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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGY

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Problems, 75:which has given us the liberation of atomic energy and the potentialities inherent in theProblems, 81:world war is before our eyes. The release of the energy of the atom is definitely the inaugurationProblems, 81:of self-preservation. The release of atomic energy has not only put into human hands a potent forceProblems, 82:the main agencies for peace. On account of this energy discovery capital and labor are each facedProblems, 82:and futile, provided that these resources of energy and the mode of their release remain in theProblems, 82:of powerful men or of any one nation. Atomic energy belongs to humanity as a whole. TheProblems, 82:own the formula or secret for the release of energy. Until mankind, however, has moved forward inProblems, 82:- should safeguard these potencies. If this energy is released into constructive channels and if itProblems, 82:when faced and solved will release the creative energy of man into channels undreamed of today. TheProblems, 82:undreamed of today. The release of atomic energy is the first of many great releases in all theProblems, 89:transcendent or immanent, whether regarded as energy or intelligence, whether called God, Brahma,Problems, 150:to man and man became imbued with that life and energy which, as time went by, would enable him toProblems, 150:is only now being recognized as a divine energy and is still a theory and a hope. The Buddha cameProblems, 155:of every churchman to evoke by example, by the energy of applied and practical love (not expressedProblems, 160:and the two great divine centers of energy or groups - the Hierarchy and Humanity itself - willProblems, 161:- must be added the exceedingly modern one of energy as the basis of all life, all forms and allProblems, 161:science; mental power is today registered as an energy, capable of contact, of recognition and ofProblems, 161:meditation and worship there is undoubtedly an energy factor, proceeding from this to that andProblems, 161:in some form or another. Meditation is also an energy, setting in motion potencies which canProblems, 161:of the Churches There are also many forms of energy and many spiritual potencies which are not asProblems, 162:and enhance powerfully the stream of thought energy which can be directed towards those spiritualPsychology1, xxiv:of ray, thus responding to another type of ray energy. The question of the monadic ray brings inPsychology1, xxv:seven rays, embodying seven types of divine energy, then a man should be able to recognize thesePsychology1, 6:by, and react qualitatively to, three types of energy, for it is scientifically true, and aPsychology1, 6:emanating from the Most High. These streams of energy differentiate into a major three yet remainPsychology1, 7:express the quality of their ray group and the energy of that one of the three essential groups toPsychology1, 9:that in all occult work one is occupied with energy - energy units, energy embodied in forms,Psychology1, 9:in all occult work one is occupied with energy - energy units, energy embodied in forms, energyPsychology1, 9:work one is occupied with energy - energy units, energy embodied in forms, energy streams in flow;Psychology1, 9:energy - energy units, energy embodied in forms, energy streams in flow; and that these energiesPsychology1, 11:it is determined by law. It is this problem of energy units and their mutual interplay whichPsychology1, 11:is also a meeting place for the seven types of energy, - two in the ascendant and five less potent.Psychology1, 13:you that the career of the Monad (an aspect of energy found on one or other of the three majorPsychology1, 18:the word Life when referring to Spirit, to energy, to the Father, to the first aspect of Divinity,Psychology1, 20:seven streams of force issuing from a central energy after (in point of time) that vortex of energyPsychology1, 20:energy after (in point of time) that vortex of energy had been set up. Spirit and matter becamePsychology1, 27:of force are composed of untold myriads of energy units which are inherently and innately aspectsPsychology1, 37:a septenary aggregation of energies, each energy producing differing effects and appearances. ThisPsychology1, 37:- and is expressing a particular type of divine energy. From this point he proceeds to aPsychology1, 38:is embodying an aspect of the divine purpose and energy. After the third initiation he glimpses thePsychology1, 38:of the solar system; he sees his ray life and energy as a part of a greater whole. These are butPsychology1, 39:until the fusion of quality and appearance, of energy and that which it energizes, is so perfectPsychology1, 41:ray vibration; it is a vibrating center of energy found within the appearance or form of its entirePsychology1, 42:intelligent awareness. The soul is a unit of energy, vibrating in unison with one of the seven rayPsychology1, 42:loving purpose of Deity. Each vibrating unit of energy can say: I am part of a divine whole, whichPsychology1, 43:and has become one with the divine. Will or the energy of life are synonymous terms and are anPsychology1, 43:solar system altogether. It is the all-pervading energy of God which informs with a fraction ofPsychology1, 44:universal substance to the impact of the energy of will. This initial activity precedes thePsychology1, 44:Each of these seven streams or emanations of energy was colored by a divine quality, an aspect ofPsychology1, 44:Answers The will of Deity colored the stream of energy units which we call by the name of the RayPsychology1, 44:the purpose to be safely revealed. Its units of energy in manifestation in the human kingdom arePsychology1, 52:on etheric levels and involves physical energy. This is the true magical work. I should like toPsychology1, 61:The human soul is a synthesis of material energy, qualified by intelligent consciousness, plus thePsychology1, 61:by intelligent consciousness, plus the spiritual energy which is, in its turn, qualified by one ofPsychology1, 62:of the seven kingdoms in nature reacts to the energy of some particular ray Life. Each of the sevenPsychology1, 64:Form does not count with first ray types; their energy produces death to form, but ushers in greatPsychology1, 65:in all kingdoms in nature and on all planes. The energy of this ray Lord brings about the death ofPsychology1, 68:student, so that he recognizes himself, his ray energy and aspects of his latent and deeply desiredPsychology1, 73:was an analogous expression. The rays concern energy and consciousness, and determine expression,Psychology1, 73:the "tuning out" automatically of much of the energy. The effect of ray force, working throughPsychology1, 73:Let me illustrate. I have said that first ray energy works out as the destruction of forms; it mustPsychology1, 73:are oft destructive, as well you know, but the energy generated is insufficient to work much harm.Psychology1, 73:of certain great Lives Who will embody the energy of rays two, three, five and seven. They willPsychology1, 74:for the inflow of these four types of divine energy, and this will produce a tremendous stimulationPsychology1, 74:the focal point for a triple inflow of energy from the center in the Body of God which isPsychology1, 74:appearances. A great deal of the destructive energy extant in the world today is due to thePsychology1, 75:but the present indicates the flowing in of energy. That which is on its way comes as a cloud whichPsychology1, 76:the channel for the pure inflow of higher mind energy. This fifth ray is a Being of the intensestPsychology1, 77:One The Door into the Mind of God The Initiating Energy The Ruler of the Third Heaven The GuardianPsychology1, 82:objective to which he consecrates his time and energy; but whatever it may be, to it he devotes allPsychology1, 94:of men who react in their turn and express the energy that is pouring through them blindly andPsychology1, 99:is accepted, when the nature of the spiritual energy which flows through the soul is admitted, andPsychology1, 101:mechanism of the body to a downflow of spiritual energy and stimulation, and thus will bring thePsychology1, 121:nevertheless that when the nature of the energy permeating and animating any particular kingdom inPsychology1, 128:to the neophyte. A ray confers, through its energy, peculiar physical conditions, and determinesPsychology1, 128:the mind body; it controls the distribution of energy, for the rays are of differing rates ofPsychology1, 129:Sentiency; Consciousness or Awareness; The Energy of Light? We shall now consider our lastPsychology1, 131:brilliancy through the blending with it of the energy of spirit. This is not really the admissionPsychology1, 132:to the etheric body with its centers of radiant energy, found underlying or "substanding" the outerPsychology1, 135:urges. When we deal with the inflow of mental energy and with the forces emanating from the fifthPsychology1, 150:glimpse the radiance of the subjective center of energy (the central spiritual sun of The SecretPsychology1, 150:Life is not what anyone has hitherto surmised. Energy (in contradistinction to force, and using thePsychology1, 150:Whom Naught May Be Said." This sevenfold cosmic energy, the fused and blended energies of sevenPsychology1, 151:of our solar system are embodiments of the will, energy, and magnetic force which streams throughPsychology1, 151:the seven rays or creative Builders embodies the energy, will, love and purpose of the Lord of thePsychology1, 151:that Lord in His turn embodies an aspect of the energy, will, love and purpose of the "One AboutPsychology1, 152:planetary life in the solar system. Animated by energy emanating from one or other of the sevenPsychology1, 154:differentiated forms are therefore animated by energy coming from the cosmic Life, from the solarPsychology1, 155:has mastered and can wield these 19 types of energy. They are consciously wielded only by the threePsychology1, 155:third initiation, he learns to respond to the energy and to the spiritual purpose of the Life ofPsychology1, 156:Being the initiate becomes actively aware of energy emanating from the solar Deity. He is thereforePsychology1, 156:planet, he is, for the first time, responsive to energy emanating from the outer cosmic Center.Psychology1, 157:the coloring, or the type nature of living energy (which is our inadequate definition of the wordPsychology1, 158:broad general characteristics which govern the energy, the quality and the kingdom in question;Psychology1, 160:realize that it is the play of soul quality and energy which determines whether a man in anyPsychology1, 178:workers along those lines is combining with the energy of the first ray. The energies of thePsychology1, 182:life, who is the sum total of all energies; the energy of life itself, the energy of love, thePsychology1, 182:of all energies; the energy of life itself, the energy of love, the energy of intelligence, ofPsychology1, 182:energy of life itself, the energy of love, the energy of intelligence, of active experience, andPsychology1, 182:of intelligence, of active experience, and that energy which produces the interplay between the
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