of a solar Logos, aFire, 656:because his physical permanent atom is directly energized by them, being a part of their essentialFire, 659:solar Logos. The dense physical plane itself is energized via: The planetary etheric body. TheFire, 659:enters from cosmic levels. The astral plane is energized via: The buddhic plane, the fourth cosmicFire, 659:to the Heart of all Being. The mental plane is energized via: The atmic plane, the third cosmicFire, 678:and cyclically certain portions become more energized than others; the matter of the planes is thusFire, 681:with his lower mental body; these sheaths are energized by their force through the medium of theFire, 685:and thus swings into objectivity those Monads (energized by the life of the Heart) who form variousFire, 685:and the lower three planes are vibrating, or energized, then cosmic incarnation becomes aFire, 698:the self-consciousness aspect, all of which are energized and connected with the fifth spirilla ofFire, 701:all that is in the solar system is but substance energized from the cosmic mental and astralFire, 701:case we have deva substance of one polarity energized by another polarity with the goal in view ofFire, ...:out of Their Own substance, which is substance energized by the principle [712] of "I-ness," orFire, 712:here be revealed. The Manasadevas are themselves energized by force from the cosmic mental plane -Fire, 780:The lowest group are the negative aspect of energized substance and the matter of the threeFire, 787:of force with which any particular sheath is energized is appropriated. This brings the sheathFire, 788:Ego, are those in which the mental unit is re-energized into cyclic activity, and in which theFire, 789:erroneously term "dense substance." This type of energized substance is swept up in the vortex ofFire, 833:being the aggregate of the lower sheaths, are energized and used by the solar Lords. These solarFire, 849:Existences and through the medium of this energized substance each can get en rapport with each, noFire, 948:family, built by men everywhere during the ages, energized by the insane desires and evilFire, 957:necessitated form, and then, having built and energized the form, to "keep his eye upon it." ThisFire, 959:in its two sections. Their activities are energized by mind and not by desire, as in the earlierFire, 973:forms of the majority of human beings are energized from no such high source, but find their activeFire, 975:ever assumes a proper form, or is ever duly energized. They are consequently surrounded by a denseFire, 975:thought forms and clouds of partially energized matter in process of dissolution. This producesFire, 976:its place in the thought form, it has to be energized principally by mob energy. When the higherFire, 980:built by the power of His speech, and which is energized by His particular quality of love. WhenFire, 1008:is by means of that eye that the thought form is energized, directed and controlled and the lesserFire, 1019:thus produces a form), those Agnisuryans who are energized by any particular aspect of solar force.Fire, 1048:of atomic lives have pursued their courses, energized by the Life of the Monad, as it pulsatesFire, 1071:any conscious atom to pass out of one sphere of energized influence into another of a higherFire, 1117:for every form being simply an expression of energized life, tends to serve every other form.Fire, 1134:kingdom provides the negative force which when energized by the positive is seen as the mentalFire, 1138:is rajasic. Again, the three higher groups are energized by three streams of force which enterFire, 1138:permanent atom. The three lower groups are energized by energy entering by the three lowestFire, 1138:existence. The fourth group, the human, is energized by the force of the fourth spirilla, to whichFire, 1146:First, They themselves took bodies and thus energized certain of the higher forms of the animalFire, 1163:dense physical form and in the material which is energized during the involutionary cycle. It isFire, 1186:into its three aspects, and viewed as an Entity energized by three types of force, emanating fromFire, 1254:with planetary centers which are themselves energized from an analogous cosmic source. The adept onGlamour, 242:or etheric) is produced, created, motivated, energized and conditioned by certain energies andHealing, 83:sensitively the subtler worlds, and, when energized and controlled by the soul, the spiritualHealing, 198:state, other areas where they are highly energized but with their flow arrested because some centerHealing, 203:monad) and the basic center (the spiritually energized personality). These two centers will then beHealing, 206:diseased area; the allied gland is then doubly energized (or lessened, as the case may be andHealing, 211:or highest receptive aspect of the centers is energized. All the centers are thus brought into fullHealing, 211:channel for the circulation of that which the energized glands discharge. This is the esotericHealing, 223:centers below the diaphragm become peculiarly energized; the emotional demands enormously vitalizeHealing, 428:to the requirements and age of that soul. Energized that physical body through the medium of theHealing, 463:breathing apparatus. These will remain normally energized, even if somewhat weakened in theirHealing, 477:assumes the vague outline of the form that it energized, and this under the influence of theHealing, 609:of all the lunar lords and of the three types of energized substance which go to the creation ofHealing, 621:system, as an effect of correctly awakened and energized centers - made Him an expression of divineHealing, 622:of the soul, are correctly and scientifically energized and brought to a condition of trueHealing, 622:hold the body together and make it a coherent, energized and active whole. As you know, when deathHealing, 626:center has created, formed or precipitated and energized. The concept in the mind of the healerHealing, 629:conditioning humanity as a whole, which can be energized by the inflow of streams of energy,Healing, 647:an extent that his lower nature would be unduly energized - sometimes even to the point of death.Healing, 655:as greatly extended, in rapid motion, and energized by light from his own soul, but with all itsHealing, 656:of energy pouring straight down through the energized bodies of the patient's personality into theHealing, 657:center in that same locality becomes exceedingly energized. The work of the healer during thisInitiation, 177:which is concealed in material substance energized by Fohat. Secondly, by a man's efforts,Initiation, 198:powerful results in matter of some kind, being energized by two predominant factors, powerful will,Intellect, 58:driven into action by the desire nature and energized by the vital energy. As the race progresses,Magic, 20:around, correlated by the nervous system and energized by what we vaguely call his "life". In theseMagic, 431:souls of its members and the Great Ones, and is energized into activity by the need of humanityMagic, 478:and so forcefully, that the thought-forms thus energized and expedited acted inevitably like aMagic, 522:an effect upon each other. Matter, so-called, is energized or "lifted up" in the occult sense ofMagic, 530:is grasped with such accuracy and energized with such intent that the result is inescapable. ButMagic, 551:objective form, which is qualified by them, is energized by them and which fulfils the purpose ofPatanjali, 19:constructed within their own mental auras, energized by their will or desire [20] and arePatanjali, 192:that the etheric body becomes vitalized or energized by the new thought current and certainPatanjali, 309:of the relative localities in the body which are energized and affected by these centers. All thesePsychology1, 43:the fact [43] that the world of appearances is energized by and vibrating to the world of qualitiesPsychology1, 43:or values, which world, in its turn, is energized by or vibrating to the world of purpose or ofPsychology1, 80:names for this beneficent yet somewhat violently energized Lord of a ray are as follows: ThePsychology1, 318:when all of the seven will be coordinated and energized, at the end of the age. We might here makePsychology1, 415:kingdom provides the negative force which when energized by positive force becomes the mental unit.Psychology2, 66:powerfully vitalized, galvanized, and energized. The entire aura is coordinated and illumined, and
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