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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGY

(page 43 of 64)


Magic, 356:of God. They regard all not working in mental energy as lacking souls [357] and hence as lackingMagic, 357:time. Let us therefore study the types of mental energy with which the individual has to work andMagic, 357:have to remember as we consider these types of energy is that their trend and work can be graspedMagic, 357:can their effects in an individual use of mental energy. Only a few human beings are as yetMagic, 357:past racial development, we can see how mental energy has had a most definite effect and hasMagic, 361:themselves triple, and hence we can divide the energy of mind as far as humanity is concerned intoMagic, 362:be seen then inferentially, how the right use of energy by the initiate puts him en rapport notMagic, 362:in symbolic fashion. The right use of physical energy by the initiate gives him the "freedom" ofMagic, 362:cosmic physical plane. The right use of astral energy gives him power on the cosmic astral, and theMagic, 362:the cosmic astral, and the correct use of mental energy gives him entrance on to the cosmic mental.Magic, 364:part of the whole. It enforces the idea that energy is a life fluid circulating throughout theMagic, 367:the understanding of the correct use of mental energy can progressive evolution go forward alongMagic, 379:under instruction from Shamballa to develop the energy centers of the human unit, stimulate theMagic, 379:stimulation were employed and the laws of energy as they work through the various centers wereMagic, 383:Their mental equipment and [383] the mental energy They could use to the need of the time. TheyMagic, 383:have to endeavor to work entirely with mental energy, in an effort to control, master and use it.Magic, 384:controlled mind is embodied in seven types of energy, and to these seven types, there areMagic, 384:Yet do you indeed understand? Seven types of energy, and seven types of responsive mentalities,Magic, 384:principle, and to the control of form by mental energy. As the central Thinker of the UniverseMagic, 385:becomes therefore a recorder of two types of energy, or of two aspects of the manifestation of theMagic, 386:thoughts of the divine mind, carrying the energy of their creator and consequently the cause ofMagic, 388:body of expression. He can work through and with energy as the Plan dictates. Note these lastMagic, 388:brought us to a consideration of: Personality Energy: emanating from: Coordinated man. DominantMagic, 388:for the aspirant and not a treatise on energy. Solar Energies: emanating from: The physical sun.Magic, 391:personality. To warrant the term, three types of energy must be present, - three types, fused,Magic, 391:A personality is therefore a blend of mental energy, of emotional energy and of vital force, andMagic, 391:therefore a blend of mental energy, of emotional energy and of vital force, and these three areMagic, 392:This outer crust is in itself a form of negative energy. The result of this union of three energiesMagic, 394:and is guided by purpose (expressing the energy of will), by desire (expressing the energy of theMagic, 394:the energy of will), by desire (expressing the energy of the emotional or psychic nature), and byMagic, 397:and are beginning to experiment with the energy flowing through them and to gather aroundMagic, 397:worlds of human life and are motivated by an energy which is the higher aspect of the personalityMagic, 397:which is the higher aspect of the personality energy. No longer do they work and plan and struggleMagic, 412:controlling all that can be converted into energy, and constituting a dictatorship over all modesMagic, 412:as I have before said, is only crystallized energy or vitality, - what the oriental student callsMagic, 412:- what the oriental student calls pranic energy. It is a concretization of etheric force. It isMagic, 412:of etheric force. It is therefore vital energy externalized, and this form of energy is under theMagic, 412:vital energy externalized, and this form of energy is under the direction of the financial group.Magic, 412:weld together the various threads of influencing energy and the differing trends of thought powerMagic, 413:its expression controls. As time elapses and the energy of the thought makes its impact upon matterMagic, 413:lesser minds seize upon the particular type of energy or are vitalized by it, then evil begins toMagic, 415:details of the plan, and added their quota of energy to the forward urge of humanity, but they haveMagic, 416:spiritual vibrations, a powerful and controlled energy body, and a sound physical body, though notMagic, 422:interior radiant sun, or as a dynamic center of energy [423] through which the will or purposeMagic, 423:the embryo stage. One school will deal with the energy aspects of the individual and hisMagic, 423:of the individual and his responsiveness to the energy of the universe in which he is immersed; theMagic, 430:act as intermediaries and as transmitters of energy. May I repeat and beg you to attend, that thisMagic, 431:now a very brief consideration of two types of energy of a major kind, which are, in themselves,Magic, 432:constitute our planet. Each is the embodiment of energy, and these two major streams which produceMagic, 432:humanity in this great cycle are the attractive energy of the intuitional nature of the planetaryMagic, 433:which we call awareness. These seven types of energy produce the seven types of souls or rays, andMagic, 433:manifestation, owing to the seven types of energy impacts, playing upon the matter of space, oneMagic, 434:or a stimulating force. They carry one type of energy on to a fuller expression of the quality ofMagic, 435:concern themselves primarily with three types of energy: The energy of the constellation in whichMagic, 435:primarily with three types of energy: The energy of the constellation in which the Sun is positedMagic, 435:aspect, and particularly the physical form. The energy of the particular constellation or sign inMagic, 435:rising sign indicates the line along which his energy as a whole can flow if he is to fulfil theMagic, 436:it left it, and starting with the same type of energy and the peculiar equipment with which itMagic, 436:and conscious onlooking. The quality of the energy and the nature of the forces to be manipulatedMagic, 436:way. The rising sign, embodying another type of energy, should wax in strength during theMagic, 436:of the native's sign and the quality of the energy which will bring him to his goal are thusMagic, 437:has been built up for ages by the astrologers. Energy follows thought. For thousands of yearsMagic, 437:thought. For thousands of years certain types of energy and their consequent qualifying effects onMagic, 437:of the seven solar systems, as they focus their energy through one or other of the constellationsMagic, 438:own plane, - responsiveness to these types of energy, and, of them, the personality is totallyMagic, 439:pulls and shifts and focusing streams of energy upon our earth which tend to complicate the problemMagic, 440:human consciousness in the human kingdom for the energy pouring through it enables man to say "IMagic, 442:noted that all these ideas concern the work of energy in some form or another and in the lastMagic, 447:which are to be the expression of some type of energy. We have considered the various energies withMagic, 449:his consciousness [449] and gives it shape and energy through the power of his own one-pointedMagic, 449:of the body nature as it expresses some type of energy. Thus duality is the thing noted and thatMagic, 450:think in [450] terms of the one Reality which is Energy itself and nothing else. Therefore it is ofMagic, 450:this abstruse subject the fact that spirit and energy are synonymous terms and are interchangeable.Magic, 450:Yet the questions - What is Life? What is Energy? or What is the process of Becoming and the natureMagic, 451:principle that they think and speak in terms of energy and its effects, and all their activities,Magic, 451:through its three differentiations or aspects: - energy, force, matter. Magic, 452:purpose, basic incentive. This is the dynamic energy which sets the being functioning, brings himMagic, 452:result of the interplay between the spirit or energy aspect, and the matter or body nature. This isMagic, 454:held together loosely by the central nucleus of energy - another way of expressing the embodiedMagic, 460:we have conveyed to our minds that type of energy which embodies the purpose, the will of God, theMagic, 461:they make mistakes, there will be lost time and energy, and again delay; if they lose interest andMagic, 461:personalities, the Plan will have to wait, and energy which would otherwise be made available forMagic, 461:never anything static in the creative process; energy which is flowing forth in the pulsation ofMagic, 462:related to the inflow of unused and unrecognized energy which is capable of right direction andMagic, 462:and mineral are now badly adjusted because the energy of matter is primarily the governing factor.Magic, 462:In the human kingdom, the working of this energy demonstrates in what we call selfishness. In theMagic, 473:to the base use of separative desire. The energy of thought is for the good of all and for theMagic, 478:as his mind attention and hence his ensouling energy is directed upon it. We have him pronouncingMagic, 488:can return to its creator charged with the energy of the hated person, and can hence work havoc inMagic, 488:the possessor of a wealth of spiritual energy for which he is unready, and which he [489] cannotMagic, 492:that as he lives as a soul, and as spiritual energy pours through him so his thought-form willMagic, 493:to work with his subjective apparatus or energy aspects. Secondly, this salvation is brought aboutMagic, 495:that in sleep the magnetic thread or current of energy along which the life force streams isMagic, 496:the central nucleus of positive energy by means of which all the atoms of the body are held inMagic, 496:heart and from the head of these two streams of energy, producing consequently, complete loss ofMagic, 496:Death differs from sleep in that both streams of energy are withdrawn. In sleep only the thread ofMagic, 496:are withdrawn. In sleep only the thread of energy, which is anchored in the brain is withdrawn, andMagic, 497:and brain are the exoteric symbols. Living is energy, desire in form, coherence and adhesion to anMagic, 498:of the [498] dual threads of life and reason energy, or by the abstraction of the thread of energyMagic, 498:energy, or by the abstraction of the thread of energy which is qualified by mentality, leaving the
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