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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGY

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Healing, 713:this volume, an entirely new language related to energy and force is already in the making; the useHealing, 714:as an electrical unit; its nature as pure atomic energy is not yet realized; the fact of the energyHealing, 714:energy is not yet realized; the fact of the energy body, the etheric vehicle, is not at this timeHealing, 714:fact has been discussed; the explosive nature of energy, when in contact with force, or of the soulHealing, 714:(which the discovery of the release of atomic energy has made possible) have become more generallyHercules, 8:It will concern itself with the twelve types of energy by means of which consciousness of theHercules, 11:his problem was to express spiritual being and energy. He had to know in fact and in experienceHercules, 11:we surely know is that all forms are aspects of energy; that there is an interplay and an impact ofHercules, 11:upon our planet; that the planet is itself an energy unit composed of a multitude of energy units,Hercules, 11:itself an energy unit composed of a multitude of energy units, and that man himself is likewise aHercules, 12:Being, to a Universal Mind, and to a central Energy. In the unfolding drama of the heavens, in theHercules, 25:magnetic and protective, the symbol of energy, emanating from high sources of spiritual power,Hercules, 25:Equipped, therefore, with vocation, spiritual energy and sensitivity, the gift of a sword that cameHercules, 26:He sensed his vocation, he believed in spiritual energy, he was told that he possessed the horsesHercules, 31:outgoing power, of the streaming forth of divine energy from the central deity, God, or from theHercules, 31:God, or from the human being, a son of God. This energy streams forth in two directions (thus theHercules, 31:the world of being or of spirit. One stream of energy expresses the path of return, ofHercules, 52:to reality and right use of spiritual energy, the soul will act as the controlling factor and theHercules, 72:learning to serve and be channels of spiritual energy, then we shall know Nereus more intimately;Hercules, 100:a sentient soul. In Gemini, a new and vital energy body was constructed [101] by the bringingHercules, 116:"Under the will of Deity and the unalterable energy at the heart of the manifested zodiac, theyHercules, 119:and Virgo is ruled by Mercury, carrying the energy of the mind. In this Virgo lecture A.A.B. gave aHercules, 122:ruler of the sign is Mercury, "the versatile energy of the son of mind, the soul", the intermediaryHercules, 122:the form. Vulcan is an expression of first ray energy, while the moon exerts fourth ray energy;Hercules, 122:ray energy, while the moon exerts fourth ray energy; Jupiter is the hierarchical ruler representingHercules, 122:manifestation), and brings in second ray energy. The Tibetan points out that Mercury, Saturn andHercules, 136:opposites (sex), second aspect; and concretized energy, called money, third aspect, as they expressHercules, 136:rooted in biological fact, where also creative energy, God immanent, is at work. [137] Turning toHercules, 139:but that all is God in manifestation; it is all energy in different categories. Christ was theHercules, 144:a rock. This implies that the concentrated energy which creates a problem still remains, purified,Hercules, 145:Problems arising out of the misuse [145] of the energy known as sex engage our attention on everyHercules, 146:prurience are both undesirable. Sex is an energy. It can be inhibited, unrestrainedly exercised, orHercules, 146:passion. Sublimation involves the use of the energy of sex in creative endeavor. The transmutationHercules, 146:and experiment. In physical science, the energy of motion can be transformed into electricity, andHercules, 146:human energies be redirected? First of all, the energy of matter, represented by food, is obviouslyHercules, 146:to produce that of motion. Can the impelling energy of the emotions analogously be rechannelledHercules, 146:into the activity of thought? Can the energy of seething passions find expression as aspiration?Hercules, 146:that they become beneficent powers? Can the energy that produces thought be utilized as the powerHercules, 148:of all emotional content, it can become an energy that causes a man to reject the form for the sakeHercules, 148:the past few hundred years man has released the energy of power far more than that of love. TheHercules, 150:its power. The task of translating [150] the energy of cruelty into that of active compassion stillHercules, 163:interplay between those three local points of energy, a change goes on, a rebuilding, until thereHercules, 186:have a new language, the symbolic language of energy itself. We shall all be practical occultists,Hercules, 187:you raise your voice when emoting? Because the energy sweeping through you has an effect upon yourHercules, 189:South Africa there will be focal points of the energy, but what will really happen is the comingHercules, 193:We are entering increasingly into the age of energy, entering into the age of love. Do youHercules, 193:during the war, and that since the war, life and energy have come to mean something more than theyHercules, 198:to use the mind as the interpreter of spiritual energy. If Jesus as a human being, en rapport withHercules, 198:to lower kingdoms in nature that spiritual energy which will raise them up into heaven. That is theHercules, 201:transmitters, via the mind, of [201] spiritual energy, which will save and vitalize all lowerHercules, 202:Life, the World Savior, who pours his force and energy through them and toward the world. TheyHercules, 219:they are transmitted. We glibly use the phrase, "energy follows thought". Here the reality of thisInitiation, viii:and the highest aspect begins to make its energy felt. The Ego reflects itself in III. TheInitiation, 23:the body Logoic, and is expressing some form of energy or force. Each center expresses itsInitiation, 23:withdrawn in Atlantean days) of the type of energy which our scheme should be demonstrating, willInitiation, 30:or who have come in on certain streams of solar energy, astrologically determined, from otherInitiation, 30:the directing agents and the transmitters of the energy, force, purpose, and will of the PlanetaryInitiation, 33:each in his own place a focal point for the energy of the Lord of the World, and proving to hisInitiation, 37:aid and dwelt briefly upon our planet. By the energy which flowed through them, and by theirInitiation, 38:of their plans, and the scientific knowledge of energy which is theirs, they direct those forceInitiation, 38:to be the agents for the distribution of the energy of the Planetary Logos. As has already beenInitiation, 39:are the sumtotal of activity or planetary energy, and the three esoteric Kumaras embody types ofInitiation, 39:and the three esoteric Kumaras embody types of energy which as yet are not in full demonstrationInitiation, 39:of, and the distributing agent for, the energy and force of one of the six other Planetary Logoi,Initiation, 39:They each embody one of the six types of energy, with the Lord of the World as the synthesizer andInitiation, 42:plans are prepared for ages ahead, centers of energy are formed thousands of years before they willInitiation, 43:in North America and Australia. The energy which flows through him emanates from the head center ofInitiation, 43:of Sanat Kumara, who focalizes all the planetary energy within himself. He works by the means of aInitiation, 43:a capacity to transmit creative and destructive energy to those who are his assistants. And allInitiation, 44:the Lord of Wisdom. [44] Through him flows the energy of the second aspect, reaching him directInitiation, 45:is largely the emanating source of electrical energy as we know it. Being the reflection of theInitiation, 45:the reflection of the third, or creative aspect, energy from the Planetary Logos flows to him fromInitiation, 46:ray, and thus comes under the department of energy of the Mahachohan, yet in Hierarchical work heInitiation, 46:statesmen and rulers; they pour forth mental energy on governing groups, thus bringing about theInitiation, 48:representing one type of the sevenfold planetary energy emanating from the Planetary Logos. TheInitiation, 52:schools of thought which are fostered by the energy of the Lodge are, in every case, founded by aInitiation, 53:Master will withdraw that blessing, withhold his energy, and thus cease from stimulating that whichInitiation, 56:The Master Jesus, who is the focal point of the energy that flows through the various ChristianInitiation, 59:to strip the veil from the unseen. His is the energy which, through his disciples, is stimulatingInitiation, 72:his is the responsibility [72] of directing the energy which may pour through him into channelsInitiation, 74:with altruistic purpose, in order to carry the energy of Love through the medium of the tongue, isInitiation, 74:the burden of the world; working, and wasting no energy in talk. Yet withal he should speak whereInitiation, 75:the purpose of creating on all planes, and the energy which now, in the majority, finds expressionInitiation, 79:under control, then the effect of the force and energy contacted is to stimulate the response ofInitiation, 80:Thus is he brought - through right direction of energy and wise manipulation of force currents - toInitiation, 80:in, and can be trusted with, some part of the energy of the Planetary Logos, and thus be enabled toInitiation, 80:ray understand discipleship largely in terms of energy, or force, or activity, whilst disciples onInitiation, 80:on the physical plane in service: 1st Ray Force Energy Action The Occultist. 2nd Ray ConsciousnessInitiation, 91:Buddha of the seventh degree, is dealing with energy of some kind or other. The stages ofInitiation, 91:to become aware, through discrimination, of the energy or force of his own lower self. He has toInitiation, 91:by the higher, and the old method of expressing energy dies out entirely. He then is permitted, byInitiation, 91:guidance - to employ certain forms of group energy, until the time comes when he is in a positionInitiation, 91:the force of the lower self, the true sanctified energy of the personality in service; at the thirdInitiation, 91:into play on the physical plane the entire energy stored up during numerous incarnations [92] inInitiation, 92:the causal vehicle. At the fourth initiation the energy of his egoic group becomes his to use forInitiation, 92:and at the fifth initiation the force or energy of the planet (esoterically understood, and notInitiation, 92:understood, and not merely the force or energy of the material globe) is at his disposal. DuringInitiation, 92:in this solar system, a still higher type of energy in expression of the one Self comes into play,Initiation, 96:other schemes; the interchange of force and energy between these two planets, Earth and Venus, isInitiation, 96:are the absorbers and synthesizers of the energy of the others.
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