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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGY

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Discipleship2, 520:the processes of evolution. Shamballa receives energy from various solar and extra-solar EntitiesDiscipleship2, 520:energies to bear direct upon the Hierarchy, and energy from Sirius does not normally enter ourDiscipleship2, 525:self-centered, and this the inflow of soul energy in the initiatory period intensifies; it isDiscipleship2, 525:to glamor. Where there is so much first ray energy to be found (as in your case) there will be aDiscipleship2, 528:you brought yourself [528] in contact with the energy emanating from Shamballa. Yet, my brother,Discipleship2, 528:it and with power) and study the handling of energy for yourself - free from emotion, desire forDiscipleship2, 529:whilst the soul is pouring in a stimulating, energy which is responsible for a very definite crisisDiscipleship2, 531:and let everything go? Only two types of ray energy are expressing themselves through your lowerDiscipleship2, 543:of the Ashram. The Ashram as a center of living energy. [544] The relationship of the Ashram toDiscipleship2, 563:that you also brought about a great transfer of energy from the sacral center to the throat center,Discipleship2, 564:The more advanced the Master, the more of the energy of Shamballa which will pour into the Ashram.Discipleship2, 565:The first step is to respond to first ray energy; later you will come to use it consciously andDiscipleship2, 565:aspect - and thus learn to use first ray energy as a channel of approach; that, however,Discipleship2, 573:OM as the soul. Arrest the downward flowing soul energy and effect its fusion with the uprisingDiscipleship2, 573:Sound the OM six times as the soul, sending the energy To the mind, and there focus. To the brainDiscipleship2, 574:an exercise in the direction and right flow of energy, via the throat center, you will find muchDiscipleship2, 574:of descent, therefore, for the form building energy is direct. To this again you can add the factDiscipleship2, 575:and soul. Appropriation - the inflow of energy from the soul in to the centers. Awakening - theDiscipleship2, 576:have two rays upon the first line of outgoing energy, [577] aloofness must be carefully avoided byDiscipleship2, 578:Lords of Karma have looked towards our planet. Energy follows thought and that, my brother, is allDiscipleship2, 578:is all that karma is - the impact of directed energy upon the Earth, upon the kingdoms in nature,Discipleship2, 582:and form strongly controlling you. This dominant energy should render your outer work effectiveDiscipleship2, 582:your personality, and when your second ray soul energy sweeps into prominence, the initial effectDiscipleship2, 582:through radiation, magnetic appeal and coherent energy. Ponder on these two modes. Through your rayDiscipleship2, 583:Which of you investigates his ray equipment of energy from this standpoint? Do not the majority ofDiscipleship2, 583:more deeply conscious and intelligent use of ray energy. It is needless for me to outline for youDiscipleship2, 584:accomplished through the dynamic one-pointed energy of your emotional nature, which - fortunatelyDiscipleship2, 584:has in it the idea of the transfer of spiritual energy. Discipleship2, 585:and the increasing admission of your second ray energy so as to control your organizingDiscipleship2, 590:the light that is in you, send out the dedicated energy of your personality into the sphere of yourDiscipleship2, 591:the medium of your left [591] eye and the potent energy of your soul through the right eye. ThisDiscipleship2, 591:the realm of soul life a fresh supply of soul energy and concentrate it in the head and heart,Discipleship2, 594:difficulties to overcome in the use of first ray energy, and any mistakes you may have made inDiscipleship2, 594:to the learning of the right use of soul energy. This is your immediate problem. Every time thatDiscipleship2, 594:immediate problem. Every time that first ray energy pours through you it leads to a trifling or aDiscipleship2, 595:and modify. You inspire substance with the energy and purpose and with the life necessary to renderDiscipleship2, 595:our planet as a whole, is the changing of the energy discharging unit (the etheric subplanes -Discipleship2, 596:ray Ashram and, therefore, upon the same line of energy as that of the Christ himself; anotherDiscipleship2, 598:is above everything else, the handling of the energy which is now streaming forth - the energy ofDiscipleship2, 598:of the energy which is now streaming forth - the energy of Love in its dynamic or electric form. ItDiscipleship2, 604:and their function is simply to express the energy which flows in from the astral body, or from theDiscipleship2, 604:After the third initiation, they will register energy flowing in from the Monad - again throughDiscipleship2, 604:system of centers through which the expressive energy must come. The object of this particularDiscipleship2, 605:follows: [605] Take a long breath and draw the energy from the throat center in so doing. RepeatDiscipleship2, 605:in so doing. Repeat the breathing and draw the energy from the heart center, holding these twoDiscipleship2, 605:center. Recognizing then that four types of energy have been centered in the ajna center, takeDiscipleship2, 605:center, take another long breath and draw the energy of the muladhara center to the ajna focus.Discipleship2, 609:important Ashram upon the second ray line of energy as it penetrates the hierarchical center. K.H.Discipleship2, 624:the fog and mists of the astral plane. Astral energy - the energy of sensitive feeling reaction -Discipleship2, 624:mists of the astral plane. Astral energy - the energy of sensitive feeling reaction - has forDiscipleship2, 626:consciousness are one, the light is one, and the energy is one. But we find also that "one starDiscipleship2, 637:constantly aware of the cyclic flow of spiritual energy. Such a crisis confronts you. Has yourDiscipleship2, 640:the inflowing forces and of the inner man. The energy which governs the physical body emanates fromDiscipleship2, 641:without any strain or pressure. The retention of energy is not a physical matter but a mentalDiscipleship2, 644:they have to be met on all planes at once. Soul energy is ever involved thereby and thisDiscipleship2, 653:of the Ashram, my Ashram, as a great center of energy with which you (in your place and in your ownDiscipleship2, 653:also as a soul in contact with first ray energy, and thus contributing some of this energy,Discipleship2, 653:ray energy, and thus contributing some of this energy, reaching you via the Ashram of the MasterDiscipleship2, 658:body, for it is through that body that the love energy of the soul must pour on its way to theDiscipleship2, 658:interesting and somewhat unbalanced triangle of energy, for the sixth ray personality is quick toDiscipleship2, 658:ray personality is quick to respond to soul energy but the effects work out in a fanaticallyDiscipleship2, 660:Its objective is the increase of the flow of energy to the heart center, remembering always thatDiscipleship2, 661:of the unfoldment of the knowledge petals. Such energy then is in touch with the heart center.Discipleship2, 670:yourself the dual aspects of your soul ray energy, love and wisdom; you can record when either ofDiscipleship2, 670:a dual activity, because through its means the energy of the soul and of the personality can beDiscipleship2, 671:make you responsive to the different currents of energy to which those who are to undergo a specialDiscipleship2, 677:are among the five focal points of spiritual energy through which hierarchical activities can beDiscipleship2, 684:Master. He has to watch the effect of all the energy which flows from him to his disciples and toDiscipleship2, 687:Then sound the OM three times, breathing out the energy of the soul into the threefold personalityDiscipleship2, 687:into the threefold personality and bringing that energy to rest (as in a reservoir of force) in theDiscipleship2, 687:the moon." Then, definitely throw the light and energy of the soul into the heart center andDiscipleship2, 687:a magnet in relation to the solar plexus. The energy of the solar plexus is lifted up or drawn upDiscipleship2, 687:to preserve mental continuity as you do it. Energy follows thought and this is the basis of allDiscipleship2, 702:train the will, and you likewise bring spiritual energy into your personality in order to help youDiscipleship2, 706:my Ashram." This has to do with the handling of energy - and with energy of great potency whichDiscipleship2, 706:has to do with the handling of energy - and with energy of great potency which will not only invokeDiscipleship2, 710:body, stopping or hindering the downflow of the energy of love into the vital or etheric body, fromDiscipleship2, 710:and they should enable you to isolate the energy of love with facility and apply it one-pointedly.Discipleship2, 710:you have a dual capacity to use second ray energy to enhance and implement the use of the teachingDiscipleship2, 712:around the effort to bring through second ray energy - the energy of your soul, and of your mind -Discipleship2, 712:effort to bring through second ray energy - the energy of your soul, and of your mind - into theDiscipleship2, 712:you must act "as if"; you must see this energy pouring in, literally, to the head center and fromDiscipleship2, 712:way. Two suggestions only will I make: See this energy of love as a great descending stream ofDiscipleship2, 714:a project and adherence to a plan bring through energy on to the physical plane and consequentlyDiscipleship2, 715:of such a potent nature that there is no time or energy left for physical plane expression. What isDiscipleship2, 717:effectiveness is the result of a merging of soul energy with personality force, and through thisDiscipleship2, 719:ineffectual in the majority of cases, and no energy is drawn into the mechanism of the personality.Discipleship2, 719:of evolution, it can and does draw out soul energy, and relates it [720] rapidly and immediately toDiscipleship2, 731:the worst aspects of that ray, because soul energy (undirected by an illumined mind) at timesDiscipleship2, 735:possible. This is the ray of testing, the energy which brings about trial. People struggle withDiscipleship2, 737:- that this very motive and decision starts energy working along the indicated lines and that,Discipleship2, 737:decided, he now moves slowly in the wake of that energy. There are deep significances in what I amDiscipleship2, 740:This will offset the astral sensitivity, for the energy of the Ashram stimulates the head and heartDiscipleship2, 741:well equipped to serve. Your second ray energy, coupled with your seventh ray force, makes forDiscipleship2, 741:of conflict which you must conquer, deflects the energy which, pouring through your soul, couldDiscipleship2, 741:plane. But it does not. The descending soul energy and the ascending personality aspiration meetDiscipleship2, 743:instrument. Through right meditation, the energy from your soul and mind must be focused, via theDiscipleship2, 744:see a movement or current in the sea of lighted energy, converging towards you. See it take form asDiscipleship2, 744:See it take form as a stream of down-flowing energy - the energy of love, of strength and ofDiscipleship2, 744:form as a stream of down-flowing energy - the energy of love, of strength and of understanding.
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