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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGY

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Fire, 1050:causal body, within the monadic periphery. The energy of the physical body, the synthesis upon theFire, 1051:such as his family, racial, and national energy. All of these play upon the sensitive atoms in theFire, 1051:thrown over all planetary lore. Another form of energy which must ever be considered is that of theFire, 1052:until the later initiations. The inherent energy of the solar atom itself has likewise a rhythmicFire, 1052:factor not sufficiently recognized. Finally, the energy of the greater life (in which our solarFire, 1052:There is also to be borne in mind the play of energy which emanates from any one of those "TwelveFire, 1052:We must not ignore the three great waves of energy which sweep cyclically through the entire solarFire, 1054:lesser lives and controls lesser centers of energy, and as time slips away his radius of controlFire, 1054:for ever the potent force of electrical energy will offset the more lethargic vibration of solarFire, 1055:and thus displays its own inherent energy. What is meant by this phrase? Surely that the milliardsFire, Chart:likewise, will be found corresponding centers of energy, and also within the dense physical body ofFire, Chart:sphere, and frequently the inflow of force or energy to these internal centers (via the polarFire, 1056:brings it under the inflowing streams of energy from what are termed the zodiacal constellationsFire, 1057:currents, with numerous focal points of energy demonstrating here and there, yet in no way staticFire, 1057:being, as might be supposed, controlled by the energy of the first aspect, and therefore of theFire, 1060:of flame from which radiate streams of dynamic energy. Darkness is light to the illumined Seer, andFire, 1060:read and expressed in terms of force currents, energy centers, and dynamic fiery systemicFire, 1061:to be understood occultly as the etheric form of energy) making its presence felt in such a wayFire, 1061:in all occult conclusions, it is the body of energy which is dealt with and the subjective lifeFire, 1061:without form and usefulness apart from the inner energy. Second, that the "true form" or theFire, 1063:subjective. - S. D., I, 407. Impulse is Spirit energy causing objectivity. - S. D., I, 349, 683.Fire, 1063:II, 28. Three things required before any form of energy can become objective: - S. D., I, 89.Fire, 1063:I, 89. Privation - Separation. Initial impulse. Energy. Will. Form - Quality or shape. Nature.Fire, 1063:II, 28. Force of life is the transformation into energy of the thought of the Logos. - See S. D.,Fire, 1064:whatever kingdom) feels the force of the central energy which holds it, [1065] along with otherFire, 1065:atoms, coherently fulfiling their function. This energy penetrates through the ring-pass-not,Fire, 1065:with the response of the two types of positive energy to each other, and with the consequent escapeFire, 1067:In every case the three fires or types of energy play their part; in every case the four stages areFire, 1067:the result of the escape of the central positive energy is achieved, and its absorption into aFire, 1067:in place for a specific cycle by the stronger energy. This process of rendering radioactive all theFire, 1070:involved analogy what focal points of magnetic energy may be regarded as existing, and how theyFire, 1070:will be revolutionized, and the nature of solar energy as an expression of an Entity of the fourthFire, 1070:of nature there are certain focal points of energy which, as the aeons gradually sweep along, bringFire, 1071:mineral kingdom is responsive to that type of energy which is the lowest aspect of fire, of thoseFire, 1071:a gradual series of ever-higher types of mineral energy. For instance, the type of energy whichFire, 1071:of mineral energy. For instance, the type of energy which plays upon iron ore, or which producesFire, 1071:the sapphire, the emerald or the ruby. The energy of the particular center involved is likewiseFire, 1071:the different kingdoms according to the type of energy they display in fullest measure, rememberingFire, 1072:kingdom is responsive to the particular type of energy which produces the phenomenon of water, orFire, 1072:is really occupied with the effect of sex energy in the second kingdom of nature; he will do wellFire, 1072:he will do well to deal with all plant life as energy points responsive to other and greater energyFire, 1072:as energy points responsive to other and greater energy centers. Much will be learned along thisFire, 1072:The animal kingdom is responsive to a type of energy which is neither fire nor water but is aFire, 1072:plane to be responsive to sound, or to the energy emanating from that which we call noise. This isFire, 1072:is an occult fact worthy of close attention. The energy emanating from the Entity Who is theFire, 1073:therefore, that the stimulation of magnetic energy proceeds from what might be regarded as jumps,Fire, 1073:one. The human kingdom is equally responsive to energy. This time it is the energy of fire at itsFire, 1073:responsive to energy. This time it is the energy of fire at its highest manifestation in the threeFire, 1073:in mind that we are referring to the positive energy of the greater Whole as it affects the lesserFire, 1073:energetic points. We are not referring to form energy. The atom becomes responsive to form energyFire, 1073:form energy. The atom becomes responsive to form energy or to that which surrounds it. It becomesFire, 1073:Finally, the atom becomes conscious of planetary energy, or responsive to the Heavenly Man Himself.Fire, 1073:we will limit the thought simply to that of energy. In summation it might be said that: TheFire, 1076:was what made it possible to utilize Venusian energy upon the Venus chain and the Venus globe ofFire, 1076:of stimulating through the medium of Venusian energy was really begun in the third round when theFire, 1080:to their cycle and according to their type of energy. These grades are in turn subdivided accordingFire, 1081:suffice to indicate the general nature of these energy summations, under which all the members ofFire, 1093:every side - a network of fiery rivers of living energy, focal points of intensified brilliancy andFire, 1094:Simply and literally, the manifestation of the energy generated through the bringing together ofFire, 1094:the bringing together of certain aspects of energy, and the triple result thereby produced; theFire, 1094:resulting from this stream of dynamic electrical energy, emanating from some center, which sweepsFire, 1096:point of activity of system 2, The subjective energy of the present system. In the comprehension ofFire, 1096:Just as no human being can escape the effects of energy generated by him in an early life, so theFire, 1096:speaking. Etheric vision, or the power to see energy-substance, is true vision for the human being,Fire, 1098:be forthcoming. There is a constant inflow of energy from these great Entities on cosmic mentalFire, 1099:about. There are, therefore, two main streams of energy responsible for the form of the mentalFire, 1101:the second aspect of monadic manifestation. The energy emanating from the "Jewel in the Lotus"Fire, 1101:"Jewel in the Lotus" itself, the focal point of energy in the Upper Triad. This concerns the Self,Fire, 1101:produced by the play of these five types of energy upon each other produce (through the medium ofFire, 1105:of the astral body. The thought currents or energy units initiated by identification with groups,Fire, 1105:can be seen in the effect of Venusian energy upon our Earth and many more factors too numerous toFire, 1105:brothers. For instance, through withdrawal of energy and not through basic inertia those monads whoFire, 1106:and therefore with the lowest aspect of the energy of the mental sheath. The force of the LifeFire, 1107:faces of the fourth order." They receive energy and absorb from the Ego on the one hand in theFire, 1110:of certain streams of activity. a. One stream of energy emanates from the lower triad of permanentFire, 1111:he is an average intelligent unit or atom. This energy, when it blends with the inherent life ofFire, 1111:makes man a living soul. b. Another stream of energy emanates in time from the second tier ofFire, 1111:and otherwise, are concerned, and streams of energy from them focus through the petals. This isFire, 1112:through their activity. c. A third type of energy is that which - at the close of evolution - makesFire, 1112:they are therefore transmitters of life or energy from three sources: The lower self - Lunar PitriFire, 1112:then becomes possible for a still higher form of energy to be felt, that which is the energy of theFire, 1112:form of energy to be felt, that which is the energy of the center of the body of the Heavenly ManFire, 1112:summation, we have dealt with the main types of energy manifesting in the egoic or causal body.Fire, 1112:E - Motion on the Plane of Mind e. There is the energy reaching directly to the knowledge petalsFire, 1113:chain. This "cosmic [1113] moon" transmits its energy to the manasic atomic subplane, via theFire, 1113:subplane, via the planet Saturn. It is a triple energy and there is an esoteric connection betweenFire, 1113:is an esoteric connection between this triple energy, and Saturn's rings. The old CommentaryFire, 1113:refers to the building of the antahkarana.) The energy transmitted from the manasic permanent atomFire, 1113:jiva, its union with its reflection, the energy of the mental unit, and the triple stream of forceFire, 1113:planetary scheme, and the three rings which are energy rings, and symbols of an inner verity. f.Fire, 1113:energy rings, and symbols of an inner verity. f. Energy also pours in upon the knowledge petalsFire, 1113:These groups have been earlier dealt with. g. Energy is transmitted also to the petals via theFire, 1114:of Mind The Love Wisdom Petals The streams of energy playing upon and through this second tier ofFire, 1114:lives (lunar and solar). a. The lowest form of energy, reaching this circle, emanates from theFire, 1114:petal of the outer tier. It is transmuted astral energy; it is more powerful than itsFire, 1114:body, and the fact that it is augmented by the energy of the outer tier itself. This is one of theFire, 1114:Emanations from the vegetable kingdom. Astral energy. The energy of the second circle of petals.Fire, 1114:from the vegetable kingdom. Astral energy. The energy of the second circle of petals. BuddhicFire, 1114:love. b. Another form of influencing energy originates in the inner circle of petals, which is theFire, 1115:the revelation of the Jewel. The other types of energy find their correspondence with those already
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