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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGY

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Discipleship1, 80:his individual share and his special quota of energy to the sumtotal of available etheric energyDiscipleship1, 80:of energy to the sumtotal of available etheric energy and doing this both consciously andDiscipleship1, 81:[81] and is a true occultist - working with energy under hierarchical guidance. 4. The individualDiscipleship1, 82:same time to avoid too great an expenditure of energy in service and too intense an effort to be ofDiscipleship1, 85:Ray of Devotion and Idealism dominant in their energy equipment, for the ideals of a sixth rayDiscipleship1, 87:center can stream, in reality, those lines of energy which link and bind together. It was for thisDiscipleship1, 88:and the widespread fear and terror for which the energy of the Black Lodge of Adepts isDiscipleship1, 89:creative powers of the imagination, plus mental energy, as a measure to further the ends of theDiscipleship1, 89:in the demonstration of the occult law that "energy follows thought." This, of course, everyoneDiscipleship1, 89:which is the first step towards the direction of energy. The visualizing of pictures is intended toDiscipleship1, 90:- by the power of visualization. At that point, energy is gathered by the disciple and thenDiscipleship1, 90:by Deity Itself: The gathering of qualified energy within a ring-pass-not. The focusing of thisDiscipleship1, 90:within a ring-pass-not. The focusing of this energy under the power of intention, i.e., at a pointDiscipleship1, 90:in the neighborhood of the pineal gland. The energy is now focused and not diffused. The dispatchDiscipleship1, 90:and not diffused. The dispatch of this focused energy by means of a pictorial process (not by anDiscipleship1, 90:centers in a certain order. This process of energy direction can become a spiritual habit ifDiscipleship1, 90:the technique. The stages are: A process of energy gathering. A process of focalization. A processDiscipleship1, 90:do this within himself and later to direct the energy (some chosen and particular kind, accordingDiscipleship1, 91:through the ability to visualize and the thought energy of the mind gives life and direction toDiscipleship1, 91:embodies purpose. Thereby a rapport or line of energy is constructed between the mind and theDiscipleship1, 91:astral vehicle and it becomes a triple line of energy when the soul of the disciple is utilizingDiscipleship1, 93:when God made the worlds, and much concerning energy and the development of the centers (laya-yoga,Discipleship1, 94:resources can be made. Secondly, the nature of energy and its wise utilization through the mediumDiscipleship1, 97:techniques of psychological relationships and of energy distribution and may have dedicated someDiscipleship1, 98:and becomes a "steadily approaching point of energy," then he becomes an accepted disciple. Some inDiscipleship1, 99:(though many disciples have) seek to force that energy of inspiration to work out in an effectiveDiscipleship1, 100:find those who are dependable points of living energy and through them pour out the love, theDiscipleship1, 114:the solar plexus center. At the same time, the energy pouring through those centers can beDiscipleship1, 114:is no large physical organism to carry off the energy contacted; the etheric web is, therefore, inDiscipleship1, 120:body in your case is governed by fifth ray energy. This is a pronounced condition and constitutesDiscipleship1, 121:Again you see the dominance of this type of energy in your equipment of expression. Your rays are,Discipleship1, 124:that your years of devotion, your personality energy and your astral force (a strong combination,Discipleship1, 126:circumstances are correct and justified. This energy and force are reinforced also by theDiscipleship1, 126:problem? I will put it in this form. Your egoic energy, focused in your mind, is at the service ofDiscipleship1, 126:mind and sensitive brain. Ponder on this. The energy of the intelligence and two intelligent forcesDiscipleship1, 126:problem. What you need to do is to focus the energy of your soul in your sixth ray astral bodyDiscipleship1, 127:a period of real difficulty. t will transfer the energy of the soul and the force of the mind intoDiscipleship1, 133:I will, however, indicate the three rays of energy which constitute your personality. As youDiscipleship1, 134:a needed balancing. I would add that Your soul energy seeks expression through the vital body. YourDiscipleship1, 147:your time and strength and of your thought and energy - from the standpoint of the Hierarchy and ofDiscipleship1, 149:greater effort possible with less expenditure of energy and of vitality and, therefore, lessDiscipleship1, 154:in the Plan and not consumers of your energy. Go through the lists of those you have sought to helpDiscipleship1, 155:balancing of energies. You have no third ray energy in you at all (the energy of the ray of theDiscipleship1, 155:You have no third ray energy in you at all (the energy of the ray of the intellect) and this inDiscipleship1, 155:the soul and of the personality, add to them the energy of the [156] heart center and then learnDiscipleship1, 157:where you are concerned and the bringing in of energy to your physical body through itsDiscipleship1, 157:contemplative endurance. The conservation of energy is wise, yet you have untold reserves uponDiscipleship1, 157:stage of ascent but visualizing the inflow of energy to the centers in the etheric body and theDiscipleship1, 163:elements of life and power which embody the energy of the three aspects of divinity. It mustDiscipleship1, 163:through which the other four types of divine energy may express themselves. This may be provided byDiscipleship1, 163:their purity and consecration, carry any type of energy which the Hierarchy may choose to projectDiscipleship1, 168:are colored and motivated by seventh ray energy. So it is with all the rays upon which a physicalDiscipleship1, 171:connection with your bodily forces and your soul energy, I would call your attention to the factDiscipleship1, 171:call your attention to the fact that your soul energy is focused in your physical equipment, thusDiscipleship1, 171:physical equipment, thus bringing together the energy of your soul and the force of your seventhDiscipleship1, 171:understood and utilized. Your personality energy (which is of the second ray) is focused in yourDiscipleship1, 172:that work the ideal of ritual, of rhythm and of energy distribution, you will evoke a syntheticDiscipleship1, 172:with all the other phases by lines of fiery energy, thus bringing all parts of it into one whole.Discipleship1, 172:sidetracked when doing this. Use the building energy of your second ray personality and the seventhDiscipleship1, 172:your second ray personality and the seventh ray energy of your brain, because through your brain,Discipleship1, 172:because through your brain, your first ray soul energy is expressing itself. You do not hereDiscipleship1, 172:work as a soul. You work with as much soul energy as can express itself at any given time throughDiscipleship1, 172:through your brain. If you worked with pure soul energy and from soul levels, you would bring inDiscipleship1, 172:The alignment of all personality forces with the energy of the personality, focused in the mindDiscipleship1, 178:These two lines [178] are the five lines of energy which compose the teacher's equipment and thoseDiscipleship1, 179:from the soul. In your case, this sixth ray energy shows itself predominantly as devotion to dutyDiscipleship1, 192:to do two things: First of all, concentrate your energy each day and do not dissipate it in so manyDiscipleship1, 192:unrelated activities. A wise conservation of energy and the elimination of non-essential activityDiscipleship1, 192:The work of watching each day your use of energy, and your meditation practice in alignment willDiscipleship1, 203:a path of light to him along which the healing energy can flow. Your last instructions are full ofDiscipleship1, 205:of the modifications of the first ray line of energy. You have none of the forces of the third,Discipleship1, 209:are conditioned by the quality of the energy pouring through the etheric body. I have given to eachDiscipleship1, 209:in itself is responsive to certain sources of energy - these may be one or other of the personalityDiscipleship1, 213:say the following invocation: "May the energy of the divine Self inspire me and the light of theDiscipleship1, 214:of his Ashram is the integrating, cohesive energy. You can serve in this way with this group ofDiscipleship1, 216:and in this wise detachment your first ray energy can aid. From the angle of the mind, this soulDiscipleship1, 216:force. Teaching is an expression of second ray energy. This combination of idealism and of teachingDiscipleship1, 217:expresses itself in loving, magnetic, coherent energy must pour to all of this group through you;Discipleship1, 219:an interlude of intense difficulty and of energy disruption, accompanied oft with loss ofDiscipleship1, 219:to be found in the transference of the psychical energy you wield from the solar plexus center toDiscipleship1, 220:ever been conscious. But the shift of your soul energy on to the second ray will now mostDiscipleship1, 221:physical body are all governed by your first ray energy and this presents a very real problemDiscipleship1, 221:your soul ray. Owing to the fact that first ray energy in your case is focused in your personalityDiscipleship1, 222:been the clearing-house for all this first ray energy; this will account to you for much of yourDiscipleship1, 222:ways in which you can rightly use the first ray energy, predominantly yours, is by forcing mentalDiscipleship1, 223:body is not the recipient of too much first ray energy but protect it from that inflow by an activeDiscipleship1, 226:of you a useful focal point for the Master's energy in the place where you have chosen to serve.Discipleship1, 227:as a channel, among the many channels, for the energy of the spiritual Hierarchy, focused for youDiscipleship1, 228:of God." Imagine, as you do this, that the energy of love is pouring through the web of light,Discipleship1, 231:- they can act as focal points for spiritual energy, breaking up that which hinders and pouring aDiscipleship1, 236:a one-pointedness which has led to a focusing of energy in the head. This has been intensifiedDiscipleship1, 236:ray which is still with us. When the first ray energy of the soul pours in and blends itself withDiscipleship1, 236:carries more force than it can handle. That energy is also unevenly distributed and goes primarilyDiscipleship1, 238:thought-form and the effect of the astral energy has been to increase the emotional devotion andDiscipleship1, 239:In connection with the meditation work and the energy you gather, will you remember that this willDiscipleship1, 247:activity which sees the above moving of energy in an ordered rhythm and which visualizes it asDiscipleship1, 247:objectives. The objectives are to organize the energy body and so order the forces of the body thatDiscipleship1, 248:in the love aspect of your nature, the energy which flows through the heart center and endeavor toDiscipleship1, 248:himself thinks is love. It was the second ray energy [249] of love which, in the case of Christ,Discipleship1, 252:The breaking of the influence of sixth ray energy, as it expresses itself in your personality life,
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