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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGY

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Discipleship2, 371:I say that they are the points through which the energy of a planetary center is directed in theDiscipleship2, 371:are those which, in this cycle, disperse the energy - generated by the Hierarchy, under theDiscipleship2, 372:- Part VIII The First Point of Revelation: Energy follows thought and the eye directs the energy.Discipleship2, 372:Energy follows thought and the eye directs the energy. We are not dealing here with the simpleDiscipleship2, 372:the simple statement that thought power is an energy and that the process of thinking generatesDiscipleship2, 372:process of thinking generates automatically an energy which produces objective forms, inducesDiscipleship2, 373:imagined. In connection with the aphorism that energy follows thought, I would have you relate thisDiscipleship2, 373:then occultly energized and become centers of energy or reservoirs of energy, with the originalDiscipleship2, 373:and become centers of energy or reservoirs of energy, with the original thought-form as theDiscipleship2, 373:center. These thought-forms and this generated energy are held steady within the aura of the MasterDiscipleship2, 373:aura of the Master or of a group of Masters. The energy is then projected on to a particular planeDiscipleship2, 374:the information that the "eye directs the energy" is sure and far more easily understood. From theDiscipleship2, 374:the Technique of Impression, the generating of energy, and the use of the ajna center. Many areDiscipleship2, 374:to impression, but fail to recognize or use the energy of which the impression is simply theDiscipleship2, 374:is simply the forerunner; others respond to the energy, but fail to register the Plan which it isDiscipleship2, 374:Plan which it is intended to implement, and the energy then leads to great but fruitless activity.Discipleship2, 374:third eye, the directing agent of the received energy. It must be carefully borne in mind that theDiscipleship2, 374:It must be carefully borne in mind that the energy to be used is not the energy which the discipleDiscipleship2, 374:in mind that the energy to be used is not the energy which the disciple himself generates or hisDiscipleship2, 374:techniques of differentiating between: His own energy or energies, which have been generated [375]Discipleship2, 375:experiences down the ages or centuries. His ray energy which, rightly used, conditions his workDiscipleship2, 375:his work with and for the Hierarchy. The energy of the ashram of which he may avail himself in theDiscipleship2, 375:In the early stages he calls this the energy of his Master, but learns later that it is - inDiscipleship2, 375:but learns later that it is - in reality - the energy generated by his Master's group, the ashram.Discipleship2, 375:by his Master's group, the ashram. Hierarchical energy or the energy of certain associated ashramsDiscipleship2, 375:group, the ashram. Hierarchical energy or the energy of certain associated ashrams or of the entireDiscipleship2, 375:The use of this highly qualified and most potent energy can only be employed when the disciple hasDiscipleship2, 375:be trusted to use the potencies correctly. The energy of the Head of the Hierarchy, or the ChristDiscipleship2, 375:The number of those who can work with the energy of thought is now very great, because so manyDiscipleship2, 376:of impression, thought-form construction, and energy direction will be mastered by them, and theDiscipleship2, 376:first contact of the initiated disciple with the energy emanating from Shamballa and transmitted toDiscipleship2, 378:the Spiritual Triad and the Personality. The energy then to be used is entirely related to the WillDiscipleship2, 378:spiritual Will; it adds its quota of destroying energy to the task of destruction with which theDiscipleship2, 378:determination or fixed intention, but is a fluid energy which can be directed toward the plane ofDiscipleship2, 379:use of the three triadal expressions of energy which makes the work of the world servers effective.Discipleship2, 380:refuse to recognize that the releasing of the energy confined and imprisoned upon the astral plane,Discipleship2, 384:of the two Initiators. The inflow of dynamic energy which comes to him through the application ofDiscipleship2, 396:in time and space from whence motivating energy and illumining love can make an impact upon theDiscipleship2, 399:temporarily suspended from its task of directing energy upon the physical plane and then becomes aDiscipleship2, 401:the following words: "Purpose itself is only an energy, released within the Council Chamber atDiscipleship2, 402:carried forward under the "Law of Assembly." The energy which is employed and with which theDiscipleship2, 405:Law of Assembly [405] produces the Science of Energy which is the redemptive process (in a senseDiscipleship2, 405:manifestation. The agent of this process is the energy of the intuition or the energy of pureDiscipleship2, 405:process is the energy of the intuition or the energy of pure reason. This is the mental qualityDiscipleship2, 405:in the work of assembling energies. This energy is perceptive of the stage of redemption attainedDiscipleship2, 413:who could be attracted by triadal expression and energy, and who were not entirely interested inDiscipleship2, 414:the light of the soul, which is the pure [414] energy of love, can be turned upon all life andDiscipleship2, 419:the hierarchical center, into that center of energy which we call the Hierarchy; from that point ofDiscipleship2, 419:we call the race of men, Humanity, in which the energy of intelligence is focused and criticallyDiscipleship2, 422:Law of Attraction which carries and wields the energy of love and - though the Law of Economy isDiscipleship2, 424:human comprehension; this is the law that "energy follows thought" and that "the eye directs thatDiscipleship2, 424:follows thought" and that "the eye directs that energy." Mankind has reached the stage whereDiscipleship2, 424:possible: The formulation of this law related to energy coincided with modern scientific discovery,Discipleship2, 424:that everything that exists is essentially energy in some form or another. The enormous number ofDiscipleship2, 425:which will give you understanding. When the energy of the light of all the rays can expressDiscipleship2, 426:Logos is taking a cosmic initiation; the energy which produces order and which magically bringsDiscipleship2, 426:magically brings spirit and matter together (the energy of the seventh ray) is already organizingDiscipleship2, 432:is himself a polarized point of precipitated energy; every initiate works from a known point ofDiscipleship2, 432:and his main task is the precipitation of energy in order to energize, stimulate and create thatDiscipleship2, 432:to the initiate. He becomes a part of a great energy distributing group. You will realize,Discipleship2, 434:have oft been told, it all concerns the use of energy, and covers the entire period of training forDiscipleship2, 434:and covers the entire period of training for energy distribution. Initiation is in fact a processDiscipleship2, 434:wherein the initiate is taught how to work with energy, how to use the creative, attractive andDiscipleship2, 434:the initiate discovers himself to be a point of energy in an ocean of energies - energies which areDiscipleship2, 434:livingness - can be precipitating centers of energy under the divine Plan and in accordance withDiscipleship2, 437:that "light is substance" and that "substance is energy." I have here attempted to reduce to wordsDiscipleship2, 438:projected by the Initiator with all its Lighted energy on to the center which is receivingDiscipleship2, 444:for this leads to direct transference of energy; develop divine indifference as to your form ofDiscipleship2, 444:When, however, the aggregate of inner energy comes to outer expression upon the physical plane,Discipleship2, 454:ray - that is the ray of the seventh type of energy. All your other rays are related to the greatDiscipleship2, 456:are following along the line of your second ray energy, and are occupied with seventh ray activity:Discipleship2, 457:that relates the new and incoming spiritual energy and the substance or matter aspect which willDiscipleship2, 460:the same as that of A.A.B. - the transfer of energy from the solar plexus to the heart. The firstDiscipleship2, 460:in that of A.A.B.) has led to the withdrawal of energy from the physical body (the etheric body),Discipleship2, 461:must be a change of life focus and a transfer of energy from the astral body into the mental body,Discipleship2, 462:work is largely the steady withdrawal of [462] energy to the mental body, you should find itDiscipleship2, 462:upward moving breath carrying the solar plexus energy up the spine into the head, after passing itDiscipleship2, 462:between inhalation and exhalation dedicate the energy thus withdrawn by the soul, believing in itsDiscipleship2, 462:OM sounded inaudibly - breathe the solar plexus energy, now focused in the head, to the throatDiscipleship2, 468:The carrying of all this mobilized energy to the heart center at the fifth initiation for groupDiscipleship2, 476:of you in your meditation work is to lift the energy of the heart center into its correspondence inDiscipleship2, 476:you should begin also to fuse and blend the energy of this higher heart center with that of theDiscipleship2, 477:over-shadowing soul will commit the personality. Energy follows thought. A definition of theDiscipleship2, 477:personality of a disciple is a focal point of energy, established by the soul. The "eye ofDiscipleship2, 478:and the ajna center. Thus a lesser triangle of energy or of "lighted, living relation" isDiscipleship2, 479:others through: The focusing of the power or energy of devotion within yourself so that it becomes:Discipleship2, 486:type, it is to infuse your personality with soul energy. This is in the nature of a platitude andDiscipleship2, 486:in this life was to bring this soul energy down from the subtler bodies into the three worlds soDiscipleship2, 494:of atoms and cell units which vibrate to the energy of the ray which controls the physical body.Discipleship2, 508:through the imagination, create a triangle of energy: [509] As familiarity with this meditation isDiscipleship2, 513:polarization is in the astral body and so the energy of power pours in, the situation becomesDiscipleship2, 513:is on the same ray so that a triple first ray energy again complicates your life theme because allDiscipleship2, 515:and gather up by the power of imagination the energy of the solar plexus. Then carry it along theDiscipleship2, 515:Focus the dedicated aspiration and emotional energy in "the secret place" and then sound the OM. -Discipleship2, 516:predetermined destiny was to fuse its secondary energy with the energy of the second ray, thusDiscipleship2, 516:was to fuse its secondary energy with the energy of the second ray, thus opening the door for youDiscipleship2, 518:produces an exceedingly potent reservoir of energy. This is a point which all disciples shouldDiscipleship2, 519:center of related states and a relatively static energy - energy held ready for creative purposesDiscipleship2, 519:related states and a relatively static energy - energy held ready for creative purposes by theDiscipleship2, 520:same time it is the main distributing point of energy, from the angle of the kingdoms in nature,
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