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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGY

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Fire, 439:forming the sumtotal, and always will energy and quality progress in parallel lines. As the rayFire, 443:of an Entity, a planetary Logos. His life energy working in, through, and upon His body ofFire, 443:it radiates beyond His own periphery as active energy and stimulating activity - being literallyFire, 443:incarnating Logos; in the one case His fohatic energy builds the kingdoms of nature, giving themFire, 446:progress which calls for His particular type of energy. A transference is being effected of certainFire, 460:planetary Logos, but not a center of conscious energy. (A correspondence is found in the humanFire, 460:body, which has its seven centers of force or energy, but also other organs upon which objectiveFire, 462:the animal atoms by human magnetism or radiatory energy. The sumtotal of the domestic animals - theFire, 467:negative, becomes responsive to the positive energy of the Heavenly Man. This energy, finding theFire, 467:to the positive energy of the Heavenly Man. This energy, finding the line of least resistance,Fire, 467:three a contrary effect is produced, and the energy of the Heavenly Man will lead to theFire, 474:The immediate effect of this greater etheric energy will be that a numerically larger number ofFire, 475:matter to its primordial substance, release energy, and thus reveal the processes of evolution, andFire, 479:count so much, and wherein the inner center of energy in the atom may be left to do its own work.Fire, 482:and enables Them to work along the lines of energy or force, and not with what is usuallyFire, 482:'substance' is used. They work with electrical energy, concerning Themselves with positiveFire, 482:with positive electricity, or with the energy of the positive nucleus of force within the atom,Fire, 483:upon the force aspect, upon the centers of energy. They reach the whole through the agency of theFire, 488:The white Brother deals with positive electrical energy. The dark Brother deals with the negativeFire, 488:dark Brother deals with the negative electrical energy. Second. The white Brother occupies himselfFire, 488:Third. The white Magician develops the inherent energy of the sphere concerned (whether human,Fire, 488:resolution of the life, or the transference of energy into different forms. Fire, 492:will let loose upon earth a stupendous amount of energy. Nevertheless, it is only when the thirdFire, 492:in certain groups of devas, that the force of energy that is triple, and yet one in the threeFire, 492:the middle of the next round. At that time, much energy will become available through the removalFire, 492:into a temporary obscuration, thus releasing energy for [493] the use of the remaining percentage,Fire, 496:come to the realization that in atomic energy, harnessed to his need, or in the inducing ofFire, 496:mantric sounds he will find the secret of atomic energy, latent in the mineral kingdom, and willFire, 496:of the problems of existence. Only when atomic energy is better understood and the nature of theFire, 503:of the divine plan, an appropriation of the energy and force which is his by right of participationFire, 507:[507] the contact of the two fires. The force or energy that pours through from the higher planesFire, 510:is the recipient of a great flow of force or energy, and receives more stimulation and energizingFire, 512:to the careful student that the entire force and energy of the system and its life quality will beFire, 518:Egoic Ray and Solar Fire b. The Planes and Fiery Energy It seems desirable [519] that we shouldFire, 521:but only Force in varying degrees, only Energy of differentiated quality, only Lives emanating fromFire, 522:The seven differentiations in terms of fiery energy are: Plane of divine life (Father) - Sea ofFire, 528:positive force and its interaction with negative energy. It is the vitality of the second aspectFire, 529:of differentiated force, through the energy of matter, the coherency of forms, through forceFire, 530:subjective. - S. D., I, 407. Impulse is spirit energy causing objectivity. - S. D., I, 349; S. D.,Fire, 530:II, 28. Three things required before any form of energy can become objective - S. D., I, 89.Fire, 530:I, 89. Privation - Separation. Initial impulse. Energy. Will. Form - Quality or shape. Nature.Fire, 530:II, 28. Force of life is the transformation into energy of the thought of the Logos. - See S. D.,Fire, 537:or in terms of fire. 1. Centers or Wheels of Energy a. Centers of Force We shall again reach theFire, 537:the other four, or absorb their force or energy. This produces their eventual obscuration, or theirFire, 537:time pass into obscuration, and transmit their energy to the major three schemes. The three mainFire, 541:fire with six of its spokes in full display of energy and rapidly rotating. c. Third Group ofFire, 544:SELF (who dwells in a form built by the life or energy of the second Logos out of force-substanceFire, 544:within its periphery three focal points of energy, the permanent atoms. They are analogous, asFire, 548:of the true meaning of force, and of energy in its dual aspect - internal vibration and externalFire, 549:can be taught to contact their own ego or higher energy; how best they can be led to appropriateFire, 549:with their group, and in unison with the total energy of that group; how best their threefold lowerFire, 549:force, and thus draw down a continuous supply of energy for the strengthening of their threeFire, 549:the various spirillae can be awakened and the energy within their own cells released for action.Fire, 553:call in these two types of force or energy. Certain very remote vibrations, as yet no moreFire, 554:fully, and consciously, utilize these types of energy. The vibration of the fifth order isFire, 557:kingdoms of nature, is an expression of the energy of the Logos, as it flows through and stimulatesFire, 559:will be spoken of in terms of concretion and of energy, and the emphasis will be laid upon thatFire, 560:to the broader concept of negative and positive energy as the two aspects of the One Energy. AllFire, 560:positive energy as the two aspects of the One Energy. All phenomena will then be expressed in forceFire, 561:separates into its basic duality, and will or energy (which lies, as a unity, back of duality),Fire, 603:and that life is the life of [603] God, the energy of the Logos, and the manifestation of theFire, 603:Sun. Only as He is recognized as Fohat, the energy of matter, as Wisdom, the nature of the Ego andFire, 605:concerns us, and the blending of form and of energy into one coherent whole. In the ninth, tenthFire, 606:day; now Agni, as the solar Lord of life and energy, will assume due importance in human life. Fire, 607:Fire Result Subjective Manifestation Origin of Energy Objective Manifestation First Will. ElectricFire, 607:by Friction Activity in Matter. Atomic Vitality. Energy. The seven Fires. The Akasha. The PhysicalFire, 610:and Fire Elementals Agni is Fohat, the threefold Energy (emanating from the logoic Ego) whichFire, 613:Logos. A man similarly is the positive life or energy which, through action on negative force,Fire, 620:the devas, viewing them as the sum total of the energy of substance and of substance itself, weFire, 620:union of Father-Spirit-Will and Mother-Matter-Energy. This is the work of the Logos, and this unionFire, 621:thought, and that which give it its separated energy, as distinct from the purpose which will workFire, 624:man's evolution, for the force of this type of energy is necessarily felt more strongly than anyFire, 625:those groups of devas who are the force and energy of the centers (which are centers in substance)Fire, 628:Agni Electric fire Spirit Central Spiritual Sun Energy Surya Solar fire Vishnu Heart of the SunFire, 629:They are esoterically the "Brothers of energy." Therefore it will be apparent that the sumtotal ofFire, 636:of Agnichaitans concerned with: The force or energy of physical substance. That electrical aspectFire, 659:apposite here to point out the lines along which energy - whether manasic, pranic, or astral -Fire, 675:type of electrical force, which is the type of energy which puts a man in touch with extra-systemicFire, 678:when considering the planes, plane substance and energy that they are in a condition of flux andFire, 678:or the impact of direct solar force or energy upon the substance of a plane; this emanates from theFire, 684:Heart of the Dhyan chohanic body," 23 for their energy comes from the spiritual sun, in the sameFire, 684:the spiritual sun, in the same sense that the energy of the pranic devas of the etheric body comesFire, 684:etheric body comes from the physical sun. This energy of the Agnishvattas manifests on the mentalFire, 684:subplane of the cosmic physical just as the energy of the etheric centers on the fourth ethericFire, 685:the Heart of the Body throbs with spiritual energy, when its sevenfold content thrills under theFire, 687:astral plane, and the effect of Their life energy as it flows through the systemic "Heart" can beFire, 690:consciousness of the Heavenly Man and His life energy begins to make itself felt. Simultaneously,Fire, 690:under the Law, mind force or manasic energy pours in from the fifth cosmic plane, the cosmicFire, 690:fifth cosmic plane, the cosmic mental. This dual energy, contacting that which is inherent in theFire, 691:logoic dense physical body. In terms of force or energy, or from the standpoint of the logoic bodyFire, 691:expression on the causal plane of that force or energy which emanates from the logoic causal bodyFire, 692:manifestation. The pouring in of this force of energy, emanating from the fifth logoic Principle,Fire, 693:seen that it can be regarded as the force, the energy or the quality which emanates from the logoicFire, 694:here with the substance aspect and considering energy in its various manifestations. The responseFire, 695:but not so much from the standpoint of conscious energy. The Triad, for instance, is usually lookedFire, 697:"ability to function on a plane," nor the energy of matter, as might be gathered from so manyFire, 699:unit and as long as His will-to-be persists, the energy will continue to flow through. In the fifthFire, 700:the lower into the higher through a downflow of energy via the Earth's Primary from anFire, 701:would study the subject from the standpoint of energy, and of magnetic interaction. Those whoFire, 702:in certain allied constellations; this set loose energy which swept into the solar system, carrying
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