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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGY

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Fire, 918:to man) 84 is the result of these three types of energy or force, of their combination, theirFire, 918:of logoic appearance it is the second type of energy which dominates and which is of evolutionaryFire, 918:aware of the Holy Spirit aspect, or of the energy which enables that Mother to fulfil her function,Fire, 919:and of the sources of spiritual life. The energy of the higher planes is only revealing itself asFire, 920:whole. Each of these great lives (embodying deva energy of the first degree) is an emanation fromFire, 921:himself in touch with these three types of solar energy, and is unraveling the central mystery ofFire, 921:of man and of God gradually becomes proven. The energy of these groups passes through the physicalFire, 921:for the purpose of generating and transmitting energy. The transmitter of energy on the physicalFire, 921:and transmitting energy. The transmitter of energy on the physical plane forms the throat center inFire, 921:of Brahma, the third aspect. The transmitter of energy upon the astral plane forms the heart centerFire, 921:force in the three worlds. They are the lowest energy aspect of Brahma. [922] The Transmitter ofFire, 922:Man or of a solar Logos. The Transmitter of energy upon the monadic plane forms the heart center ofFire, 922:which manifests upon the second plane, the energy of that plane will act as the head center to theFire, 923:he will gain knowledge as to the type of energy which flows through any particular center. TheseFire, 923:that the groupings of the lines or streams of energy during the evolutionary cycles fall naturallyFire, 924:[924] force or Ego, and a threefold lower energy, or personality, remembering that we are hereFire, 924:that we are here dealing only with creative energy and with the Brahma aspect of manifestation asFire, 924:They are the devas who vitalize and produce the energy of all forms of sentient life. Theirs is theFire, 925:All the etheric devas who transmit energy on the physical plane belong to the second division aboveFire, 925:thence (through directed streams of intelligent energy) acquires substance as it is reproduced uponFire, 927:vibrating or germinating. The seven centers of energy are apparent. The one deva Agni is seen asFire, 927:seen, and the three function as one. The triple energy of the Logos is coordinated, and nothing nowFire, 927:and of stabilization are carried on; the energy or the vibration is increased until it becomesFire, 928:etheric level of the physical, and there their energy becomes exhausted owing to three things: LackFire, 928:form of the solar system now appears, and the energy centers become veiled and hidden. AccretionFire, 928:their efforts afresh and a new influx of energy - bearing devas from the logoic head center - poursFire, 928:at each manvantara, and the seven streams of energy from the seven logoic centers are directedFire, 929:be offered as a willing sacrifice to the greater energy, and his small plans and ideas will beFire, 929:a passive unit, swept hither and thither by the energy of his group, but will become a positive,Fire, 930:living [930] forces in nature. As the greater energy thrills through him, his own latent powers areFire, 932:form. They came in force from a reservoir of energy which was kept in a quiescent condition untilFire, 933:he assume definite physical form. Sufficient energy has not yet been generated to permit of hisFire, 936:under the influence of two types of force or energy. We will now briefly take up the subject of theFire, 939:causal periphery, and are focal points of egoic energy. They are the very highest type of buildingFire, 943:building forces through the medium of streams of energy, which streams are set in motion when theFire, 943:or other of the seven logoic streams of fiery energy. According to a man's egoic Ray, so will beFire, 944:interlaced it becomes vitalized with the life energy sent down from the Ego, just as Shiva, theFire, 946:that our basic conception is one of fiery energy, of force centers set in motion, and kept inFire, 946:lives may be divided into three groups of energy units, and their nature deduced from the phrases:Fire, 946:the phrases: Groups of lives animated by dynamic energy. Groups of lives animated by radiantFire, 946:energy. Groups of lives animated by radiant energy. Groups of lives animated by atomic energy.Fire, 946:energy. Groups of lives animated by atomic energy. These again are the sumtotal of the three fires,Fire, 947:can be seen in the following tabulation: Dynamic energy - electric fire - atomic subplane. FirstFire, 947:First etheric substance. Plane adi. Radiant energy - solar fire - three cosmic etheric levels.Fire, 947:etheric levels. Logoic etheric body. Atomic energy - fire by friction - three planes of the threeFire, 949:for it means that one small stream of life-energy is directed into new channels, and away from theFire, 949:forces play in the general scheme. Third, by the energy still extant and the vibration still to beFire, 951:feeding the dreaded "Dweller." This direction of energy follows the line of least resistance. OneFire, 951:and it is this imposition which in time deflects energy away from man's distorted creation, andFire, 951:Angel. The devas who are the sumtotal of the energy of substance itself care not what form theyFire, 952:They are [952] irresponsibly responsive to energy currents, and theirs is not the problem ofFire, 952:is not the problem of dealing with sources of energy. Therefore, the place of man in the cosmicFire, 952:of his main responsibilities is the direction of energy currents from the mental plane, and theFire, 952:of the race, A comprehension as to the nature of energy, and an ability to direct energy currents,Fire, 952:the nature of energy, and an ability to direct energy currents, to disintegrate (or withdraw energyFire, 952:energy currents, to disintegrate (or withdraw energy from) all forms in the three worlds, AnFire, 952:they are directed and controlled. When the energy currents of the human family are directed fromFire, 953:and consciously in mental matter only. The energy exerted by men is mostly kama-manasic or desireFire, 954:will tend to approximate a group center. Thought energy, which now emanates from each human beingFire, 954:and group workers encounter. The stream of energy which they emanate, and which constructs vitalFire, 955:upon the definite mission of adding its quota of energy and matter to some one stream which isFire, 955:of his work) definitely directs his thought energy towards some particular channel of service toFire, 956:is succeeded by a consideration of the laws of energy. A man discovers how to build a thought formFire, 956:that may be, holding it through his own vital energy in its due form, keeping it vibrating to itsFire, 957:the thought form by withdrawing his energy (occultly, the "attention is withdrawn," or "the eye isFire, 958:it is studied as an instrument of initiatory energy. Therefore, it will be apparent that a thoughtFire, 958:a thought form is the result of two types of energy: That emanating in the first instance from theFire, 958:all thought process, and to utilize true egoic energy before they begin manipulating devaFire, 958:it otherwise) the initial utilization of egoic energy. [959] Let us take them one by one: a.Fire, 959:powers, tapping the resources of dynamic energy in the three worlds. Lower types of humanity useFire, 960:light will be thrown upon the quality of the energy employed in thought-form building. In the earlyFire, 960:Direct alignment. The transmission of the egoic energy or will to one or other of the threeFire, 962:forms a center of communication between he vital energy of the spinal column (the kundalini fire)Fire, 962:the spinal column (the kundalini fire) and the energy of the two head centers above enumerated. ItFire, 962:action is enhanced by the pouring through of energy from the Ego on its own plane. When theFire, 962:this triangle is fully awakened and the fire (or energy) is circulated freely. It will be apparent,Fire, 962:create upon the mental plane those vehicles for energy which - when set in motion by his consciousFire, 962:physical plane. This is brought about by egoic energy passed down the sutratma to the physicalFire, 962:The true Adept, through knowledge, conserves all energy while in process of transmission, andFire, 962:of transmission, and augments it with the energy contacted. It is, therefore, the energy of will,Fire, 962:with the energy contacted. It is, therefore, the energy of will, plus that of desire, fed by theFire, 962:energy of will, plus that of desire, fed by the energy of the physical brain. Literally, therefore,Fire, 963:creative process of the Godhead, being the [963] energy of the three persons unified, andFire, 964:assuming a greater sweep of activity, till their energy tends to negate that of the lower centers,Fire, 965:the Ego, and from thence he draws the necessary energy [966] from the higher levels, via the headFire, 966:second element of desire or of the form-building energy, becomes available, and under the law ofFire, 966:the synthesis of what might be called nervous energy, is awake, it becomes possible for him toFire, 966:the desired form which, through attractive energy, he is in process of constructing. 89 The PinealFire, 966:of the head. On a level with the eyes. It is an energy center formed by a triangle of force: TheFire, 966:to work with large groups before the quota of energy supplied to Them for the accomplishment ofFire, 967:materialize the plan of his Ego. The amount of energy he can pour later into his thought form andFire, 972:or initial impulse - directs to the thought form energy of some kind. This energy is directed fromFire, 972:to the thought form energy of some kind. This energy is directed from one or other of the threeFire, 973:is this constant stream of emotional or sexual energy which is responsible for the chaoticFire, 973:and vitalized by all the baser forms of astral energy is coupled to this, it will become apparentFire, 973:to grow. As the vitalization is pursued and the energy is poured from one or other of the centersFire, 974:with His great thought form by a stream of energy from the central Spiritual Sun to a point in theFire, 974:of the thought form ensues, for vitality or energy follows the line of the eye. When, therefore, aFire, 974:also the organ through which pours the directing energy [975] which streams out from the consciousFire, 975:for the stimulating of their thought-forms. The energy used by them in the majority of cases
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