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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGY

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Healing, 328:time to physical energy or prana and to astral energy or the many sentient emotional forces. TheseHealing, 328:thyroid gland. Interest in these two types of energy, when evidenced by an individual, is based onHealing, 328:easily and normally responds. The current of energy used in healing will be a synthesis of theHealing, 328:the healer normally works, with that type of energy predominating which is, for him, the paramountHealing, 328:predominating which is, for him, the paramount energy of his life. The average unintelligent healerHealing, 328:a transmitter of prana itself, which is the energy of the planet. This combines with the ethericHealing, 328:work with that type of force and with emotional energy blended, and produce activity, therefore,Healing, 329:mental healers who are rare indeed) blend soul energy with the two above mentioned forces and thisHealing, 329:the mechanism of the patient of pure soul energy. It was in this way that Christ worked, and thereHealing, 331:of various types of force. There is the force or energy of matter itself which might be regarded asHealing, 331:of matter itself which might be regarded as the energy aspect, in its totality, of the cells orHealing, 331:connotation, an imprisoned life, and life and energy are, for the esotericist, synonymous terms.Healing, 331:itself in humanity. There is also the dual energy which the soul embodies or transmits; this mightHealing, 331:this might be likened to two streams of energy, which merge and blend to form one stream whenHealing, 331:It might be stated also that: The stream of life-energy finds its way to the heart, the physicalHealing, 332:matter from whence they came. The stream of energy which conveys the soul quality of intelligence,Healing, 332:that the soul pours its consciously directed energy into the dense physical body through the mediumHealing, 332:etheric network which is composed of streams of energy, connects all the centers into two systems -Healing, 333:The nadis are infinitesimally small threads of energy or force fibers which radiate out from everyHealing, 333:the solar plexus as the point where the basic energy is localized temporarily. There will also beHealing, 333:brought into relation to this general scheme of energy processes in the human body. [334] Healing, 335:life of its own. It is composed of units of energy, as is all else in nature, and has its ownHealing, 335:life; its focus for the distribution of energy for this life is the spleen. In the spleen, theHealing, 335:the negative life of matter and the living energy of the positive etheric body, are broughtHealing, 337:disease. The psychological causes are forms of energy, working out through the appropriate centersHealing, 341:pouring in of radiance and the entering in of energy both subjective and objective. For all trueHealing, 344:give you the clue to the right distribution of energy. The second question is somewhat answered inHealing, 347:IV - Some Questions Answered On Planetary Energy The sumtotal of energy remains the same for asHealing, 347:Answered On Planetary Energy The sumtotal of energy remains the same for as long as a planetHealing, 347:It is part of the great storehouse of energy. It is the use and the effect of this energy, as it isHealing, 347:of energy. It is the use and the effect of this energy, as it is appropriated by a form or forms ofHealing, 347:karma and destiny. There is a great abstracting energy which we call Death, whose influence at aHealing, 347:to withdraw and finally to abstract the soul energy which avails itself of these potencies in theHealing, 350:transcended when an airplane is in flight. The energy of faith can set in motion superior energiesHealing, 354:emanation and radiation. This constant stream of energy pouring from the aggregate of bodily cellsHealing, 356:Chapter IV - Some Questions Answered On Healing Energy The question is sometimes asked byHealing, 356:"Can we clearly distinguish between the healing energy, as expressed by the soul and by theHealing, 356:we shall then learn to use the various types of energy according to the need of the individual toHealing, 356:knows the source from which any type of healing energy may come. He senses its vibration and canHealing, 356:can see the center from which the healing energy can flow, and the center then indicates the typeHealing, 356:the type and quality of the projected force. All energy is from the soul in the secondary instance,Healing, 356:secondary instance, but in the primary sense all energy is simply life, functioning under directionHealing, 356:characteristic of the distinction between soul energy and personality force, as applied to healing,Healing, 357:the healer and the one to be healed. Soul energy functions unconsciously and is wielded by thoseHealing, 359:an act of the will, thus creating a reservoir of energy which was available to supplement that ofHealing, 359:contact with his soul, and in which the soul energy is so great and so potent that it sweepsHealing, 359:spiritual and full of wisdom, enough spiritual energy to ensure a cure. [360] I trust you will findHealing, 361:correct and immediate response to His energy there expressed. He is coming nearer in His thoughtHealing, 370:or mental magnetism; still others radiate the energy of a fully integrated personality. A fewHealing, 370:the magnetism of the soul, the major attractive energy in all forms. In the future the true healerHealing, 370:for there are few as yet who can work with soul energy, but many who could work as integratedHealing, 383:turn, are related to a definite misuse of the energy of the three major rays. It might be statedHealing, 383:diseases are due to the misuse of third ray energy, that of the creative, intelligent energy ofHealing, 383:ray energy, that of the creative, intelligent energy of substance itself. Tuberculosis is theHealing, 383:Tuberculosis is the result of the misuse of the energy of the second ray. Cancer is a mysteriousHealing, 383:is a mysterious and subtle reaction to the energy of the first ray, the will-to-live, which is oneHealing, 394:substance; or of the soul, the divine spiritual energy, returning to its source - either on soul orHealing, 407:cosmic experience and the need for an inflow of energy from extra-planetary Beings. I have givenHealing, 409:these forces to the [409] general reservoir of energy. This dual phase covers the Process ofHealing, 426:of a unity. Spirit-matter, life-appearance, energy-force - each have their own emanating aspect;Healing, 428:of physical enterprise. Two major streams of energy enter the physical body and produce itsHealing, 428:is anchored in the heart. This stream of dynamic energy enters the body, via the head, and passesHealing, 428:life cycle. A smaller stream of the universal energy or prana, distinctive from the individualizedHealing, 429:integrated physical body. The stream of pranic energy vitalizes the individual atoms and cells ofHealing, 429:the point attained in evolution. This stream of energy likewise functions in connection with aHealing, 429:plexus is the focus of consciousness and the energy is registered by the focal point ofHealing, 430:process, certain interesting triangles of energy. In the case of the animals and of those humanHealing, 441:be found that it is an aspect of that divine energy which works always under the destroyer aspect,Healing, 444:that in sleep the magnetic thread or current of energy along which the life force streams isHealing, 448:inadequate phrase) of directed and focused will-energy. This is so magnetic in quality that itHealing, 448:This it does through a discharge of the will-energy that is strong enough to bring about theHealing, 452:self is occupied with its own plane, there is no energy outgoing towards the matter of the threeHealing, 452:This is in line with the occult truism that "energy follows thought," and is in line, too, with theHealing, 453:the central nucleus of positive energy by means of which all the atoms of the body are held inHealing, 454:heart and from the head of these two streams of energy, producing consequently complete loss ofHealing, 454:Death differs from sleep in that both streams of energy are withdrawn. In sleep, only the thread ofHealing, 454:are withdrawn. In sleep, only the thread of energy which is anchored in the brain is withdrawn, andHealing, 454:and brain are the exoteric symbols. Living is energy, desire in form, coherence and adhesion to anHealing, 455:of the dual threads of life and reason energy, or by the abstraction of the thread of energy whichHealing, 455:energy, or by the abstraction of the thread of energy which is qualified by mentality, leaving theHealing, 455:we call the etheric body or double. It is an energy body and is composed of force centers and nadisHealing, 455:matter, composed of interlacing strands of life energy. During the process of death the pressure ofHealing, 455:the process of death the pressure of the life energy beating against the web produces eventually aHealing, 457:express and complete inability to generate the energy which will indicate aliveness. When silenceHealing, 458:sounded, it will coordinate the two streams of energy and eventually rupture the life thread, butHealing, 465:react under astral, mental and soul impulsive energy. It works also through certain of the minorHealing, 469:and then the many"; the light substance, the energy aspect of the soul, begins to permeate [470]Healing, 470:and the final abstraction of its own intrinsic energy by the soul. The prison house of the flesh isHealing, 470:turn, are absorbed by the major seven centers of energy. Then the "Word of Return" is uttered, andHealing, 470:aspect, the quality nature, the light and energy of the incarnating man, are withdrawn into theHealing, 503:scientific discovery of the release of atomic energy has demonstrated. The nucleus of the atom isHealing, 503:phenomena brought about by the release of atomic energy. Every death, in all the kingdoms ofHealing, 503:less opposition to the inflow of the new type of energy; it should facilitate the appearance of theHealing, 504:and the cosmic mental plane. The death-dealing energy emanates as an expression of the lifeHealing, 506:sheaths - those aggregations of conditioned energy with which we are not so objectively familiarHealing, 506:is gradually enhanced and coordinated by the energy which streams from the knowledge petals of theHealing, 507:and the war is on between two focused aspects of energy. This conflict terminates at the thirdHealing, 513:left but a pure channel through which spiritual energy can pour. Irritation, as you understand it,Healing, 513:to be used in the three worlds to enhance soul energy within the form and to create the field ofHealing, 513:incarnating soul. It mobilizes and focuses the energy of the soul ray, and by an act of the will
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