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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGY

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Initiation, 98:specific phenomena. First and foremost is the energy or force emanating from the sun Sirius. If itInitiation, 98:the sun Sirius. If it might be so expressed, the energy of thought, or mind force, in its totality,Initiation, 98:transmitter and as a powerful magnet) this energy is momentarily intensified, and applied to theInitiation, 98:more than he could stand. This increase of mind energy results in an expansion and an apprehensionInitiation, 98:organ of creation through sound. Another type of energy reaches man from the Pleiades, passingInitiation, 98:the Venusian scheme to us, just as the Sirian energy passes through the Saturnian. It has aInitiation, 98:to stimulate the heart center. A third type of energy is applied to the initiate, and affects hisInitiation, 98:Logos as the Ego does to a human being. This energy, therefore, is sevenfold, and differs accordingInitiation, 99:of the application of these varying types of energy, nor to give the initiation during which theInitiation, 101:and will, through their increased inherent energy, enable the initiate to accomplish more in theInitiation, 104:Kumara, who is the focal point for his life and energy. He holds the world within his aura. ThisInitiation, 105:Watcher, supplemented by the more focalized energy of the Lord of the World. This dual energy heInitiation, 105:energy of the Lord of the World. This dual energy he pours out in blessing over the people gatheredInitiation, 106:cooperation in all departments, with no loss of energy. Owing to the unity of consciousness ofInitiation, 108:inasmuch as they each embody the force or energy of one or other of the three higher subplanes ofInitiation, 108:to the causal body of the initiate that energy which destroys third subplane matter, and thusInitiation, 111:through their bodies the force or electrical energy emanating from the Rod of Initiation. ThisInitiation, 117:of a divine Entity, of a great center of fiery energy, and of the full flower of evolution, liesInitiation, 119:nature. He realizes the meaning and source of energy, and can begin to wield power with scientificInitiation, 119:it, and has had a glimpse of the resources of energy which are available. Before, he knew that theInitiation, 119:which are available. Before, he knew that the energy existed, and used it blindly and sometimesInitiation, 121:his Monad. This subray bears upon its stream of energy many groups of Egos, and the initiate isInitiation, 121:other groups, similarly composed. Their united energy is working towards a clearly defined goal. Initiation, 122:of adjustments, and the gradual application of energy in stimulation of the various kingdoms inInitiation, 122:of all of nature's forces the interplay of energy between the two schemes may be quickened. In thisInitiation, 122:consummated. The handling, therefore, of solar energy on a tiny scale, is now his privilege, and heInitiation, 123:point to point and center to center until the energy is merged and synthesized and the three workInitiation, 133:fire." He knows past all gainsaying that fiery energy and electric force constitute the sumtotal ofInitiation, 134:resulting in a greater degree of nervous energy and an elasticity and resistance which will serveInitiation, 134:fires of the body are stimulated, and the total energy of the threefold lower man is coordinated,Initiation, 134:is coordinated, so that there is less waste of energy and a greater coherence and uniformity inInitiation, 135:are enormously increased, and his nervous energy intensified, so that he can draw upon reserves ofInitiation, 136:as a solar angel, and which, through inherent energy, held together through long ages the formInitiation, 137:the egoic body as a center of force, a wheel of energy, or a lotus, and to picture it as a lotusInitiation, 140:The Hierophant transmits higher manasic energy to the initiate, so that he is enabled consciouslyInitiation, 143:ceremony. The sun [143] is the source of all energy and power, and the work of the Initiator isInitiation, 143:The chanting of certain mantrams sets loose energy from a particular planetary Center. It must beInitiation, 143:a Solar Logos, and embodies a peculiar type of energy or force. According to the energy desired atInitiation, 143:type of energy or force. According to the energy desired at a particular initiation, so it isInitiation, 143:the initiate. The procedure is as follows: The energy is set in motion from the planetary CenterInitiation, 143:to the sun where it mingles with pure solar energy. It is transmitted from the sun to thatInitiation, 144:mantram the Initiator then focuses the energy in his own body, using it both as a receiving and aInitiation, 145:a "wall of silence" is built up through mantric energy between the two groups; a vacuum, so toInitiation, 147:that has come to him as to the sources of energy and of force with which he has been brought intoInitiation, 147:retain complete silence as to the true nature of energy, as to its laws of manipulation, and aInitiation, 148:in the work of administration. In this way energy of a triple nature becomes available according toInitiation, 148:the different sections of the oath taken. This energy flows down from the three major rays, throughInitiation, 148:is bathed in color, corresponding to the type of energy and its originating planetary scheme, andInitiation, 148:Initiator to put the initiate in touch with this energy. This pours down upon the group from theInitiation, 148:The three Buddhas of Activity, who are the great energy centers upon our planet, then touch the tipInitiation, 153:The sound M to Brahma, who, in his work of Energy-provider, links in active intelligence, spiritInitiation, 155:on all planes; and to create forms and direct energy through sacred sounds, and thus further theInitiation, 156:creative processes. Specific direction of energy. This, of course, on the planes in the threeInitiation, 156:This involves the application of intelligent energy to every atom of his three sheaths - physical,Initiation, 156:effect certain ends, and the retention of speech energy when not needed, - a very different matter.Initiation, 157:is the outcome of the first and will manifest as energy on the physical plane. Only when theInitiation, 159:caused them is prolonged, and the specific will-energy of the one who initiated the sound isInitiation, 159:A particular tone. A special form. A degree of energy or activity. The nature of the ensoulingInitiation, 161:illuminated Buddha, and he can then manipulate energy in the six worlds or planes. Two moreInitiation, 162:consciousness of the initiate somewhat of the energy and power of the "One about whom Naught may beInitiation, 163:personalities are thus linked by the circulating energy emanating from the Rod, the InitiatorInitiation, 164:concerning the various types of force or energy by which the solar system is animated, and whichInitiation, 167:a. In the Hall of Ignorance the force or energy of Brahma (the activity and intelligence ofInitiation, 167:learn the meaning of activity based on: Inherent energy. Absorbed energy. Group energy. MaterialInitiation, 167:of activity based on: Inherent energy. Absorbed energy. Group energy. Material energy, or thatInitiation, 167:on: Inherent energy. Absorbed energy. Group energy. Material energy, or that which is hidden inInitiation, 167:energy. Absorbed energy. Group energy. Material energy, or that which is hidden in physical planeInitiation, 167:of Learning he becomes aware of, and uses the energy of the second aspect in form building, inInitiation, 167:he comes to the knowledge of the first aspect of energy, the dynamic use of will in sacrifice, andInitiation, 167:committed the key to the threefold mystery of energy. This energy in its threefold aspect he becameInitiation, 167:the key to the threefold mystery of energy. This energy in its threefold aspect he became aware of,Initiation, 169:are practically unimportant and he wastes not energy in this manner. The workers with theInitiation, 170:of thought form building. The transmission of energy from the Ego to the physical body via theInitiation, 171:the triple caves of Darkness. The Clue to the Energy uniting Fire and Water. [172] In all theseInitiation, 172:He can now wield power, and becomes a center of energy in a greatly increased degree, being able toInitiation, 175:Secret of Initiation Logos Concerned Source of Energy Planes Fohat Third Brahma Creator PhysicalInitiation, 175:will observe, the source of the particular energy concerned is one aspect of the sun. At the sixthInitiation, 182:of nature. It is distinguished largely by the energy which manifests itself in ritual, but thisInitiation, 186:to this Path. They wield the elemental formative energy, manipulating matter of every density andInitiation, 193:applications which reach the Master through the energy engendered through pure altruistic motiveInitiation, 197:the physical body would be shattered by the energy pouring through the newly stimulated centers,Initiation, 201:then transfer consciously the creative fire and energy from the organs of generation to the throat,Initiation, 201:study of all there is to be known concerning energy and its focal points, he will coordinate hisInitiation, 202:Only when the group is known and sensed can energy be wisely emanated. One thing all disciples andInitiation, 204:must then be nourished and sustained by the love energy of nature issuing from the heart center.Initiation, 205:centers are under complete control, and their energy is legitimately used; the spiritual will ofInitiation, 218:primordial light; the ever-present electrical energy; the universal propelling vital force; theIntellect, 51:mental and emotional states of being, the vital energy and the physical response apparatus, andIntellect, 54:This soul expresses itself through two forms of energy, that which we call the vital principle orIntellect, 54:principle or fluid, the life aspect, and the energy of pure reason. These energies are focusedIntellect, 55:[55] organism; the other stream, of intellectual energy, centers itself in the brain, and utilizesIntellect, 56:law, the orderly transformation of matter and of energy. It may be the 'curvature of the cosmos',Intellect, 56:of the cosmos', or 'blind chance', or 'universal energy', or 'an absentee Jehovah', or anIntellect, 57:a [57] vital body, responsive to universal energy, and the vehicle for the two forms of soul energyIntellect, 57:and the vehicle for the two forms of soul energy to which I referred above. The subject of theIntellect, 57:the vital body, its relation to this universal energy, and its seven points of contact with theIntellect, 57:acting as a conductor of the life principle of energy, or prana. This life principle is the forceIntellect, 58:by the desire nature and energized by the vital energy. As the race progresses, another "body," theIntellect, 60:a man, controlled by his emotions, impelled by energy, and directed by his mind, but knows himselfIntellect, 82:with the soul, their creator, their source of energy, and their motivating power. This science of
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