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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGY

(page 44 of 64)


Magic, 499:loss of relationship and no false expenditure of energy. Magic, 500:we call the etheric body or double. It is an energy body and is composed of force centers and nadisMagic, 501:matter, composed of interlacing strands of life energy. During the process of death, the pressureMagic, 501:the process of death, the pressure of the life energy beating against the web produces eventually aMagic, 505:express and complete inability to generate the energy which will indicate aliveness. When silenceMagic, 506:sounded, it will coordinate the two streams of energy and eventually rupture the life thread, butMagic, 512:from the divine heart and manifests as the vital energy of all forms. It flows, pulsating in itsMagic, 518:the plan upon the physical plane by the focused energy of will, used in the silence by theMagic, 518:constructive work. In them he consciously uses energy, directing it as he sees fit; in them, heMagic, 524:the nature of those units of electrical energy which embody what we call the soul of all things andMagic, 525:of the Planet Humanity constitutes a center of energy within the cosmos, capable of threeMagic, 525:is responsive to the inflow of spiritual energy. This pours into it from the cosmos, and speakingMagic, 525:are basically three in number: Spiritual energy, as we inadequately term it. This emanates from GodMagic, 525:a man can become conscious. To this type of energy there are few so equipped that they can respond.Magic, 525:Self-Existent Life, or Absolute Being. Sentient energy - the energy which makes man a [526] soul.Magic, 525:Life, or Absolute Being. Sentient energy - the energy which makes man a [526] soul. It is theMagic, 526:a man can become aware of the first type of energy, mentioned above. This energy of sentientMagic, 526:the first type of energy, mentioned above. This energy of sentient consciousness comes from theMagic, 526:types of force in a human being is the nervous energy working through the nervous system withMagic, 526:with headquarters in the brain, and the life energy which is seated in the heart. Pranic energy, orMagic, 526:life energy which is seated in the heart. Pranic energy, or vitality. This is that vital force,Magic, 526:form. To this all forms respond. This type of energy comes from the physical sun and works activelyMagic, 526:the meeting-place for all the three types of energy, constitutes therefore a "midway point," [527]Magic, 527:form, upon the physical plane, the needed energy whereby the [528] subjective realization can beMagic, 528:divine plan will eventually work out, and that energy be transmitted to all forms in nature whichMagic, 529:of spiritual forces - soul force and spiritual energy united and combined - to the prisoners of theMagic, 530:will act as transmitters of pure spiritual energy, which will vivify every form in every kingdom inMagic, 537:be found that it is an aspect of that divine energy which works always under the destroyer aspect,Magic, 546:and key and is aware of the particular type of energy they embody. Enough emphasis has not beenMagic, 546:type, and thus releases for him that vital energy which will drive this idea into objectivity. AsMagic, 549:to as the violet four, or the four types of energy which constitute the vital or etheric body ofMagic, 550:God and man, viewing them from what we call the energy or physical angle. These four are reflectedMagic, 550:responsive to the four higher types of spiritual energy which we usually call divine. This relationMagic, 550:is found in all forms according to the type of energy which predominates. In each of the fourMagic, 550:be found confusing by the neophyte for the words energy, dynamic purpose, vitality and ethericMagic, 550:will work with the fourth cosmic ether (buddhic energy) utilizing [551] ether of the fourth gradeMagic, 553:the right from this eye pours forth a stream of energy in the form of a beam of light. It raysMagic, 554:is inevitable. He will attract by his pranic energy, colored by desire high or low, and animated byMagic, 566:body, which is in the nature of a web or mesh of energy nadis, which, in their tens of thousands,Magic, 566:together and form in certain localities in this energy body various focal points of force, of whichMagic, 566:physical objective matter or of those material energy units which we normally cover by the wordsMagic, 566:desire sheath, deliberately vitalized with his energy, and now seeks to give it objective existenceMagic, 567:here to be arranged, so that neither too much energy is used in the work, nor too little. When tooMagic, 567:used in the work, nor too little. When too much energy is released through the medium of the vitalMagic, 567:body, then a fire blazes forth when the gaseous energy of the dense physical plane is brought inMagic, 567:plane is brought in contact with vital etheric energy. Thus the embryo form is destroyed. WhereMagic, 567:form is destroyed. Where there is not sufficient energy, or adequate persistent attention, and whenMagic, 567:light of day," because there was not sufficient energy to generate that spark of living flame whichMagic, 567:by fire, owing to the expenditure of too much energy and the expression of too violent a purpose.Magic, 568:form into being. The occult law holds good that energy follows thought. Magic, 568:of the aspirant, as he learns to work with energy and with the forces of nature, as he learns theMagic, 568:system works out as the five great states of energy which we call planes, the medium ofMagic, 568:is the term applied to the sum total of pranic energy as it is distributed evenly throughout theMagic, 570:control of prana involves the recognition that energy is the sum total of existence and ofMagic, 570:and that the three lower bodies are energy bodies, each forming a vehicle for the higher type ofMagic, 570:each forming a vehicle for the higher type of energy and being themselves transmitters of energy.Magic, 570:of energy and being themselves transmitters of energy. The energies of the lower man are energiesMagic, 570:aspect, the Holy Ghost or Brahma aspect. The energy of the spiritual man is that of the secondMagic, 572:to study the reactions upon others of whatever energy he, through his personality, may beMagic, 573:type answers the question: Along what line of energy and upon what ray is this force to be found? AMagic, 573:therefore, that a study of the types of energy is of practical usefulness and will tend to leave noMagic, 573:which can be learned by the man who submits the energy used in verbal expression, for instance, toMagic, 573:asks himself the questions: What was the type of energy used by me in my speech today? What was theMagic, 576:group work) become transmitters of spiritual energy. The "laying on of hands" is no idle phrase norMagic, 576:In the stimulation of any specific center. The energy employed in this case comes from the base ofMagic, 576:center between the eyebrows. In group work. Here energy is utilized emanating from the ego, via theMagic, 578:the force of the inner man is coupled with the energy transmitted through the chakras of the palms,Magic, 578:consummated." And thus it might be added is the energy of the unit augmented by the force of theMagic, 578:and they do much good even though at times the energy they transmit serves to stimulate wrongly. AsMagic, 579:you usually wield; know along what line of ray energy it comes and so arrive at a truer knowledgeMagic, 579:capacities, and ascertain likewise what types of energy you may lack and how your equipment can beMagic, 580:the persistent attention of its [580] creator. Energy can be used dynamically or steadily and theMagic, 580:effects of these two modes of the application of energy differ. One is primarily used inMagic, 581:I would point out that these four aspects of energy can be studied by the aspirant in his ownMagic, 581:and work, for we dwell in a world of force and energy; we are ourselves constituted of force orMagic, 581:energy; we are ourselves constituted of force or energy units; and we wield force, knowingly orMagic, 582:in the outer world through which the embodied Energy, flowing through the recreated sheaths, canMagic, 590:the stage where he should begin to work with the energy in his centers and perhaps even thisMagic, 591:the centers) is based upon the fact that the energy of the cells which compose the body or theMagic, 591:the fire of consciousness. This latter is the energy, present in matter yet different from the fireMagic, 592:with the protective "webs", or disks of pranic energy found on either side of them. Thus, [593]Magic, 595:etheric web which will result in the release of energy. Such information is too dangerous and tooMagic, 595:has come however when the fact that there is an energy body underlying the nervous system must beMagic, 596:or above the diaphragm, or whether the main energy is concentrated in that central clearing house,Magic, 608:and unchanging, and through them flows the energy which we call the Will of God, for lack of betterMagic, 612:of his soul (reflected in his mind) and the energy of form (as expressed in his etheric body) areMeditation, 72:the microcosm; it takes the vibratory force and energy of the macrocosm and transmutes it for theMeditation, 105:of sleeplessness, of excitability, of a strained energy and restlessness that permit of noMeditation, 192:force or power of some manifestation of fohatic energy pours into the funnel under the inevitableMeditation, 353:primordial light; the ever-present electrical energy; the universal propelling vital force; thePatanjaliof pure Spirit through belief, followed by energy, memory, meditation and right perception. 21. ThePatanjali, 8:Higher self Lower self Life Consciousness Form Energy Force Matter The Presence The Angel of thePatanjali, 20:when attention is directed elsewhere. "Energy follows thought" is a basic tenet of the Raja YogaPatanjali, 21:and is simply held together by the man's lower energy. When the man begins to function as the soulPatanjali, 32:the three effects produced when macrocosmic energy, the life of God which persists independently ofPatanjali, 32:substance. The three gunas are: 1. Sattva Energy of Spirit Monad Father rhythm or harmoniousPatanjali, 32:Father rhythm or harmonious vibration 2. Rajas Energy of Soul Ego Son mobility or activity 3. TamasPatanjali, 32:of Soul Ego Son mobility or activity 3. Tamas Energy of Matter Personality Holy Ghost inertia ThesePatanjali, 34:form, so that an appreciation of its subjective energy may be gained. It should be borne in mindPatanjali, 34:be gained. It should be borne in mind that the energy of an object may be regarded as the color of
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