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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGY

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Healing, 239:through the related bodily substance. This energy and the over-stimulation of a center can be dueHealing, 239:center. This brings about a damming up of energy, and again we have the creation of too muchHealing, 239:we have the creation of too much concentrated energy in any particular area. One of the mainHealing, 239:sex life were refused expression. Nevertheless, energy follows the direction of thought, with theHealing, 239:result that that particularly magnetic type of energy attracted an increasing number of cells andHealing, 239:center a great reservoir of drastically retained energy. Transmutation of the emotions intoHealing, 240:(over-activity of a center and the retention of energy, unexpressed and inhibited) as fruitfulHealing, 240:organized and directed, that the effects of the energy which they receive and distribute into theHealing, 240:carries throughout the organism an aspect of the energy stored up by the centers which is notHealing, 240:the center under consideration. This permeating energy of life itself, localized and qualified, canHealing, 241:some condition of the centers, and therefore to energy running wild, to energy over-active andHealing, 241:and therefore to energy running wild, to energy over-active and misdirected or insufficient andHealing, 241:transmuted into a higher corresponding center of energy. The mystery of the blood still remains toHealing, 241:so prevalent today, are also due to excess of energy. I can only lay down general indications,Healing, 243:body. These radiations play upon the units of energy which, in their totality, constitute theHealing, 245:living processes. Death, or the death-producing energy emanating [246] from the planet, bringsHealing, 247:cyclic law, to its general reservoir of living energy. Upon these two reactions depends the healthHealing, 247:an over-shadowing force and not an integrated energy: The stage of inflowing, of vitalization andHealing, 249:reabsorption requires the expenditure of much energy. When the life increases in potency within theHealing, 254:through a right comprehension of the nature of energy, and through a correct appreciation of theHealing, 270:to you that the fundamental cause is related to energy, to its presence in excess as it poursHealing, 271:they have worked out a technique for handling energy in relation to the patient. To this will someHealing, 273:must be affected, for the circulatory flow of energy, emanating from the center, will find itselfHealing, 273:these, as you know, underlie and feed the needed energy to the nervous system. Old channels for theHealing, 273:the nervous system. Old channels for the flow of energy will have been removed, as the result ofHealing, 273:is accepted and its existence, as a mechanism of energy supply and as the vital aspect of the outerHealing, 275:in any part of the body. Where the flow of energy is commensurate to the demands of the physicalHealing, 275:interior energies of the body, and therefore the energy transmitted will not be pure vital energyHealing, 275:the energy transmitted will not be pure vital energy or simple planetary prana but will beHealing, 276:body will be of two major [276] types: the ray energy of the soul and the ray energy of theHealing, 276:types: the ray energy of the soul and the ray energy of the personality, qualified by the threeHealing, 276:body and its incident circulatory systems of energy, its interlocking relationships and the flowHealing, 281:lead to an accumulation of knowledge anent energy, its focal points and distribution in the ethericHealing, 282:proven or possible until the science of etheric energy and the development of clairvoyantHealing, 282:admits, in relation to the physical body, that "energy follows thought," and then begins toHealing, 282:- where the esotericist posit the existence of energy points or centers - much will then beHealing, 283:and its contradictory position of using the energy of the mind for mainly physical requirementsHealing, 283:and had it developed the idea correctly that energy follows thought, medical science would haveHealing, 283:can, through the power of directed thought, pour energy into the center which is the determiningHealing, 284:which must eventually be the recipient of the energy of the lower creative aspect orHealing, 284:others, can be stopped. These two ways of using energy and thought control form the occult basisHealing, 284:the two fundamental methods used in directing energy in diseased areas. They produce, in the oneHealing, 285:of either stimulating activity or of withdrawing energy, of making more active an allied center andHealing, 286:patient which will attract the thought-directed energy of the group. The healer or the healingHealing, 287:ability should be developed to send streams of energy to the patient and to the area in theHealing, 287:group must remember that it is not mental energy only with which he works. He, for himself, CreatesHealing, 287:and this must not be forgotten. The pranic energy (thought-directed) is not sent to the center andHealing, 288:yet really known anent the centers, the areas of energy in the body, and thought direction; realizeHealing, 292:itself. Karma demonstrates in those streams of energy and of primordial substance which pour intoHealing, 293:great Beings Whose life force (which we call energy) creates all that is, colors and shapes allHealing, 294:single human being. Every man appropriates this energy to the measure of his need, and his need isHealing, 294:seven planetary centers, transmitting imperfect energy. A.A.B.) The seven perfections hovered o'erHealing, 296:to recognize them, and to trace the conditioning energy to the appropriate effect, dealingHealing, 297:and death is just a method for refocusing energy, prior to a forward moving activity, leadingHealing, 297:because all forms are infused with the life energy of the "imperfect Gods." [298] The sevenHealing, 299:of disease, the imperfection of this divine energy produces a peculiar attitude which expressesHealing, 299:to all too much." The imperfection of this great energy with its building, vitalizing and coheringHealing, 300:in this treatise. It is because this third ray energy is the energy of substance itself that itsHealing, 300:It is because this third ray energy is the energy of substance itself that its imperfectionsHealing, 300:results from the excessive use of this third ray energy for selfish and personal ends and manifestsHealing, 301:and bodily ills become possible. Diffusion of energy leads to a constant lessening of thisHealing, 301:and of contagious diseases. It is this energy which lies behind what we call epidemics, andHealing, 302:describe the nature of the imperfection of the energy of the Lord of the fifth ray. In the activityHealing, 302:Lord of the fifth ray. In the activity of this energy which demonstrates primarily upon the fifthHealing, 302:is caused by a lack of relationship between the energy around the pineal gland and that around theHealing, 303:satisfactions grow out of the misuse of this energy. The bewilderment growing out of desire leadsHealing, 304:as this ray is now coming into power. It is this energy which is largely responsible for infectionsHealing, 304:inactivity of one or other of the seven types of energy as they play upon the human body. AllHealing, 307:for you when the understanding of force and energy and their relation to each other in the humanHealing, 307:force is misleading; to say that it is static energy means little; to say that it is irregular orHealing, 307:place as it pours into the center, then the energy is thrown back upon its originating source -Healing, 308:[308] That congestion which takes place as the energy or the life force flows throughout theHealing, 308:impeded or too rapidly circulated. The flow of energy can be arrested in certain areas and canHealing, 309:cause of the disease through the pouring in of energy to the etheric counterpart of the physicalHealing, 310:psychological factor, leading to a wrong use of energy, sets in motion those inner tendencies whichHealing, 312:today people are a blend of the three states of energy which we call physical, emotional andHealing, 313:and mental counterparts. It is over-excessive energy which burns up and, in burning, relieves andHealing, 314:there is a vital core or a living spot of energy which is absorbing, slowly or quickly, as the caseHealing, 314:has been done, then the invoked and concentrated energy will follow thought, under the ancient law,Healing, 314:by the stronger tissue can take place. If the energy is directed to the cancer itself, theHealing, 316:of the brain cells by some forms of energy which over-balance other forms and produce certainHealing, 320:of an idea; we indicate that intangible point of energy which results later in some kind ofHealing, 320:all three. How oft have I told you that all is energy and that there is naught else. A germ is aHealing, 320:that there is naught else. A germ is a point of energy having within it certain livingHealing, 320:certain effects upon the surrounding field of energy, and producing certain forms of expressionHealing, 320:to is, in the last analysis, some form of active energy that forms part of the energy availableHealing, 320:form of active energy that forms part of the energy available upon and within and around the planetHealing, 320:to disease, a germ still remains a point of energy, but it might be regarded as energy which is notHealing, 320:a point of energy, but it might be regarded as energy which is not functioning correctly inHealing, 321:of the human body, where the directed life energy goes. Germs are living organisms, great or small.Healing, 321:its agents of distribution. In the same way, the energy of consciousness uses the nervous systemHealing, 322:it is not the focus of the mind but of the life energy within the physical body. This, when presentHealing, 327:that: There is nothing in manifestation except energy, taking form, using and actuating forms andHealing, 327:and actuating forms and dissipating forms. This energy is divided into three types of so-calledHealing, 328:fire. [328] Prana is the name given to the energy which is drawn upon the physical plane from theHealing, 328:life. That etheric aspect of the divine energy is a synthesis of energies. If the energy in whichHealing, 328:divine energy is a synthesis of energies. If the energy in which an individual primarily lives andHealing, 328:astral, then the major expression of energy in his equipment will be astral or emotional feelingHealing, 328:equipment will be astral or emotional feeling energy. He will react all the time to physical energyHealing, 328:energy. He will react all the time to physical energy or prana and to astral energy or the many
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