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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGY

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Fire, 1115:love petals, via the buddhic permanent atom. The energy thus originating is of a peculiarlyFire, 1115:of a peculiarly interesting kind being the basic energy of all manifestation, and the sum total ofFire, 1115:within the Head. The heart center. This buddhic energy is the sumtotal of the life force of VishnuFire, 1117:increase the vibration of contacting streams of energy, the accentuation of the activity of eachFire, 1117:of the Logos, is carried forward through the energy in all its parts, so is each infinitesimal partFire, 1118:of the ceaselessly moving streams and points of energy. Each petal pulsates with quivering fireFire, 1118:center glows the Jewel, raying forth streams of energy from the center to the periphery of theFire, 1118:of the outermost circle. The fires of living energy circulate around each individual petal and theFire, 1119:the four sacrifice petals. This eightfold [1119] energy is atma-buddhi. It is this final rayingFire, 1120:of light in the lotus; they constitute the "energy feeders" of the petal. Later, as the Pilgrim onFire, 1121:of force by the forming of various triangles of energy within the bodies. This has been earlierFire, 1121:only necessary here to point out that it is the energy, accumulating in the causal body and fromFire, 1121:center may be considered as an evidence of solar energy or fire, manifesting as a medium of lowerFire, 1121:energy or fire, manifesting as a medium of lower energy or fire by friction. Where these centersFire, 1121:a wonderful appearance, due to the streams of energy from the egoic body which [1122] can reachFire, 1122:great rapidity and with the stream of living energy circulating in every part of the lotus. TheFire, 1123:power. He has to align these various factors, or energy centers, and thus bring on to the physicalFire, 1123:with each other through linking streams of energy and therefore consciously functioning. TheseFire, 1124:due adjustment) result in the transmission of energy in the first case from the manasic permanentFire, 1124:the man will become a focal point for egoic energy and a server of his race. The black magicianFire, 1124:in his case. He does, however, bring through the energy of the manasic permanent atom, for theFire, 1125:him eventually out of the stream of fivefold energy we call manasic on to the cosmic path ofFire, 1125:we call manasic on to the cosmic path of fohatic energy, the strictly mahatic. When on that PathFire, 1125:the focal point where is generated that type of energy which makes possible the dense physicalFire, 1127:for the Hierophant at initiation to liberate the energy of the Monad, and to direct that energyFire, 1127:the energy of the Monad, and to direct that energy (through the agency of the Rod) so thatFire, 1128:express that which lies hidden, and to make his energy felt in the group and place where he findsFire, 1128:has been seen to consist of a triple form of energy, with a fourth and more dynamic type of forceFire, 1128:noted also that there are also three forms of energy which we call the sheaths of the personalFire, 1129:esoteric triangle, and can thus pass the fiery energy hidden in each center in circulatory fashion.Fire, 1129:and true white magician what the fourth energy center (the jewel in the lotus) is to the lotus, orFire, 1129:The jewel in the lotus is the director of energy from the monad, whilst the third eye directs theFire, 1129:from the monad, whilst the third eye directs the energy of the Ego on the physical plane. The jewelFire, 1130:them all so that the vibration is uniform. When energy from the Ego controls, or imposes its rhythmFire, 1130:When the next step is accomplished, and the energy of the Monad, focused through the jewel, makesFire, 1131:the sheaths, and the function and apparatus of energy and so let him gradually become aware of theFire, 1131:to utilize that alignment, and how to manipulate energy consciously so that he can bring about onFire, 1131:on the physical plane of spiritual, or monadic, energy by means of the soul or egoic energy,Fire, 1131:or monadic, energy by means of the soul or egoic energy, utilizing in its turn the energy of theFire, 1131:soul or egoic energy, utilizing in its turn the energy of the material forms in the worlds, or whatFire, 1131:in the worlds, or what we might call bodily energy. This has been expressed in the followingFire, 1133:atom of the human being. It provides that energy which is the negative basis for the [1134]Fire, 1134:kingdom similarly provides the negative energy for the astral permanent atom of a man, and thirdly,Fire, 1134:by the positive is seen as the mental unit. This energy which is contributed by the three lowerFire, 1134:- mineral kingdom. In man these three types of energy are brought together, and synthesized, andFire, 1134:reached, and the vehicles aligned, we have: The energy of the mental unit - positive. The energy ofFire, 1134:The energy of the mental unit - positive. The energy of the astral permanent atom - equilibrized.Fire, 1134:of the astral permanent atom - equilibrized. The energy of the physical permanent atom - negative.Fire, 1136:man understands the term) is after all but the energy, vitality, or essential life of the solar, orFire, 1136:and religion, for what the scientist calls energy, the religious man calls God, and yet the two areFire, 1136:processes of that body. The Life of God, His energy, and vitality, are found in every manifestedFire, 1138:atom. The three lower groups are energized by energy entering by the three lowest spirillae (whichFire, 1138:spirilla, to which we give the name of buddhic energy, and this fourth group has, therefore, theFire, 1138:main groups of Egos, in whom the three types of energy predominate; again in the three main orFire, 1141:Adepts of the good Law, to manipulate force or energy, and so carry all that is, on to itsFire, 1141:groups, Gods and ants are specified in terms of energy formulas and by a scrutiny of these recordsFire, 1143:the destiny of a chain. Those who are the energy-directors of a globe. Agents of every kind Who areFire, 1144:in connection with the planetoids. All work with energy emanations, and with force units underFire, 1144:cyclic appearance of certain forms of specified energy, and this is true whether a man is speakingFire, 1144:human birth. Certain factors extraneous to any energy unit under consideration, will inevitablyFire, 1145:between the three main streams of [1145] energy - the units of inertia, mobility and rhythm - andFire, 1145:Logos, and deals with the transference of energy from the moon chain. It concerns the transmissionFire, 1145:the moon chain. It concerns the transmission of energy to another planetary scheme, and concernsFire, 1145:Hierarchy, and himself to direct streams of energy upon, through and out of the planet. Fire, 1145:after all, the appearing of a third stream of energy in conjunction with two others. A man is theFire, 1146:or became "units of self-directing energy," upon the moon, and those who attainedFire, 1151:the inner side, some advanced disciple puts the energy of that particular quality at the disposalFire, 1151:points of fire." They are distinguished by the energy flowing through them, by the magnetic qualityFire, 1153:vast cosmic alignments have been made and the energy from the logoic causal ovoid on the cosmicFire, 1153:be formed which will permit of the interplay of energy between the different planetary schemes, andFire, 1153:that when we are considering the transmission of energy through alignment and through the formingFire, 1153:triangles, it is always in connection with the energy of the first aspect. It deals with theFire, 1153:basis for the reception of positive electric energy. This electric energy is able to circulateFire, 1153:of positive electric energy. This electric energy is able to circulate through the schemes owing toFire, 1154:is in etheric matter; it is this etheric fiery energy which brings to a consummation (and soFire, 1155:are recognized as being simply focal points of energy located in the etheric body, and having aFire, 1155:is to act as transmitters of certain forms of energy consciously directed by the Ego or Self, withFire, 1155:physical body, but a knowledge of the laws of energy, and of the constitution of the etheric body,Fire, 1156:as subjects for the direction of egoic energy. They relate to the perpetuation of the physical formFire, 1156:transmitters for the three rays of aspect. These energy centers are transmitters of energy fromFire, 1156:aspect. These energy centers are transmitters of energy from [1157] many and varied sources whichFire, 1157:levels of the mental plane with seven streams of energy from the Pleiades which come in as theFire, 1157:the solar Angel. All these various streams of energy are passed through certain groups or centers,Fire, 1157:As far as man is concerned at present, this energy all converges, and seeks to energize hisFire, 1157:from the Raja Devas of a plane, or fohatic energy, via the spirillae of a permanent atom. It isFire, 1158:the Thinker, the One who uses the form. Finally, energy from the Monad begins to be responded toFire, 1158:divine, essence or Spirit. These three types of energy demonstrate during manifestation as Spirit,Fire, 1158:man, and lie latent in every atom. The sevenfold energy of the planes, and therefore of substance,Fire, 1158:lower centers are fully active. The sevenfold energy of the psyche, the consciousness aspect,Fire, 1158:focal points, transmitting and circulating fiery energy. These centers not only receive the energyFire, 1158:fiery energy. These centers not only receive the energy through the top of the head, or through aFire, 1159:the originating center for three long streams of energy which pass up and down the spinal column.Fire, 1159:may here be given. This channel of threefold energy has itself three points of supreme interest,Fire, 1159:vibration of the force unit. Between the triple energy of the spinal column and the alta majorFire, 1160:solar plexus, the heart and the third eye; the energy merging through them is similarly unified inFire, 1160:in the same head center. The third eye is an energy center constructed by man; it is aFire, 1160:by man; it is a correspondence to the energy center, the causal body, constructed by the Monad. TheFire, 1161:as the result of these dual streams of triple energy. This triangle transmits fiery energy via theFire, 1161:of triple energy. This triangle transmits fiery energy via the pineal gland, the pituitary body andFire, 1161:in these three triangles we have nine streams of energy converging and passing into the highest
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