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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGY

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Fire, 1223:Angels, or the manasic principle. 12. Buddhic energy. Ray of Concrete Knowledge. 13.CorrespondenceFire, 1223:physical body, the three worlds. 15. Manasic energy or impulse. Ray of Abstract Idealism orFire, 1223:of the Man through desire. 18. Desire energy, instinct and aspiration. Ray of Ceremonial Order. 19.Fire, 1223:Ray of Ceremonial Order. 19. Union of energy and substance through group activity. 20. StimulationFire, 1223:20. Stimulation of all etheric forms. 21. Vital energy. These twenty-one methods and theirFire, 1224:arms in space. Second of the 4th Cosmic energy. 5. The Crocodiles or the Perfect Ones. 5 or 10 TheFire, 1231:is evolution and the effect of the directing energy or activity of Spirit. From the point of viewFire, 1233:expression. Matter is but a symbol of a central energy. Forms of all kinds in all the kingdoms ofFire, 1234:term and to create and make manifest that soul-energy or substance which he finds he canFire, 1235:put into their hands the power to work with soul energy; to enable people to unfold the potenciesFire, 1235:the world of forms. It is the central dynamic energy which is responsible for the subjectiveFire, 1235:forms. There is, for instance, that unit of energy which we call the atom of the physicist orFire, 1235:It has itself a form which is the symbol of the energy which produces it. This form of the atom isFire, 1235:Then, finally, there is the positive aspect, the energy responsible for the coherence [1236] of theFire, 1241:that when the term PATH is used, it is simply an energy term, and streams of energy are indicated,Fire, 1241:it is simply an energy term, and streams of energy are indicated, - seven streams which blend andFire, 1241:substantial forms altogether into the realm of energy. He knows the life of the two aspects, theFire, 1243:pass on to specific cosmic Paths or streams of energy, making in their totality one great cosmicFire, 1244:are studied from the standpoint of subjective energy, and not so specifically of the material form.Fire, 1245:esoterically the "beneficent dragons," and the energy with which they work and the stream of livingFire, 1245:the zodiacal sign Libra. This special spiritual energy produces in all those groups which comeFire, 1246:synthesis, though very inadequately. The energy which is manipulated in the process of theseFire, 1246:work in order to demonstrate his control of the energy concerned may not here be given. It may onlyFire, 1247:its own innate quality produces the attractive energy which brings together the pairs of opposites;Fire, 1247:The adept who chooses this cosmic stream of energy upon which to make certain cosmic approaches andFire, 1248:to this Path. They wield the elemental formative energy, manipulating matter of every density andFire, 1248:through the manipulation of magnetic energy and the utilization of fohatic attractive energy inFire, 1248:energy and the utilization of fohatic attractive energy in order to "bind the builders." This heFire, 1248:forces which unite the various streams of living energy emanating from Them in the furthering ofFire, 1249:second Path work with magnetic or attractive energy because they have identified themselves withFire, 1249:altogether upon a great tide of attractive energy which emanates from one of the major centers ofFire, 1250:predominantly expresses love or attractive energy and our Logos is as yet polarized in His cosmicFire, 1250:into our system such a downpour of attractive energy from the constellation involved as to undulyFire, 1250:etheric web and on to that stream of cosmic energy emanating from the constellation mentionedFire, 1251:that the effects of fire and the laws of fiery energy and vibration are here dealt with. Those sonsFire, 1254:third Path has a specific connection with the energy which emanates from those cosmic centers whichFire, 1254:spirit and with the other two types of cosmic energy. This path is trodden by those who will takeFire, 1255:to know that the source of the peculiar cosmic energy which is found streaming towards our systemFire, 1255:thinkers. This is the result of certain waves of energy impinging upon our solar system and thusFire, 1256:the color veils which shroud the spiritual energy. Another mode of expressing the same truth is toFire, 1258:It is almost as if a great triangle of mahatic energy was thus formed. Sirius transmits energy toFire, 1258:mahatic energy was thus formed. Sirius transmits energy to our solar system via that "...sevenfoldFire, 1259:the human Monads seek this particular stream of energy lies in the right understanding of the aboveFire, 1259:whose impulse is towards this type of cosmic energy. In this system they have developed certainFire, 1259:and find the open door to perfect bliss." The energy of Path IV reaches us from Sirius via the Sun.Fire, 1260:He comes under the concentrated influence of the energy which is identified with the planetaryFire, 1262:as a sense of cosmic direction. The source of energy to which they respond may be regarded as theFire, 1273:Shiva directs the other two, and gathers all its energy from a far distant cosmic sphere. The twoGlamour, 6:as they build, through a wrong direction of energy, through over-emphasis of energy in someGlamour, 6:direction of energy, through over-emphasis of energy in some particular direction, or throughGlamour, 6:some particular direction, or through misuse of energy in work with themselves or others. ManyGlamour, 8:This would cover the effect of the force or energy upon you and of the quality of the vibration itGlamour, 26:and is a quality of force. It is essentially the energy of the human being as it swings intoGlamour, 27:- embodying mental force, astral force and vital energy. The problem, therefore, before all of youGlamour, 29:living and usefulness. As the maya of distorted energy currents ceases to swing you into lines ofGlamour, 30:plane or the swirling tides and currents of energy of the etheric plane, we have on the mentalGlamour, 36:the necessity to act purely as a channel for the energy of the soul. If the disciple can make rightGlamour, 42:itself with the use or misuse of force or energy, and that much will clear up in your minds if youGlamour, 42:begins to discriminate between the forces and energy. Upon the Path of Discipleship he begins toGlamour, 42:Path of Discipleship he begins to work with soul-energy. This eventually dominates the forces. ThatGlamour, 42:works, upon the Path of Initiation, with energy and learns to distinguish between the energy ofGlamour, 42:energy and learns to distinguish between the energy of life, the energies of the soul, and theGlamour, 43:Through alignment and subsequent contact, the energy of the soul is evoked, awakened and used. ThisGlamour, 43:the astral plane. These two types of spiritual energy work differently upon the forces of theGlamour, 52:purpose enhance the directed inflow of spiritual energy. He knows. He loves. He seeks to serve, andGlamour, 56:play; the "mind-stuff" becomes actuated by the energy of the idea, vitalized by the recognition ofGlamour, 58:All of them are colored by some ray energy. A large number of these forms are necessarily builtGlamour, 61:ideas are to be found existing as currents of energy upon the mental plane, and can there beGlamour, 61:attention of disciples. These currents of mental energy, colored by a basic idea, are placed thereGlamour, 63:he is not temperamentally suited. He imposes an energy current upon his mental body with which heGlamour, 69:way through it, have the task of releasing soul energy and mind potency. Among these pioneeringGlamour, 73:difficult. [73] Astral glamor is a form of energy and an energy of great potency, owing to threeGlamour, 73:[73] Astral glamor is a form of energy and an energy of great potency, owing to three factors: ItGlamour, 73:desire. It is a corporate part of a man's own energy nature, and therefore constitutes for him theGlamour, 73:light. From this it will be apparent that the energy of the astral plane as it expresses itself inGlamour, 73:and dispelled by the bringing in of the higher energy of the mind, motivated by the soul. TheGlamour, 76:structures (for an atom is a unit of active energy). This produces counterparts in the world ofGlamour, 78:life, which emanates from the concentrated energy of the disciple, working still through the solarGlamour, 86:much the undeveloped man is the victim of mass energy of a low kind, for his etheric body isGlamour, 86:his etheric body is responsive to, and draws its energy from a type of general environing prana,Glamour, 86:to use the psychological phrase. This etheric energy, focused in an individual etheric body, passesGlamour, 86:force, latent in the dense physical form, the energy of the atomic substance, thus producing aGlamour, 88:Much force was released and exhausted and much energy expended. Much was consequently clarified.Glamour, 97:in the fact that physical force and etheric energy are at grips. Forget not what I earlier told youGlamour, 103:physical plane and can rightly impose etheric energy (the higher of the two) upon physical energy.Glamour, 103:energy (the higher of the two) upon physical energy. In the second initiation, the initiateGlamour, 104:aspect, the soul, and can then bring in soul energy to offset, subdue and dominate the lower forcesGlamour, 106:unfoldment or the perfect expression of divine energy when brought into conjunction with theGlamour, 106:the bringing together of one or more streams of energy which produce a temporary whirlpool ofGlamour, 108:complexities of his own constitution and to the energy of his own soul. [109] As time went on, theGlamour, 114:Method Goal Lemurian Physical Force versus Vital Energy Maya Astral control; Hatha Yoga: Aspirants;Glamour, 115:and the increasing potency of the inflowing soul energy (which comes in conflict with personalityGlamour, 115:two opposing forces (personality force and soul energy) and asks himself: Which is right, this orGlamour, 116:produce a condition of maya or of uncontrolled energy. The forces of the astral nature, based uponGlamour, 117:into one major glamor. The soul ray or energy is all this time steadily increasing its rhythmicGlamour, 133:limited formulated ideal because - as you know - energy follows thought. These forms of thoughtGlamour, 148:exclusion, I would emphasize, of the controlling energy of the soul. Therefore, you will see thatGlamour, 148:the personality and does not bring in the energy of the soul, the true Individuality. This analysisGlamour, 154:unity composed of physical forces, vital energy, astral forces and mental energies, constitutingGlamour, 156:period of time. Therefore, the five types of energy which I indicated to you as of importance in
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