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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGY

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Healing, 147:of the energy of the third aspect - the energy of active intelligence. It is related to theHealing, 150:upon which the man is crucified - two streams of energy or light placed athwart the stream of lifeHealing, 151:the diseases and difficulties incident to the energy stimulation or the lack of stimulation of theHealing, 151:and so arrive at some of the effects which this energy inflow and conflict with forces willHealing, 152:It is the organ for the distribution of creative energy, of the energy of the third aspect by soulsHealing, 152:for the distribution of creative energy, of the energy of the third aspect by souls at the aboveHealing, 154:the [154] center through which the creative energy of that great planetary center called HumanityHealing, 154:When perfection has been achieved, the Shamballa energy of will, power and purpose will pour freelyHealing, 154:will flow through the heart center, and the energy of humanity will focus through the throatHealing, 154:of the soul, transmitted to it by the inflow of energy from the ajna center; the fusion of the twoHealing, 155:in activity by the full expression of the energy flowing through the throat center, through theHealing, 156:the organ for the distribution of hierarchical energy, poured out [157] via the soul into the heartHealing, 157:disciples and initiates; in this way this energy is made available and brings about two results:Healing, 157:with the consequent response of man to the energy of love, all disciples are asked at this time toHealing, 158:consciousness, and the inflow of hierarchical energy follows as a natural consequence, for allHealing, 158:can reveal. The heart center registers the energy of love. It might here be stated that when theHealing, 159:radiatory in activity. It is the organ of the energy which brings about inclusiveness. Healing, 164:from the head by the intelligent will or energy of the spiritual man. The important part of theHealing, 165:the physical man is the correspondence to the energy of spirit. In the head we have the analogy toHealing, 166:to the soul nature. The spleen, the receiver of energy and therefore the physical plane expressionHealing, 166:expression of the center which receives this energy, is the analogy to the energizing spirit. Healing, 168:healing art - based on the understanding of energy, its inflow and circulation - this treatise willHealing, 169:from the Hierarchy. There is a downflow of energy from the ajna center to the heart from the soul,Healing, 170:and the instrument through which emotional energy flows. It is the organ of desire. It is ofHealing, 174:center. This, in reality, means that emotional energy, desire and ambition (in the race of men as aHealing, 174:noted here that the transference of solar plexus energy per se is the task of all aspirants to theHealing, 177:related to matter, and there is a flow of energy between three points in the lower part of theHealing, 178:of Disease The sacral center registers the energy of the third aspect of divinity, just as theHealing, 178:second aspect and the basic center expresses the energy of the first aspect. Here [179] again youHealing, 179:in old Lemuria, the first human race; its energy is that of the Holy Spirit, over-shadowing virginHealing, 180:We have reversed the direction of the sacral energy, hence the over-developed animal nature andHealing, 181:- under the influence of the Holy Spirit, the energy of the etheric vehicle - is translated "intoHealing, 182:These three stages are nurtured by the life and energy pouring down through the entire length ofHealing, 183:column is therefore composed of three threads of energy which have channeled for themselves in theHealing, 184:One of these paths is the one along which the energy which feeds matter is poured. Another isHealing, 184:into placing these interlaced spheres of living energy on the right or the left of the spinal cord.Healing, 187:sushumna channel which is responsive only to the energy of the head center and the directing will,Healing, 190:transmit the force of the personality ray or the energy of the soul ray, according to the point inHealing, 190:life or the triumphant expression of soul energy. It is for this reason that the science ofHealing, 194:including the multitude of lesser centers of energy and plexi of force which may be found therein.Healing, 194:or the soul) which is the source of the incoming energy, or upon the ray governing the astral bodyHealing, 195:by the individual and the preponderant type of energy to which the individual reacts. The incomingHealing, 195:to which the individual reacts. The incoming energy is transmuted within the center into forces.Healing, 195:into secondary energies of the primary energy involved, and is an automatic happening; the rate ofHealing, 196:to this subtle substance (composed of threads of energy) underlying the more tangible nerves, weHealing, 197:of the centers. The life, the quality and the energy which they represent are conveyed to everyHealing, 197:nervous system, responsive with immediacy to the energy carried by [198] the nadis; the result ofHealing, 199:appears. It will be apparent to you that as the energy pours through the centers, via the nadis andHealing, 199:course, the head, the throat and the torso. The energy thus dispatched penetrates to every part ofHealing, 199:and atom. It is the working of the quality of energy upon the body which induces, stimulates,Healing, 200:the soul and personality. Speaking in terms of energy, this involves the formation, activity andHealing, 201:state, spiritually speaking, and. the focus of energy is elsewhere. This deficiency or thisHealing, 201:we shall see the science of the regulation of energy, as it conditions the human being, developed.Healing, 201:of the centers and the distribution of energy to the surrounding areas of the body is carriedHealing, 201:Today this planned, directed esoteric control of energy is not present, except in the case of thoseHealing, 203:centers, as they condition the glands and as the energy is distributed throughout the body. A fullHealing, 203:throughout the body. A full and balanced flow of energy from the center into the area which itHealing, 204:curative. The whole emphasis will be upon the energy centers, energy currents and the direction ofHealing, 204:whole emphasis will be upon the energy centers, energy currents and the direction of energy to theHealing, 204:centers, energy currents and the direction of energy to the organs within the radius of theHealing, 205:trinity of manifestation: Life or spirit - the energy center. Soul or quality - the gland. Form orHealing, 205:must ever have in mind. Law VII When life or energy flows unimpeded and through right direction toHealing, 205:and concerns the true art of relating spiritual energy with form life, and upon this the health andHealing, 205:Rule five Let the healer concentrate the needed energy within the needed center. Let that centerHealing, 206:area or diseased organ. As he thus works, the energy which loving intent and skilled knowledge hasHealing, 206:healer must learn to insulate himself from the energy to be used on behalf of the patient. HeHealing, 206:on behalf of the patient. He blends it with the energy of the patient's center, governing theHealing, 207:of augmenting the patient's own spiritual [207] energy. He thus enables him to effect his own cure,Healing, 207:the patient and the reservoir of spiritual energy, plus the scientific process of bringing allHealing, 207:of the united streams of required specific energy to the area diseased. This is usually done viaHealing, 207:identifies itself with the spiritual center of energy in the patient, and which then applies andHealing, 208:of the centers, to their balanced state of energy reception and distribution, and to the effectHealing, 208:and acting as the agent for the distribution of energy, is the nervous system. Here, however,Healing, 208:to be found. There is a lack of adequate flow of energy; the energy distributed by its means to theHealing, 208:There is a lack of adequate flow of energy; the energy distributed by its means to the body, viaHealing, 209:supplying the body with the needed vital energy; thus the nervous system becomes eventuallyHealing, 209:submits himself to training. The flow of energy through the head to the centers up the spine isHealing, 209:the centers - permits as yet only a very little energy to flow through to all the centers. It mustHealing, 209:life of matter itself works; this is the life or energy of the Holy Spirit aspect, the thirdHealing, 209:by the inflow of planetary prana or vital energy from the planetary life itself, via the spleen.Healing, 210:to this inherent force an inflow of "qualified" energy which is expressive of the consciousnessHealing, 210:life of the monad; it conveys to the centers the energy of the three major types of spiritual beingHealing, 210:I - The Psychological Causes of Disease Later, energy from the spirit aspect, the first or FatherHealing, 210:center to the ajna center, combining personality energy and soul energy. Then, by an act of theHealing, 210:center, combining personality energy and soul energy. Then, by an act of the will, it is projectedHealing, 211:the basic center, it combines with the latent energy of substance itself, and you have, therefore,Healing, 214:there is both an upward and a downward trend of energy within the entire structure of centers,Healing, 214:Material force is transmuted into spiritual energy. From any or all of the five spinal centers toHealing, 217:floods the lower nature with ill-directed energy (or should I say misdirected?). The solar plexusHealing, 218:Age will deal increasingly with the theory of energy direction and its relation to the ductlessHealing, 218:of experimentation, that the theory of the energy centers may be correct and that they are theHealing, 219:This will all be based upon the occult law that "Energy follows thought." Owing to the fact thatHealing, 233:the misuse of the physical body, by misapplied energy and by the deliberate action of the manHealing, 236:of the sacral center will be controlled and the energy usually focused there will be expended inHealing, 236:center; the solar plexus center will have its energy lifted to the heart, and the trend of humanHealing, 238:pay the penalty of misused and over-concentrated energy by developing various forms of acute heartHealing, 238:of the heart center. In the one case, the life energy flowing through the heart is employed pastHealing, 238:premature or deliberately planned lifting of the energy of the solar plexus to the heart, thusHealing, 238:become the objective of trained attention. Energy follows thought, and this mental focusing uponHealing, 239:is over-active, with a consequent increase of energy pouring through the related bodily substance.
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