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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGIZING

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Rays, 166:about by the One, working through the Three, energizing the Seven and creating the straight lineRays, 185:essentially protective, separating and slightly energizing. In Atlantean days, the plane whereonRays, 231:advantage, therefore, of the opportunity for re-energizing that comes to all those who haveRays, 370:From Shamballa itself. This is a flow of energizing life or of what we might call "unfetteredRays, 376:this magnetic potency, this dynamic active and energizing will, which enables the Hierarchy to moveRays, 379:flow of energy or force into the great Ashram: Energizing life from Shamballa or what is calledRays, 473:apprehension of the truth and that consequent energizing which always comes when any abstract truthRays, 587:first Buddha of Activity. Each of these great energizing Lives works through certain Masters andReappearance, 16:in which to work, and one which no salvaging, energizing Son of God has ever before had to face.Soul, 28:to their special training. In the sphere of the energizing Self, of the spirit behind and beyond,Soul, 136:been called illumination: it brings about the energizing of the entire man and awakens the centersSoul, 139:plexus) to carry on their normal function of energizing the body automatically, so that theTelepathy, 50:of the technique to be applied to the energizing of the centers in the human body. I would remindTelepathy, 168:names, such as "radiatory substitution," "energizing at-one-ment," and "inspirational reflected
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