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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGY

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Magic, 46:has mysterious and peculiar effects. The type of energy which produces the concretion of ideas onMagic, 46:ideas on the physical plane. Strictly spiritual energy, or force from the plane of the monad. Magic, 48:and the subsequent result of the incarnated energy upon the substance of the form. This isMagic, 49:throughout the body the life principle, the energy which produces activity. This it does throughMagic, 49:for the distribution of light and attractive energy to others in the human kingdom, and through theMagic, 50:being a blend or unification of two types of energy in varying quantities, dynamic energy, andMagic, 50:types of energy in varying quantities, dynamic energy, and attractive or magnetic energy. These twoMagic, 50:dynamic energy, and attractive or magnetic energy. These two types characterize the universal soulMagic, 50:This coherent unified body of light and energy is the symbol of the soul in that it has within itMagic, 57:of solar vibration, and therefore of egoic energy. Is not an effect of the vibration of the formMagic, 57:from emotion and mental impulse. The downflow of energy from the soul is the result of ConstantMagic, 60:and awareness of that source of spiritual energy which is the motivating impulse behind the lowerMagic, 60:the lunar pitris, the downflow of the impressing energy from the solar pitri is the result of hisMagic, 61:out to his "reflection" rhythmic streams of energy, which streams are recognized by the manMagic, 61:unceasingly in deep meditation. The impulses of energy, emanating from him are increasing inMagic, 61:and are becoming more and more powerful. The energy is [62] affecting more and more the formsMagic, 62:are they being subjected to the flow of the soul energy? Are they passing through a period ofMagic, 62:to aid in the direction and utilization of the energy which (if misdirected) will eventuate inMagic, 63:is failing in its response, and reacting to energy with unevenness. He then learns that once he canMagic, 88:has had no concern. The main expenditure of energy by the soul has been general, and outward-goingMagic, 88:(as a whole, note that), sent a portion of their energy, embodying the quality of mentalisation, toMagic, 90:power to act as transmitters of that spiritual energy we call love is the promised reward of theMagic, 90:center, but to act as a distributor of divine energy in any direction and - after the laterMagic, 90:Three - Soul Light and Body Light RULE THREE The Energy circulates. The point of light, the productMagic, 90:of the mind. Light ever signifies two things, energy and its manifestation in form of some kind,Magic, 95:the imparted message. During this period "the Energy circulates." A constant rhythmic response toMagic, 95:A constant rhythmic response to the thought energy of the soul is set up, and, figurativelyMagic, 95:is a steady flow of force between that center of energy we call the soul on its own plane, and thatMagic, 95:that center of force which is a human being. The energy travels along the "thread" we call theMagic, 95:the sutratma in its turn expresses the positive energy of spirit, the negative energy of matter,Magic, 95:the positive energy of spirit, the negative energy of matter, and the equilibrazed energy [96] ofMagic, 95:negative energy of matter, and the equilibrazed energy [96] of the soul - the attainment ofMagic, 96:initiations, the positive use of the spiritual energy supersedes the equilibrized use of soulMagic, 96:sushumna, the central nerve channel and its energy is employed, the soul, as a magnetic intelligentMagic, 97:He visualizes himself as the soul breathing out energy through the medium of that Word through theMagic, 98:and can construct a form through which its energy can actively express itself. The lunar orb is aMagic, 99:a flower, or an animal. The positive aspect of energy in all these forms will wax stronger,Magic, 100:aspects of light carry three aspects of soul energy to the soul in all forms, through the medium ofMagic, 100:all kingdoms of nature. 3. The transmission of energy. The clue to the significance of this can beMagic, 104:glory, magnetic force and (ultimately) spiritual energy may be demonstrated through the medium ofMagic, 104:Manifestation may be seen. First Ray - Spiritual Energy Second Ray - Magnetic Force Third Ray -Magic, 104:perfected man. First Ray - Monadic - Spiritual Energy - Head Center Second Ray - Egoic - MagneticMagic, 105:latent in the atom itself. These three types of energy are referred to in the Old Commentary underMagic, 107:down "power from on high", and to hold that energy steady in the brain center whilst he himself inMagic, 107:Thus the fires of the body (the sum total of the energy of the atoms) are swept into increasedMagic, 108:as there is a rising up the spine of that fiery energy. This is brought about by the magneticMagic, 132:final group are frequently to be offset from the energy standpoint, and only used when necessary.Magic, 151:part he has to play, and the concentration of energy which he has succeeded in bringing aboutMagic, 151:in bringing about become effective. The energy needed for the next step is breathed forth by theMagic, 152:and follows sequentially upon the right use of energy, which is the word we apply to the divineMagic, 160:which is the focal point for all astral energy employed by the disciple. It is swept into a vortexMagic, 172:do the Masters expend the necessary energy with which to get en rapport. With old and triedMagic, 172:Master's precious time, and force Him to use His energy in order to safeguard the work from errorMagic, 191:ways. First, by the transference of the positive energy of the lower centers into that of theMagic, 192:(via the solar plexus, that clearing house of energy, and the medulla oblongata) to the centerMagic, 193:to grasp the value of the spiritual realities. Energy may pour into the force centers in theseMagic, 194:subjective life expresses itself as spiritual energy, through the medium of the energy or vitalMagic, 194:as spiritual energy, through the medium of the energy or vital body and the energy thus expressedMagic, 194:the medium of the energy or vital body and the energy thus expressed will change his life focus andMagic, 194:which will attract and lift humanity. This energy is sevenfold in nature and utilizes seven focalMagic, 194:work with and utilize all these seven types of energy intelligently in the early stages of the PathMagic, 194:the medium of the head center. This is the energy of the spiritual man, and comes directly from theMagic, 195:This then becomes the dominant factor in the energy life of the man, and the force through whichMagic, 196:selfish. 3. That of active intelligence, or the energy which animates the form aspect, and whichMagic, 196:of the second aspect and its unfoldment, the energy simply passes through the throat center andMagic, 196:of the three main streams of force or divine energy and their direction. The relationship of theMagic, 198:prematurely awakened, through the transfer of energy from the sacral center. This is due to severalMagic, 198:executive work there is no harm wrought, for the energy finds a normal creative outlet. TheseMagic, 198:relation is set up and there is an interplay of energy between the two. This activity in its turnMagic, 198:lotus (a synthetic lotus) through which the energy always animating the heart and throat centersMagic, 199:up between the higher positive over-shadowing energy as it is centralized within the form of theMagic, 199:energies in their two aspects of physical vital energy and soul qualities make up the ninety-sixMagic, 202:the life of an animal. Or he is swayed by astral energy and lives a potently emotional and psychicMagic, 202:- like so many - he is swayed by three types of energy, physical, emotional and an occasional flowMagic, 202:emotional and an occasional flow of soul energy. The point to be remembered is that the bodies inMagic, 202:as souls, are functioning, constitute primarily energy bodies. They are composed of energy units,Magic, 202:primarily energy bodies. They are composed of energy units, atoms in a state of constant flux andMagic, 202:nature. Acting as the positive nucleus in these energy bodies, and at present, in the majority ofMagic, 202:He has to discover first which type of energy preponderates and is the motivating force in hisMagic, 202:up in two words: Vice and Virtue. Vice is the energy of the sheaths, individual or synthesized inMagic, 203:this the earnest student can begin to sum up his energy assets; he can tabulate the forces which heMagic, 205:of the group. Where this impulse is lacking, energy may pour into the bodies, but - lacking use andMagic, 206:man in the three worlds permeated by spiritual energy. There is the imposition of a peculiarMagic, 211:the Light Supernal, towards that central Life or Energy which holds hid within Itself the purposeMagic, 214:third eye. It has a destructive aspect and the energy flowing through the third eye can have aMagic, 215:The aspect of control through magnetic energy and the attractive force in the spiritual eye, whichMagic, 216:symbolically understood is that substratum of energy which works through the forms of the ethericMagic, 220:is that they confine themselves to the use of energy in the three worlds, and that this energy isMagic, 220:use of energy in the three worlds, and that this energy is either consciously manipulated by theMagic, 222:of no beauty, and a vitalizing by the astral energy of its creator. Add to these forms thatMagic, 229:they are seen as two great streams of divine energy, pulling in opposite directions, and he becomesMagic, 238:the force of selfish desire. This involutionary energy plays a big part in bringing aboutMagic, 239:grows in power as we pay attention to it, for "energy follows thought", till we become dominated byMagic, 241:money, the concretization of prana or universal energy, and the outer symbol of the universal fluxMagic, 241:and the swinging back of a type of involutionary energy on to the path of return. CosmicallyMagic, 242:by money which is another manifestation of the energy of matter and hence has a triple problem withMagic, 244:of the soul; all are included in the outgoing energy of the incarnating soul, and for many livesMagic, 244:simple words) to turn the forces of the outgoing energy in any direction he chooses, or to withdrawMagic, 245:conscious of the flowing away from it of vital energy and is devitalized, because not the subjectMagic, 246:He knows that all forms are the product of energy rightly used and directed. With full knowledge of
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