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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGY

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Glamour, 160:which shines from the Angel, the transmitter of energy from the PRESENCE. And so they stand -Glamour, 165:These three imminent energies are: [165] The energy of the intuition which will gradually dispelGlamour, 165:activity of light which will dissipate, by the energy of illumination, the world glamor and bringGlamour, 165:thousands on to the Path of Discipleship. The energy of inspiration which will bring about, throughGlamour, 187:proven) as essentially only a form of energy was as great a revelation as any given by the ChristGlamour, 187:blow struck at the Great Illusion. It related energy to force, form to life, and man to God andGlamour, 189:is of more value than the statement that All is Energy? The route which the revelation then followsGlamour, 190:from advantage point of exterior direction - energy, force and forces are directed into the worldGlamour, 195:it is a result of the life of the Monad - an energy which carries revelation of divine purpose. ItGlamour, 199:come out into manifestation along the lines of energy which embody the second, fourth and sixthGlamour, 202:also by a conscious use of the will, carrying energy upon the beam of projected light. To this theyGlamour, 210:the capacity to draw [210] upon the light energy of matter itself and to focus it so powerfully andGlamour, 222:In their case, the glamor is enhanced by the energy of devotion which stiffens it and brings in aGlamour, 226:a definite method of handling and projecting the energy of light with the objective of destroyingGlamour, 242:or positive to various types of impacting energy; they give him his character and make him what heGlamour, 243:that forces can be organized and directed by energy and that the world of thought, the field ofGlamour, 244:and manifestation as the Manipulator of energy, the Creator of the tangible and the intangibleGlamour, 247:thought? Is it perhaps to be directed by an energy greater than any of these but hithertoGlamour, 247:of these but hitherto apparently impotent, the energy of the soul as an expression of pure Being?Glamour, 248:[248] By that I mean: Is his major use of energy to be found upon the mental plane? Is heGlamour, 248:time? Can he contact the soul and bring in soul energy in such a manner that it negates or offsetsGlamour, 248:which call for the expenditure of soul energy. This, my brother, will take time and will be theGlamour, 249:five ray energies, but he has to allow for the energy of his sun sign as it conditions hisGlamour, 249:nature. The ray of the physical vehicle. The energy of the sun sign. The influence of the risingGlamour, 250:of which he is capable. Broadly speaking, the energy of the soul works through the highest headGlamour, 250:meditation and applied aptitude in contact. The energy of the integrated personality is focusedGlamour, 250:of the nature and the vibration of his soul energy, then he can begin to work with the power ofGlamour, 251:eye, the eye of manas, the distributor of mental energy under correct control - correct as far asGlamour, 251:of cases - a distributor of directing soul energy. The disciplined reoriented aspirant, however,Glamour, 252:in all) are brought under rhythmic control. Energy is directed into them or through them; they areGlamour, 254:of the breath and not the ideas which - upon the energy which that breath engenders - should takeGlamour, 255:and unless the significance of the words "energy follows thought" is understood, breathingGlamour, 258:of the activity is astral and the projected energy goes to centers below the diaphragm, thusGlamour, 259:a breathing process which draws the needed energy upon the breath from sources higher and far moreGlamour, 259:on a form of mental breathing which will carry energy and consequent inspiration from sourcesGlamour, 259:present and apparent. It is the mode whereby energy from the soul can flood the personality life,Glamour, 262:of a breathing exercise; when he can send the energy thus generated on the wings of consciousGlamour, 263:becomes the emanating source of some type of energy, and this pours down into and through theGlamour, 263:this projection is defined as sending of energy, qualified and recognized, from the point ofGlamour, 263:to any form or plane as he projects the energy into and [264] through the three worlds. When heGlamour, 264:dissipate glamor. He will be able to pour light energy through the etheric body and anchor theGlamour, 264:through the etheric body and anchor the light or energy in the appropriate centers because thereGlamour, 264:ring-pass-not of the three worlds, the directing energy produces results as outlined in this bookGlamour, 268:Behind the slowly opening door he senses life, energy, spiritual embodiment, and the fact of theGlamour, 270:light and the directing power of light energy. Only five recognitions now control the disciple: TheHealing, 2:of true liberation are transmitters of spiritual energy. This automatically affects some aspect ofHealing, 2:the physical body and thus integrate it into the energy body of the Earth and of the solar system.Healing, 2:Earth and of the solar system. It is a web of energy streams, of lines of force and of light. ItHealing, 3:or macrocosmic). Along these lines of energy the cosmic forces flow, as the blood flows through theHealing, 5:that the attempt of the scientist to release the energy of the atom is of the same general natureHealing, 5:the esotericist when he endeavors to release the energy of the soul. In this release the nature ofHealing, 6:they love and serve each other. The healing energy of the spiritual Hierarchy cannot flow throughHealing, 18:of the healer's aura, flooded with soul energy. In considering the Causes of Disease, I find itHealing, 25:a transferring and transmitting agency for vital energy to the outer dense physical body. EnergyHealing, 25:vital energy to the outer dense physical body. Energy sweeps through this etheric substance, freeHealing, 26:others require a concentration of emotional energy by the healing agent; and again, in other cases,Healing, 26:should seek to be only a transmitter of pranic energy to the etheric body of the patient, via hisHealing, 27:the earned right to call upon that group for energy on behalf of the patient - a thing as yetHealing, 30:shares with all mankind those tainted streams of energy which are of group origin. Thirdly, heHealing, 31:affect the inner bodies. There are physical energy and streams of force entering into the ethericHealing, 34:vital body is the recipient of the streams of energy, and is in fact composed and formed of suchHealing, 34:plane. There are, however, two streams of energy which must be considered in studying the factorsHealing, 34:of his existence. The predominating stream of energy coming from the astral, mental or soul bodies.Healing, 34:of life and the stream of astral or desire energy. This can be either of a low or medium caliber.Healing, 34:a steady inflowing and increasing tide of mental energy. With the intelligentsia of the world andHealing, 35:indicates a beginning of the inflow of soul energy. With the disciples of the world, we find aHealing, 35:men and women coming under the control of soul energy, whilst the other three energies are beingHealing, 35:borne in mind that there are two other types of energy with which to reckon, when consideringHealing, 35:to reckon, when considering intelligent man. The energy which is composed of the fused and blendedHealing, 35:blended forces of a coordinated personality. The energy of the physical plane itself, which isHealing, 35:the initiate works simply with three types of energy whilst expressing himself in incarnation: theHealing, 35:whilst expressing himself in incarnation: the energy of life itself, the negative energy of theHealing, 35:the energy of life itself, the negative energy of the personality, and the positive energy of theHealing, 35:energy of the personality, and the positive energy of the soul. Thus he is an expression inHealing, 35:First of all, that there is nothing but energy and this energy manifests itself as many differingHealing, 35:all, that there is nothing but energy and this energy manifests itself as many differing andHealing, 36:are without exception constituted of energy units. These we call atoms, and these atomic units areHealing, 36:more potent energies. The major focal point of energy to be found in human beings is that of theHealing, 38:irritation will pour a stream of astral energy into and through the solar plexus center, and willHealing, 39:amongst themselves, and a great deal of the energy transmitted from one center to another isHealing, 42:and therefore receives the bulk of the life energy as it comes down the life stream, from the soul,Healing, 42:stream, from the soul, and likewise receives the energy of the stream of consciousness. [43] It isHealing, 45:Breathing apparatus Alimentary canal Creative energy Sound Self-consciousness Knowledge petalsHealing, 45:Sex organs Life force Physical plane force Vital energy Animal life Physical plane Etheric body 7.Healing, 45:Muladhara Adrenals Kidneys Spinal column Will Energy Universal life Kundalini The Mother of theHealing, 46:and the emotions, which are simply qualified energy centers. The vital body with its seven majorHealing, 47:viewing them as power stations through which energy - dynamic and illuminating - can pour throughHealing, 49:can be traced in every case to the pouring in of energy through centers which are not properlyHealing, 50:In the fourth kingdom, the human, it is the energy of the fourth ray which, cooperating with theHealing, 50:at the base of the spine. This fourth type of energy thus expresses itself in cooperation with theHealing, 50:seven corresponding focal points through which energy can enter, raying forth then into the vitalHealing, 52:disease which can be the result of the inflow of energy. It is only intended to be suggestive; theHealing, 52:of soul-force plus the highest type of astral energy. This would be in the nature of a syntheticHealing, 53:A negative analysis of those aspects of soul energy which are not present. A synthetic analysis,Healing, 54:of the basic centralization of a man's life energy. From the plane whereon those energies areHealing, 57:of force, in order to effect the free flow of energy. The following questions will inevitablyHealing, 62:creative in the higher sense, employing the energy [63] sensed and circulating in right andHealing, 72:other and thus form (in crossing) centers of energy. Where many such lines of force cross eachHealing, 72:cross each other, you have a larger center of energy, and where great streams of energy meet andHealing, 72:center of energy, and where great streams of energy meet and cross, as they do in the head and up
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