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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGY

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Discipleship2, 745:tidal wave (if I may so call it) of spiritual energy, entering into your head center, passing fromDiscipleship2, 745:render; see it motivated and implemented by the energy just received, and let your creativeDiscipleship2, 747:from that center a broad and vital stream of energy, down the spine to the sacral center in theDiscipleship2, 747:center (in the spine) as a radiant reservoir of energy, but as energy deflected from physicalDiscipleship2, 747:spine) as a radiant reservoir of energy, but as energy deflected from physical creative activity toDiscipleship2, 747:racial fears in the world. Then project that energy out into the world of men, to aid in theDiscipleship2, 749:is caused by an increasing descent of the Christ energy from the buddhic plane into the astralDiscipleship2, 749:sufficient to create a reservoir of this energy of which the Hierarchy can avail itself as itDiscipleship2, 749:work, my brother, and let that penetrating energy find a channel through you. I have told you theseDiscipleship2, 750:the evil [750] or act as a transmitter of the energy of the will-to-good. In the above fewDiscipleship2, 752:communicate) this is not the case. Your outgoing energy seems short circuited and your radiation isDiscipleship2, 755:is in reality the manipulation of radiant solar energy straight from "the heart of the sun,"Education, vii:of its inherent nature, generate the physical energy to go to the West. We Westerners went into theEducation, 16:be succeeded by the appropriation of as much energy by the idea as is needed to make it effectiveEducation, 18:when the first aspect of [18] the bridging energy of man can function and the soul (manifesting itsEducation, 18:man can produce, through knowledge and creative energy, something upon the physical plane whichEducation, 18:Psychology), the soul is an aspect of the divine energy in time and space. We are told that theEducation, 18:The life principle - the flow of divine energy through all forms - temporarily seated in the heart,Education, 24:should be working with energies in a world of energy; that these energies are tinged and qualifiedEducation, 24:dominated by some one particular type of energy which serves to make him distinctive among hisEducation, 24:it is true that there are seven major types of energy qualifying all forms, and that these in theirEducation, 24:subdivided into forty-nine types of qualified energy, the complexity of the problem emergesEducation, 24:these distinctive energies play constantly upon energy-substance (spirit-matter), producing "theEducation, 26:symbolically as a direct stream of living energy flowing from the center to the [27] periphery, andEducation, 27:and it is one and indivisible. It conveys the energy of life and finds its final anchor in theEducation, 27:and right use of this power. This thread of energy, colored by conscious sentient response, isEducation, 28:to the mind, which is in its turn a center of energy in the world of thought. At the same time,Education, 30:powers, tapping the resources of dynamic energy in the three worlds: Lower types of humanity useEducation, 31:of life in all his various aspects. The energy which is used in connecting, in consciousness, theEducation, 31:the two aspects already linked. This thread of energy emanates from, or is anchored in, the head. AEducation, 31:is linked with the other two aspects. The soul energy, when linked with the other threads, has itsEducation, 32:by the soul, constitute the five types of energy which make man a conscious human being. The tripleEducation, 32:on the physical plane. From these major lines of energy lesser lines can radiate at will. It isEducation, 34:are simply word pictures of a process of [34] energy interrelations, and have a definite value ifEducation, 35:through the establishing of right lines of energy. 2. The task of the new education is thereforeEducation, 36:consideration: The mind and its relation to the energy body, the etheric body, which underlies theEducation, 37:admit the possibility of a central powerhouse of energy behind the mind, progress in education willEducation, 37:be done. The interpretation of men in terms of energy and the grasping of the seven types of energyEducation, 37:of energy and the grasping of the seven types of energy which determine a man and his activities,Education, 41:ideals of the current civilization, but the energy which they release works out frequently in theEducation, 53:now possible for the love petals to unfold. The energy flowing from the outer tier of petals hasEducation, 54:world (physical, astral, mental), and the energy of intelligence became a powerful, ruling factor.Education, 54:factor. Now the task of vitalizing man with the energy of love is proceeding and making muchEducation, 54:your encouragement. Through the activity of the energy of knowledge you have: Civilization -Education, 61:learn to differentiate between strictly physical energy, which is automatic in its response toEducation, 62:them not as events or circumstances but as energy in action; by this means he learns to find hisEducation, 62:task is to train students in the recognition of energy and force; to discriminate between theEducation, 62:to discriminate between the various types of energy, both in relation to themselves and to worldEducation, 64:are, in reality, aspects of the qualified life energy which is working in and through unprincipledEducation, 67:between forces and energies and the power to use energy for the strengthening, and then for theEducation, 68:bring to bear on substance (the application of energy to force) is equally substantial in nature, aEducation, 92:in the body at two points: There is a thread of energy, which we call the life or spirit aspect,Education, 92:and, through the medium of the blood, life-energy carries regenerating power and coordinatingEducation, 92:carries regenerating power and coordinating energy to all the physical organisms and keeps the bodyEducation, 92:and keeps the body "whole." There is a thread of energy, which we call the consciousness aspect orEducation, 92:body by means of the nervous system. These two energy factors, which are recognized by human beingsEducation, 92:human beings as life and knowledge, or as living energy and intelligence, are the two poles of aEducation, 92:to the group need and interests, and that living energy should be turned consciously and withEducation, 94:and so enable him to spin that thread of energy which, when added to the life thread and to theEducation, 94:into one strong cable the various threads of energy which tenuously, as yet, connect the variousEducation, 119:be the intuitive understanding and control of energy; its contribution to the development ofEducation, 143:is connected with the entire problem of energy, but peculiarly with the energy handled by theEducation, 143:problem of energy, but peculiarly with the energy handled by the individual and with the forces byEducation, 143:the sake of clarity, we will give the name of ENERGY: to all forces pouring into the individualEducation, 145:are two words used in relation to force and energy, and their use by the individual in hisEducation, 146:disciples is to become aware of this stream of energy in its various diversifications andEducation, 147:from thence to the astral body, picking up the energy of the thread mentioned above, unites withEducation, 147:and from thence to the mind body, picking up the energy of the other two threads mentioned above,Education, 147:therefore, with the entire incoming system of energy, with the processes of usage andEducation, 148:constitute finally two great stations of energy, one characterized by power and the other by love,Externalisation, 4:and secondly, it should be remembered that the energy which flows through these focal points of theExternalisation, 4:of men respond distinctively to any inflow of energy, and a tremendous psychic stimulation is atExternalisation, 6:and so respond to their environment. The flow of energy, pouring through from the astral plane andExternalisation, 6:is the sudden inflow of a new form of astral energy through the rent veil which has, until a shortExternalisation, 7:another side to the picture. The inflow of this energy has brought many hundreds of people into aExternalisation, 7:personality with the soul and the right use of energy can go forward with renewed understanding andExternalisation, 8:field of psychism caused by the inflow of astral energy at this time. I seek to confine myself toExternalisation, 13:and carry their researches into the realm of energy, and cease to pander so much to the public. TheExternalisation, 14:themselves of the coming inflow of spiritual energy, they must shift their attention into the realmExternalisation, 17:in the aspirant a tremendous inflow of spiritual energy, galvanizing his whole being into activity,Externalisation, 18:into activity that mysterious stream of energy which sleeps at the base of the spinal column. WhenExternalisation, 33:the negative pole to the positive impression and energy of the planetary or occult Hierarchy.Externalisation, 38:felt, and hence the great difficulty. The energy which works out in political activity is not yetExternalisation, 39:all have in them two key persons or points of energy through which the forces of Hermes and theExternalisation, 42:involves: The bringing through of healing divine energy. The exclusion of the astral world, andExternalisation, 42:illusion. The utilization of the healing energy in full waking consciousness upon the physicalExternalisation, 44:an instrument for the distribution of spiritual energy. They are themselves thus fused. ToExternalisation, 45:and act as barriers to the inflow of soul energy and the entrance of soul awareness into the brainExternalisation, 48:Hierarchy, working under the ancient Law that "energy follows thought." Thus gradually, with aExternalisation, 56:behind the outer form to its motivating energy, and the practical work of the magician who - underExternalisation, 59:theme. Soul sensitivity and reaction to the energy in any form will be the training objective ofExternalisation, 59:of money as directed and appropriated energy. [60] This direction of force produces concretization,Externalisation, 60:the nature of prana or of vital etheric energy, and the three qualities which distinguish it; theseExternalisation, 60:the problem, and to consider it as a form of energy, prostituted at this time to material ends orExternalisation, 60:deflect much of this form of concretized divine energy into constructive channels and "ways ofExternalisation, 71:Pages 3-47), there are three great streams of energy working powerfully in the world at this timeExternalisation, 72:in our planetary [72] history has this Shamballa energy made its presence felt directly: the firstExternalisation, 76:for the distribution of their peculiar type of energy - the energy of focused and directed hate, ofExternalisation, 76:of their peculiar type of energy - the energy of focused and directed hate, of separation, of fearExternalisation, 76:most potently that peculiar concretization of energy which we call money. They constitute, in a
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