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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGY

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Astrology, 597:Ray II The energy of Love-Wisdom. This basic energy is the will to unify, to synthesize, to produceAstrology, 597:- Various Aspects of the Will Ray III The energy of Active Intelligence. This is the will ofAstrology, 598:Planets - Various Aspects of the Will Ray IV The energy of Harmony through Conflict. This isAstrology, 598:profits by such struggle. I am referring to the energy, inherent in all forms and peculiarly strongAstrology, 599:Planets - Various Aspects of the Will Ray V The energy of Concrete Science or Knowledge. ToAstrology, 599:which the third solar system is constructed. The energy of this ray is intelligence; it is the seedAstrology, 600:Planets - Various Aspects of the Will Ray VI The energy of Devotion or of Idealism. This is theAstrology, 600:It expresses God's desire and is the basic energy emanating from the cosmic astral plane. ItAstrology, 600:it is a basic statement of occult fact anent energy as it expresses itself through humanity in aAstrology, 601:Various Aspects of the Will Ray VII This is the energy of Ceremonial Order. It is an expression ofAstrology, 601:and right relationships. It is the driving energy which Being emanates as It appears and takes formAstrology, 601:meets the will towards full achievement and the energy of Being itself arrives - in time and spaceAstrology, 603:and eventually into our planetary life, the energy of the Will, in its planmaking, form-buildingAstrology, 611:to those involved in the inflow of first ray energy. The key to the whole process as far as theAstrology, 613:or effects of the activity of the ray energy and all can be best summed up in the thought of aAstrology, 621:first ray of power. This inpouring of first ray energy will be greatly accelerated from now on.Astrology, 621:that visualization is always a directing energy, employed to bring about a specific desired effect.Astrology, 621:resistance for the dissemination of first ray energy throughout our solar system. From the angle ofAstrology, 621:the difference between the relation of a ray energy to the triangle of constellations and the humanAstrology, 622:the dominating will aspect of Deity; it is the energy with which our planetary Logos isAstrology, 622:ray force. It is, however, with hierarchical energy that humanity is, at this time, preoccupied. InAstrology, 622:centers, Shamballa and Humanity. Anent this ray energy, the esotericists of the world know much andAstrology, 622:upon it. The two great exponents of this ray energy are the two best known world Teachers andAstrology, 623:relation and expressing first and second ray energy. The keynotes of illumination, of vision, ofAstrology, 628:- Uranus. In this divine expression of ray energy is to be found the key or clue to what isAstrology, 633:Dwelling Place of the Most High. Spirit. Life. Energy. Will. Identification. Ray II The Holy Place.Astrology, 640:in esoteric astrology and until the subject of energy, working through the etheric body, ofAstrology, 641:stage - an unrevealed secret." (C.F. 795) 8. Energy in the universe can be differentiated asAstrology, 641:9. "There must also be borne in mind the play of energy which emanates from any one of the twelveAstrology, 657:perfection achieved." (C.F. 990) "Great waves of energy sweep cyclically through the entire solarAstrology, 658:are to the solar system the source of electrical energy and, just as our sun is the embodiment ofAstrology, 658:ascertained." (699) "Three great waves of energy sweep cyclically through [659] the entire solarAstrology, 666:who attain primarily through handling sixth ray energy." (C.F. 899) "Neptune - Presides over andAstrology, 671:planet." (S.D. Vol. III, 459) "The pure energy of solar intelligence proceeds from the luminousAstrology, 671:our sun in the center of the heavens, that pure energy being the Logos of our system." (S.D. Vol.Astrology, 690:unit and as long as His will-to-be persists, the energy will continue to flow through. In the fifthAstrology, 694:these planetary schools are responsible for the energy flowing through the 'four castes' in allAtom, 18:substance; now it is looked upon as a center of energy, or electric force. From the evolution ofAtom, 21:move, and have our being"; this is the force, or energy, which the scientist recognizes; and thisAtom, 22:it as the result of an outside Deity pouring His energy and wisdom upon a waiting world, but ratherAtom, 23:and the endless play of one force or type of energy upon another. Atom, 24:to, studying them as The stage of atomic energy. The stage of group coherency. The stage of unifiedAtom, 24:I can make my meaning clear. The stage of atomic energy is largely that which concerns the materialAtom, 34:a phase of electrical phenomena, a center of energy, active through its own internal makeup, andAtom, 34:through its own internal makeup, and giving off energy or heat or radiation." Therefore, an atom isAtom, 34:to be composed of a positive nucleus of energy, surrounded - just as is the sun by the planets -Atom, 36:and can be expressed in terms of force or energy. When you have a center of energy or activity youAtom, 36:of force or energy. When you have a center of energy or activity you are involved in a dualAtom, 36:you have that which is the cause of movement or energy, and that which it energizes or actuates.Atom, 36:directly into the field of psychology, because energy or force is ever regarded as a quality, andAtom, 37:ether of space is that it is the medium in which energy or force functions, or makes itself felt.Atom, 37:felt. When we are talking in these lectures of energy and force, and of matter and substance, weAtom, 37:them in our minds thus: When we speak about energy and substance we are considering that which isAtom, 38:- The Evolution of Substance When we speak of energy there must be that which energizes, that whichAtom, 38:which energizes, that which is the source of energy and the origin of that force which demonstratesAtom, 38:I seek to lay the emphasis. Whence comes this energy, and what is it? Scientists are recognizingAtom, 38:as we know, the atom is spoken of as possessing energy, and the power to change from one mode ofAtom, 41:you take these different qualities of the atom - energy, intelligence, ability to select andAtom, 42:of the atom as a positive demonstration of energy, holding within its range of activity its polarAtom, 42:body; he shows discrimination, intelligence, and energy. The difference lies but in degree. He isAtom, 43:system, the sun, you have the positive center of energy, holding the planets within its sphere ofAtom, 43:the scientist with equal reverence would say, Energy; yet they would both mean the same. Where theAtom, 46:of the atom itself, and its internal atomic energy; and the second is its interaction with otherAtom, 47:all human atoms to the center of life or energy within themselves, and teaching them that from andAtom, 48:physical body and the wise adaptation of all our energy to the work to be done, and to the [49]Atom, 49:people will study the right methods of utilizing energy. Disease through ignorance will no longerAtom, 49:find our place within the group, and direct our energy to the benefiting of the group, and not, asAtom, 56:[56] universal Mind, that vibrant center of energy, and that great enfolding consciousness Whom weAtom, 59:form is its directing impulse, the source of its energy, the origin of its activity, and that whichAtom, 59:our lecture, man can be defined as that central energy, life, or intelligence, who works through aAtom, 63:we call human, and sweeps into the path of its energy the tiny life which functions through an atomAtom, 78:was that it was in reality a unit of force or energy consisting of a positive charge of electricityAtom, 80:proven that man is equally a life or center of energy, manifesting through his bodies; then it canAtom, 80:of expression of a still greater center of energy, and further, under the law of analogy, it mayAtom, 84:the primordial stuff, essentially intelligent energy; next, atomic matter, in all its varyingAtom, 87:three stages could be seen, - that of atomic energy, of group coherence, and of eventual synthesis,Atom, 97:of the Deity, and of the central Force or energy of the solar system, manifesting under the aspectAtom, 104:the evolution of the [104] atom, that of atomic energy and of group coherence. In the world atAtom, 116:daily effort that we make, swells the tide of energy which will sweep us to the portal ofAtom, 120:as are inferred when we speak about "centers of energy," "negative and positive force," andAtom, 120:to express ourselves in terms of quality or of energy. If we succeed at all in accounting for thatAtom, 128:that we should have purpose or will, love, and energy coordinated. That is not so as yet. We haveAtom, 128:That is not so as yet. We have much intelligent energy continuously displayed now, but it is veryAtom, 131:probable that before long we shall harness the energy of atomic matter for every conceivableAtom, 131:to be trusted with the distribution of atomic energy. That discovery will probably parallel theAtom, 131:strides in the comprehension of atomic energy. Then paralleling the evolution of the human beingAtom, 146:for [146] instance, speaks of force, or energy, and the Christian speaks of God, and the Hindu usesAtom, 146:substance are attracted by a greater charge of energy, or positive electrical force (if you like toAtom, 149:life remains, but they put the whole force and energy which flows through them not into the workingAtom, 149:we are consciously active, and throwing all our energy into the working out of group plans, then weAtom, 150:means of lesser centers or groups, passing their energy on down through [151] groups of human atomsAtom, 153:be found. The life subjective may be one; the energy flowing between them may be one; but in theAtom, 155:source of wisdom, and that the influence or the energy of love emanates from there. Then they sayAtom, 156:aspect of the solar system, and their energy that which animates all matter, they may perhaps [157]Atom, 157:our solar system. Perhaps these two types of energy, one from the Pleiades and the other from theAtom, 157:of the subjective life, and connect it with energy, quality, or force, we are liable to stumbleAutobiography, 116:I was capable of a much greater expenditure of energy than I believed. The wisdom and profoundAutobiography, 213:physical plane relating substance and matter, energy and force in order to create forms throughAutobiography, 220:life on board with three girls full of life and energy slightly exhausting. Keeping track of themAutobiography, 278:as a man; he then learns to bring in a higher energy, that of the soul, to control these forces. He
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