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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGY

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Psychology2, 444:waged within [444] the fourfold field of energy which constitutes the lower self. You will,Psychology2, 444:fight. At the same time, his first ray soul energy is seeking to dominate, and will eventually doPsychology2, 444:do so through the medium of third ray mental energy, influencing the first ray brain. The firstPsychology2, 445:These can be either: Varying aspects of the same energy within their own particular field. HigherPsychology2, 445:indicating a cleavage in the man's nature. The energy of the fusion process itself, which unifiesPsychology2, 446:with the trend set by The soul ray type of energy, The personality ray type? With disciples much ofPsychology2, 447:of the forces of the personality and the energy of the soul, and fusing them into one divinePsychology2, 447:This name is given to the line of living energy which links the various human aspects and the soul,Psychology2, 447:unification or at-one-ment occurs. New fields of energy then are entered, [448] recognized andPsychology2, 451:for our recognition of the existence of energy. In occultism (or esotericism) [452] we use the wordPsychology2, 452:(or esotericism) [452] we use the word "energy" to connote the living activity of the spiritualPsychology2, 452:might, therefore, be defined as the effect which energy has upon force. It is the effect which soulPsychology2, 452:to the point in evolution and the whole. This energy has the following effects and I state thesePsychology2, 453:through the proper expenditure of the inflowing energy and consequently no serious effects, evenPsychology2, 453:the instrument is in such a condition that the energy pouring through will be disruptive andPsychology2, 456:give proper release for the recognized inflowing energy. As long as it does this and nothing else,Psychology2, 465:of the personality forces with which the soul energy is brought into conflict. This necessarilyPsychology2, 469:engrosses all the attention, and there is no energy left to carry even one of them down on to thePsychology2, 473:and is a quality of force. It is essentially the energy of the human being as it swings intoPsychology2, 491:some reason or another, to the receding Piscean energy. 10. Guidance can come, as you well know,Psychology2, 513:our study upon the effects of the seven rays of energy as they make their presence felt in thePsychology2, 514:them, thus producing a more even distribution of energy. He will also be taught how to use themPsychology2, 514:as symptoms of the wrong use made of the energy available in the human equipment or of unduePsychology2, 515:carefully consider them from the standpoint of energy activity - a thing which has been little donePsychology2, 516:enforced through the activity of the first ray energy. Much of it, therefore, is to be found in thePsychology2, 519:plus the underdevelopment, of the centers of energy found in the human mechanism and closelyPsychology2, 521:thus relating what is known about the specific energy points to be found in the human frame. AllPsychology2, 522:throat - and one master center through which the energy of the soul must pour when the right timePsychology2, 523:[523] points, related to the transference of energy, must be borne in mind: 1. That there is aPsychology2, 523:is paralleled by the transference of spiritual energy from that reservoir of force we call the soulPsychology2, 523:transferences will have to be made: The energy of the center at the base of the spine (the organ ofPsychology2, 523:to the head center, via the ajna center. The energy of the sacral center (governing the sexual lifePsychology2, 523:creative activity of a non-physical nature. The energy of the solar plexus (the organ ofPsychology2, 524:is relatively quiescent. There is just enough energy pouring into the center to produce thePsychology2, 525:the animal nature. It becomes the recipient of energy streams from below which it absorbs andPsychology2, 526:result is twofold: The soul begins to pour its energy into all the etheric or vital centers, viaPsychology2, 527:by the head center (the organ of spiritual energy) and the center at the base of the spine (thePsychology2, 527:and, secondly, the period of the transference of energy from the solar plexus to the heart, andPsychology2, 527:the throat center, prior to the focusing of the energy of all the centers in the ajna centerPsychology2, 529:The stage wherein all the five lower forms of energy are focused in the ajna center in the head.Psychology2, 532:consciousness), and finally of transferring the energy to ever higher centers - produce problems,Psychology2, 533:in progressive stages, of various types of energy. The human body is, in the last analysis, anPsychology2, 533:body is, in the last analysis, an aggregate of energy units. In the vital body (thus conditioningPsychology2, 533:systems) are certain focal points through which energy pours into the physical body, producing anPsychology2, 533:physical body in its nervous structure and the energy centers condition and control the glandularPsychology2, 533:and the head brings those two major streams of energy (one coming from the Monad via the soul bodyPsychology2, 534:of the lower psychic powers if the incoming energy is directed to the solar plexus or to the throatPsychology2, 535:by a too rapid inflow of the highest form of energy which a man can receive prior to initiation.Psychology2, 535:In other cases of premature soul inflow, the energy pours through the opening at the top of thePsychology2, 535:if unconsciously) to that point the incoming energy will almost automatically flow. The awakeningPsychology2, 537:lack of opportunity to use (or to misuse) the energy flowing through the sacral center. Mystics arePsychology2, 537:center turned to its proper uses. The sacral energy is carried prematurely to the throat where itPsychology2, 537:intelligent, are not creative in this sense. The energy flowing through the thyroid gland is notPsychology2, 537:of goiter and thyroid difficulty. There is much energy flowing through and to the thyroid glandPsychology2, 537:esoterically be traced to the congestion of the energy of the solar plexus center. This congestionPsychology2, 538:heights of spiritual contact and brings in the energy of his soul to the personality, that energyPsychology2, 538:the energy of his soul to the personality, that energy will pass straight down to the sacral centerPsychology2, 541:seat of the life principle and there is the life energy anchored. It is connected with synthesis,Psychology2, 542:experimental ground for the transference of the energy of the sacral center to the solar plexus.Psychology2, 545:then formulates them into thought forms and - as energy follows thought - a vicious circle is thusPsychology2, 546:to divorce his mind from his physical condition. Energy inevitably follows thought and where aPsychology2, 548:Speaking generally, these are caused by the energy of an awakened and active lower center beingPsychology2, 548:difficulties: The stage wherein the energy of the lower center becomes intensely active prior toPsychology2, 548:case in connection with the solar plexus. The energy is rejected at first by the higher center andPsychology2, 548:absorb and transmute it. The stage wherein the energy is raised definitely into the higher center.Psychology2, 548:higher center. When, for instance, the sacral energy is raised to the solar plexus, there will bePsychology2, 548:as noted before, the intestinal tract. When the energy of the lesser centers which are found belowPsychology2, 549:is nothing but a disruption and a removal of energy. When the science of the transference of energyPsychology2, 549:energy. When the science of the transference of energy from a lower center to a higher isPsychology2, 549:awakening, transference and the focusing of the energy in the higher center. These three majorPsychology2, 549:This is followed by a concentration of the lower energy in the higher center. [550] Then comes thePsychology2, 550:center or centers by the higher focal points of energy and their rhythmic interplay. Between allPsychology2, 550:the successful effort of the mystic to bring in energy [551] from the higher centers and fromPsychology2, 552:many of the diseases of the respiratory tract. Energy is carried to the throat but is notPsychology2, 553:touch upon later. Today, the concentration of energy is producing serious effects upon that masterPsychology2, 553:the eyes. The ajna center focuses the abstracted energy of the five centers up the spine and is thePsychology2, 554:by the imposition of personality force, and its energy deflected downwards in a focused selfishPsychology2, 555:this center, for consciousness is a form of energy, as well you know, and life is energy itself. Psychology2, 555:a form of energy, as well you know, and life is energy itself. Psychology2, 568:path of vision who (through the bringing in of energy from the soul through meditation andPsychology2, 571:of the solar plexus center, stimulated by the energy pouring in from the heights he has attained inPsychology2, 573:and evokes the response of his personality energy (focused in the ajna center) and producesPsychology2, 574:In the one case, you have a center of energy which is so potent that it swings the man into a statePsychology2, 577:and upon the activity of material substance; all energy is subordinated to purely selfish purpose.Psychology2, 581:profitably and with the least expenditure of energy. It [582] should be noted, however, that thePsychology2, 586:impossible because the shift of the flow of energy will be into the centers above the diaphragm. ItPsychology2, 587:the distant secret place where dwells thy soul. Energy follows thought, the ancient rule proclaims.Psychology2, 589:or the front of the throat. This carries the energy downwards by the involutionary route and notPsychology2, 590:the solar plexus of a constant inflow of energy and greatly aids in freeing of the psychic from thePsychology2, 591:It is, in the last analysis, the Science of Energy and teaches the method whereby energy can bePsychology2, 591:Science of Energy and teaches the method whereby energy can be controlled, directed and utilizedPsychology2, 591:for the production of white magic. This pranic energy works through the vital body and coursesPsychology2, 591:mechanism of man into an intricate "receiver" of energy and "director" of force. Each [592] ofPsychology2, 592:of force. Each [592] of these tiny lines of energy are fivefold in nature and resemble five strandsPsychology2, 592:is to be noted, also, that these five types of energy form one closely knit unit, and these unitsPsychology2, 592:and recrossings occur and so the equipment of energy centers is brought into being: Where the linesPsychology2, 593:impediment offered at any point to the incoming energy of the soul; so that no obstruction andPsychology2, 594:"nadis" are being blended and thus forming one energy that most of the diseases of the mystics makePsychology2, 595:the walls separating four forces from the fifth energy, and hastens the burning of the protectingPsychology2, 596:which will lead to: A right distribution of energy. The focusing of the forces in the centers. The
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