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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGY

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Psychology2, 597:results. Unless the basic rule is grasped that "energy follows thought", it is inevitable that direPsychology2, 597:ill. Why is this the case? Because the energy which is seeking to enter him and permeate his wholePsychology2, 597:Outside himself lies his thought and the energy consequently streams out of his body. It is a muchPsychology2, 597:each human being, has drained man of much needed energy. In spite of the fact that he has beenPsychology2, 599:the heart center, as they should be, nor is the energy of the heart poured out in selfless love ofPsychology2, 605:astral body and of his soul (two forces and one energy) unite and there they produce a powerfulPsychology2, 607:where there is no real use made of the inflowing energy in the production of creative work, thenPsychology2, 608:or controlled, just as the registering of the energy of power (coming from the mind in its willPsychology2, 611:significance as an expression (in dual form) of energy which flows upward from the personality andPsychology2, 611:be summarized as follows: The theme of light and energy is closely connected with the problem (forPsychology2, 613:for what they are and the available light and energy are misapplied or turned to selfish andPsychology2, 616:group life, the group emanation and the group energy for they are not yet sufficiently integratedPsychology2, 622:we are watching the passing out of the sixth ray energy and the growing power and activity of thePsychology2, 622:power and activity of the seventh ray. The energy which is withdrawing itself from our planet inPsychology2, 623:magical worker who is influenced by seventh ray energy, working through the center at the base ofPsychology2, 642:to be a futile expenditure of time, strength, energy and money. No effort has been made to find andPsychology2, 655:group provides a field of effort and a center of energy towards which all men of good willPsychology2, 658:is that they are in touch with the center of energy which is attempting to guide human affairs;Psychology2, 674:For attack or counter-attack they have not time, energy or money. Yet their attitude is not one ofPsychology2, 685:the form of a much increased spiritual inflow of energy of a kind more potent and of a qualityPsychology2, 688:or to pass through, that measure of spiritual energy that may have been contacted. Our work then inPsychology2, 691:day there can truly come a release of spiritual energy of sufficient potency to change worldPsychology2, 693:and their work will then be to capitalize on the energy then available, and to take advantage ofPsychology2, 696:humanity will act as a transmitter of light, energy and spiritual potency to the subhuman kingdoms,Psychology2, 697:the distribution into the world of [697] soul energy, so these same men and women, in theirPsychology2, 707:happenings, such as the pouring in of energy from a new sign in the zodiac, and the shift of thePsychology2, 710:under the influence of, and responding to, the energy of their souls. They do this eitherPsychology2, 711:- stimulation, integration, the inflow of energy, and the use of that energy, according to thePsychology2, 711:the inflow of energy, and the use of that energy, according to the predisposition of the man andPsychology2, 714:by the bringing together of these two types of energy. It is with this problem that the Masters arePsychology2, 721:naught to do except to register the fact. The energy of the united Hierarchy of the planet whichPsychology2, 722:react potently to this influence. The energy of the New Group of World Servers, which (up to tenPsychology2, 722:with which to reckon. From certain angles, the energy of this group constitutes the hope of thePsychology2, 722:side of the Hierarchy and the use of spiritual energy, these men and women are regarded as doorsPsychology2, 722:doors into human life, because through them the energy of certain great world souls, worldPsychology2, 723:is regarded as the black side of nature and of energy. They are wielded by great and powerful humanPsychology2, 725:possible subjective agency and form of available energy for the stimulating of the humanPsychology2, 728:be invoked in the task of spreading the healing energy of good will, which, as has been well andPsychology2, 732:into a fact, a functioning ideal, and a positive energy. That is our work and we are definitelyPsychology2, 735:the heart is the center of loving, giving energy, and the distributor of life. It should not beRays, 4:throughout the day as to the use and misuse of energy. Every man should realize that in the use ofRays, 4:Every man should realize that in the use of energy lies direction and the treading of the Path. ItRays, 4:Students should familiarize themselves with the "energy concept" and learn to regard themselves asRays, 4:concept" and learn to regard themselves as energy units displaying certain types of energy. In thisRays, 4:as energy units displaying certain types of energy. In this connection it should be borne in mindRays, 4:it should be borne in mind that when spiritual energy and material energy (the two opposite poles)Rays, 4:in mind that when spiritual energy and material energy (the two opposite poles) are brought intoRays, 4:are brought into relationship, a third type of energy is produced, and the work of the fourth orRays, 4:that Superhuman entities display spiritual energy. Subhuman entities display the energy of matter.Rays, 4:spiritual energy. Subhuman entities display the energy of matter. Human entities display soulRays, 4:energy of matter. Human entities display soul energy. In the perfect manifestation of these threeRays, 5:to Masons. This subject of the use or misuse of energy is capable of infinite expansion, and in myRays, 5:the needed transmutation of astral and emotional energy into love, the energy of love. ThisRays, 5:of astral and emotional energy into love, the energy of love. This involves the sublimation ofRays, 5:the part it plays as an organ of transference of energy from the three great centers below theRays, 7:that spiritual illumination and that divine energy which is the soul's heritage. Little by littleRays, 7:form. The keys of the mysteries connected with energy, with polarity, and with group relation.Rays, 8:side by side, he will find that the spiritual energy he may appreciate and contact will only serveRays, 9:every coherent system has its varying types of energy, and that perfection is achieved when theRays, 9:perfection is achieved when the highest type of energy inherently possible dominates. If the lowerRays, 9:inherently possible dominates. If the lower energy of the aggregate of the form-atoms is theRays, 13:A study of the above in terms of forces and energy will give some idea of the underlying synthesisRays, 13:whole. There is therefore a line of descending energy which has its origin outside our planetaryRays, 13:planetary life altogether; the inflow of this energy, its inevitable effect under cyclic law andRays, 14:therefore be apparent to you that the descent of energy brings with it - under the cyclic law -Rays, 15:Whose "note is heard ahead of Him, and His energy spreads before Him." This is a great mystery andRays, 15:higher work and are becoming custodians of the energy of the divine will and not simply theRays, 15:divine will and not simply the custodians of the energy of love. They will work henceforth asRays, 16:There is therefore, owing to the inflow of energy from extra-planetary sources, a general shiftingRays, 22:Only when the group is known and sensed can energy be wisely emanated. For Disciples and Initiates:Rays, 30:as by fire all elements of self-will. As the energy of Shamballa streams out and makes a directRays, 32:world Scriptures to express living, spiritual energy. I said "spiritual energy" and not soul force,Rays, 32:living, spiritual energy. I said "spiritual energy" and not soul force, and herein lies aRays, 33:grasps the uses of heat, warmth, light and energy; he arrives at an understanding of self-will,Rays, 40:functioning as a duality and as a fusion of soul-energy and personality-force. Now these forms ofRays, 50:ideas are formless and are in effect points of energy, outward moving in order eventually toRays, 51:mask, hiding the radiant light and the dynamic energy of a revealed Son of God." This is theRays, 52:of maya; it is the great beguiling and deceptive energy, the note of the involutionary arc. In itRays, 57:the subsidiary centers, becomes intensified and energy pours in, forcing the acquiescentRays, 57:three subsidiary rays) to the dominating soul energy. This first great integration is a fusion ofRays, 57:great integration is a fusion of force with energy. Here is a statement of deep import, embodyingRays, 59:stages, and later responds to the impact of energy coming from the Spiritual Triad. Only when thisRays, 61:of the triple manifestation of spirit-energy which distinguished the first and earliest phase ofRays, 64:the power of thought, which directs the needed energy and certain destined and chosen forces soRays, 65:the initiate of high degree works with monadic energy and not soul force, you can understand why heRays, 65:the soul aspect and through the power of monadic energy, using the antahkarana as a distributingRays, 68:to absorb, share, circulate, and then distribute energy. This process of protection and ofRays, 69:this fundamental triangle and of this symbol of energy, with its inflow and distribution, is to beRays, 74:emphasis is upon the life aspect, upon dynamic energy, and upon the cause of manifestation, andRays, 78:seething in response to the inflow of spiritual energy. This energy has been evoked by theRays, 78:response to the inflow of spiritual energy. This energy has been evoked by the unrealized andRays, 79:of which he can know naught. They Live. They are energy itself, and in Their totality They form theRays, 80:along the line of will or power or of first ray energy. Of the nine letters, six are on the firstRays, 81:drew the form to meet the highest need; where energy comes forth and blends with force and (in theRays, 84:are focused in Shamballa, the seat of fire: The Energy of Purification: This is the power, innateRays, 84:or hides the glory of God. It is essentially the energy which substitutes good for evil. HumanRays, 84:and not outwards and upwards into light. The Energy of Destruction: This is a destruction whichRays, 84:life, and hiding the inner soul light. This energy is therefore one of the major aspects of theRays, 85:purpose. Under cyclic law, this destructive energy comes into play and destroys the forms of lifeRays, 85:lets loose the destructive aspect of the basic energy, and all hindrances are destroyed with
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