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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGY

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Autobiography, 293:encouraged to carry their spiritual knowledge, energy and understanding into the affairs ofAutobiography, 298:be thought of as a center of living spiritual energy in the group life of the Hierarchy.) As theAutobiography, 300:available for its purpose all of the ashramic energy that the individual disciple is able to carry.Bethlehem, 28:into the interior world of true fact and right energy. It is a world in which only the spiritualBethlehem, 81:effort. It means initiative, the expenditure of energy, the overcoming of inertia, and the will toBethlehem, 90:and the revealer of a cosmic principle or energy lies behind all He did; it was the basis and theBethlehem, 96:and portrayed the effectiveness of that divine energy which enabled Him to say in truth, "I, if IBethlehem, 118:is nothing visible or invisible which is not energy, and that every form is simply an aggregate ofBethlehem, 118:and that every form is simply an aggregate of energy units in constant ceaseless motion, to whichBethlehem, 121:as Christ became, living centers of radiant energy for the service of the world. Probably what mayBethlehem, 132:shown us the way. He had to transmit the great energy of the Love of God. Perfected, serving andBethlehem, 155:there is a simultaneous precipitation of energy, and life is forever after different. That whichDestinythe following seven names will be used: The energy of Will, Purpose or Power, called in ChristianDestinyPurpose or Power, called in Christian lands the energy of the Will of God. The energy ofDestinylands the energy of the Will of God. The energy of Love-Wisdom, called frequently the Love of God.Destinycalled frequently the Love of God. The energy of Active Intelligence, called the Mind of God. TheDestinyActive Intelligence, called the Mind of God. The energy of Harmony through Conflict, affectingDestinyaffecting greatly the human family. The energy of Concrete Knowledge or Science, so potent at thisDestinyor Science, so potent at this time. The energy of Devotion or Idealism, producing the currentDestiny, 4:producing the current ideologies. [4] The energy of Ceremonial Order, producing the new forms ofDestiny, 5:the following energies manifesting: The energy of idealism, of devotion or of devoted attention,Destiny, 5:attention, embodied in the sixth ray. The energy whose major function it is to produce order,Destiny, 5:- the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Ritual. The energy of the second ray, which is always basically [6]Destiny, 6:and of rebuilding is naturally committed. The energy of intelligence, actively displayed inDestiny, 6:it stands will be known and seen. This is the energy of the third Ray of Active Intelligence,Destiny, 6:working towards the manifestation of beauty. The energy of the will aspect of divinity. This hasDestiny, 6:in volume and potency until today this great energy is making its presence unmistakably felt. I amDestiny, 10:connect up the three major planetary centers of energy with the five rays which are today workingDestiny, 10:the race at this time. Three of these streams of energy are working powerfully in the world at thisDestiny, 13:in the history of mankind has this Shamballa energy made its appearance and caused its presence toDestiny, 13:Material Expression." This little known divine energy now streams out from the Holy Center. ItDestiny, 13:from the Holy Center. It embodies in itself the energy which lies behind the world crisis of theDestiny, 13:Today This particular and somewhat unusual ray energy is [14] expressing itself in two ways.Destiny, 14:as illustration of the effect of first ray energy in the animal kingdom, as expressed through humanDestiny, 14:in which humanity itself is affected by this ray energy, as it expresses itself in a twofoldDestiny, 14:and are sensitive to the impact of the will energy of Deity. According to their type of personalityDestiny, 14:He works out His plans of world unfoldment. The energy of the will of God works through them,Destiny, 16:I wish to remind you that I use the word "energy" in reference to the spiritual expression of anyDestiny, 16:to denote the use which men make of spiritual energy as they seek to employ it and usually, as yet,Destiny, 16:negligible moment, made good use of first ray energy, and only the testimony of future historicalDestiny, 16:and hated. They may and often do misuse the energy available but they also use it constructivelyDestiny, 17:would also remind you that the use of first ray energy inevitably means destruction in the earlyDestiny, 17:from this angle, you will see this Shamballa energy of will working out potently through the agencyDestiny, 17:love of humanity, is sending forth this dynamic energy. It is form destroying and brings death toDestiny, 17:of the coming civilization. From this display of energy, unthinking humanity draws back in fear andDestiny, 17:self-will, human beings seek often to turn this energy to their own selfish ends. If human beingsDestiny, 17:of the loved, but slowly decaying forms. The energy of Shamballa is, however, so new and so strangeDestiny, 18:by the Will of God. Second: The next great energy which is making its potent contribution to theDestiny, 18:second Ray of Love Wisdom, Christ's ray. This energy is poured into the world through the secondDestiny, 18:center which we call The Hierarchy. The energy which is concentrated in this center and which isDestiny, 18:of its major cyclic Approaches to humanity. The energy flowing through the Hierarchy at this time -Destiny, 18:flowing through the Hierarchy at this time - the energy of love - is seeking to blend with thatDestiny, 18:and rehabilitating forces of the second ray energy. The Shamballa energy prepares the way for theDestiny, 18:forces of the second ray energy. The Shamballa energy prepares the way for the energy of theDestiny, 18:The Shamballa energy prepares the way for the energy of the Hierarchy. Thus it has been from theDestiny, 19:it. Hitherto it has been too dangerous an energy to apply to mankind, for the results have workedDestiny, 20:Love is a great unifier and interpreter. This energy of love is primarily concentrated (forDestiny, 21:The Influence of the Rays Today Third: the major energy upon which we shall touch here is that ofDestiny, 24:centers and from them emanate three types of energy which are taking form as the three governingDestiny, 26:you, all that is occurring is an evidence of energy and is expressive of force. That is the factorDestiny, 26:centers. It remains for us now to consider the energy of the two minor rays, the sixth and theDestiny, 29:that one of the major objectives of seventh ray energy is to bring [30] together and to relateDestiny, 30:The result of the increasing flow of seventh ray energy plus the decreasing influence of the sixthDestiny, 33:and humanity, subjected to two types or forms of energy, is thrown "off center" and hence theDestiny, 33:this is not only the impact of the two types of energy, beating upon the forms of life with equalDestiny, 33:of life with equal force, but also that the energy of humanity itself (which is a combination ofDestiny, 33:the conflict. To this, must also be added the energy of the animal kingdom (again a combination ofDestiny, 35:conflict, the great and fundamental law that "energy follows thought" always holds good, and one ofDestiny, 43:in nature cannot yet stand pure first ray energy; hence also the keen interest in the life afterDestiny, 46:spite of these facts, the higher and more living energy of the seventh ray is the most active atDestiny, 53:due to her first ray personality; her fourth ray energy was responsible for her effort toDestiny, 53:were inevitably the transmitters of first ray energy. It is for this reason that Great Britain canDestiny, 54:of the wisdom aspect of this second ray energy for the Aryan race; the United States will fulfilDestiny, 56:side and emerge out of the personality rays or energy of the nations concerned. The Ray of Love orDestiny, 58:processes. If, for instance, the energy of the fifth ray, which is the soul ray of the FrenchDestiny, 70:in casting the individual horoscope, but upon energy effects, coming direct from the signsDestiny, 70:again conditioned by the interplay between the energy of the rays which govern the soul or theDestiny, 72:and this, working in conjunction with the energy of the fifth zodiacal sign, Leo, has given theDestiny, 74:Therefore, the following signs (cosmic energy) and planets transmitting solar and cosmic energies,Destiny, 85:happiness of the world is assured if the soul energy of both these countries controls, andDestiny, 91:when the Moon veils Vulcan or transmits the energy of the fourth ray direct. Uranus is the mediumDestiny, 92:greater part of Asia. Later, two more points for energy will be added to these but the time is notDestiny, 92:places and the areas in their neighborhood the energy of five rays pours forth, conditioning theDestiny, 92:of events. These five points of conditioning energy (in spite of the [93] fact that the energyDestiny, 93:energy (in spite of the [93] fact that the energy pouring through Darjeeling has not yet reachedDestiny, 93:are two centers through which pure spiritual energy can be directed with more facility than throughDestiny, 93:they form the five centers of "impelling energy" today. It may interest you also to know theDestiny, 93:to a certain extent, unavoidable. The use of the energy may be along wrong lines, producingDestiny, 94:to eventual harmony and understanding; but the energy is there and must make its effects felt. AsDestiny, 94:life, as the results of the play of soul energy upon the form aspect, one or other of the rays willDestiny, 94:is spiritually oriented, the result of the energy impact will be good and will lead towards theDestiny, 94:of Divinity Itself. The inpouring soul energy can be slowed down or speeded on its way according toDestiny, 94:entire question of the planetary centers and the energy which they release is naturally of greatDestiny, 94:subject of the centers through which spiritual energy is today flowing, but it must be rememberedDestiny, 96:been made, these five focal points of spiritual energy, are being abnormally and deliberatelyDestiny, 96:and deliberately stimulated and vitalized. The energy which flows from them is profoundly affectingDestiny, 96:possibility for the world, once the flow of its energy is less obstructed. It has produced theDestiny, 97:because of the cooperation of mankind, the energy expressing itself through this powerful empireDestiny, 99:is responding to the call of the first ray energy and hence all the present unhappy attitudes andDestiny, 100:constructive good can eventuate. He can misuse energy or employ it for soul ends. So it is with
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