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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENERGY

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Reappearance, 111:love. The results of the distribution of this energy of love will be twofold: Countless men andReappearance, 111:will be able to work successfully. This active energy of loving understanding will mobilize aReappearance, 131:of emotional love will be superseded by a living energy which can be sensed in a large way, thoughReappearance, 131:as yet be appropriated in its pure essence; this energy, we call the "love of God." It is thatReappearance, 148:to the existence of this center of spiritual energy. This spiritual Hierarchy has been steadilyReappearance, 151:the intelligent organization of spiritual energy and of the forces of love, and these, whenReappearance, 153:and the two great divine centers of energy or groups - the Hierarchy and Humanity itself - willReappearance, 154:World Servers constitute an outgoing stream of energy. This will reach telepathically thoseReappearance, 154:Their evoked response, sent out as spiritual energy, will in turn reach humanity after having beenReappearance, 154:after having been stepped down into thought energy and in that form will make its due impact uponReappearance, 181:inner, spiritual integration with the center of energy from which it can draw all that is neededReappearance, 183:an organism through which the spiritual energy and principle of spiritual life can make theirReappearance, 186:into a fact, a functioning ideal, and a positive energy. This is our work and again we are calledSoul, 16:of the unseen which we dignify with the words energy - whether nervous, atomic or vital, - force,Soul, 18:comprehension, so familiar in the East, of the energy or spirit with which man animates and directsSoul, 18:These - the structure and the motivating energy - are not antagonistic but mutually interdependent.Soul, 27:emphasis upon the one who uses the form and the energy with which he drives it forward. It is theSoul, 27:it forward. It is the psychology of life and energy. From time immemorial this has been the thoughtSoul, 28:its divine affiliations? If it is the dominant energy, producing all manifestation - and this tooSoul, 28:- and this too must be proved - cannot that energy be adapted to the [29] structure which it usesSoul, 34:this display of incoming and outgoing nervous energy there are parallel activities in the system ofSoul, 35:telegraphed and no transformation of one type of energy into another. The whole response apparatus,Soul, 35:a transforming device which changes the incoming energy of the environment, received through theSoul, 35:received through the receptors, into outgoing energy in the form of the work of the muscles andSoul, 35:both sets of stimuli and both outputs of energy cooperating in the complete act or behavior of theSoul, 44:told that it is a gland of continued effort, of energy consumption, and is essential to life. It isSoul, 46:gland is the controller of the metabolism of energy. It has been called the efficient lubricator ofSoul, 46:It has been called the efficient lubricator of energy transformation, and is the great catalyst ofSoul, 46:transformation, and is the great catalyst of energy in the body. It controls the speed of livingSoul, 47:no habit-formation, [47] no responsive energy for situations, as well as no physical unfolding ofSoul, 47:is closely concerned with the "mobilization of energy for physical and mental purposes. It has twoSoul, 54:up as follows: First: There is nothing but energy, and it functions through a substance whichSoul, 54:to the ether of the modern world. Matter is energy or spirit in its densest form, and spirit isSoul, 55:The etheric body of man has seven main nuclei of energy through which various types of energy flow,Soul, 55:nuclei of energy through which various types of energy flow, producing his psychical activity.Soul, 55:mechanism. This Oriental emphasis upon spiritual energy and the Occidental emphasis upon theSoul, 57:of life and substance, there flames forth active energy. Thus we have a single reality, universalSoul, 57:or soul. The entire manifested world arises from energy (and the co-factors substance andSoul, 57:to a Buddha or a Christ, all are outgrowths of energy. Matter is energy in its densest or lowestSoul, 57:Christ, all are outgrowths of energy. Matter is energy in its densest or lowest form; spirit isSoul, 57:its densest or lowest form; spirit is this same Energy in highest or most subtle form. So matter isSoul, 58:Theory of the Etheric Body In taking on density, energy takes on, or descends into, seven degreesSoul, 58:substance, of universal life, and of universal energy. It partakes of all of these. But it is notSoul, 59:It draws upon the reservoir [59] of universal energy, and in it the etheric counterpart lives andSoul, 59:counterpart lives and moves and has its being. Energy is thus functioning through the etheric. ThisSoul, 59:etheric. This is true of man also. The universal energy functions through his etheric body. And asSoul, 59:etheric body has seven points of contact with energy, - but as only three planes are active, andSoul, 64:region of strain, the receptacle of potential energy, the substance in which the atoms of matterSoul, 65:time and space, fully amenable to the laws of energy, largely the source of terrestrial energy,Soul, 65:of energy, largely the source of terrestrial energy, governing all the manifestations of physicalSoul, 65:of physics - matter and ether - . "All kinetic energy belongs to what we call matter, whether inSoul, 65:or locomotion is its characteristic. All static energy belongs to the ether, the unmodified andSoul, 65:its characteristics are strain and stress. Energy is always passing to and fro from one to theSoul, 66:It offers practically no resistance to radiant energy, even to light from the sun and the mostSoul, 67:theory of the etheric counterpart and the energy functioning through it. "The Life Force. Let usSoul, 67:It was chaos, deadness and blankness, without energy or purpose, and devoid of life. Into thisSoul, 67:permeation of the whole universe with life and energy, so that beginning as a world of 'matter' itSoul, 67:and permeating matter with its own principle of energy and life. To matter so infused we give theSoul, 68:more we perceive it as merely the externality of energy, as our flesh is the outward sign of lifeSoul, 68:are the result and expression of intra-atomic energy, and every muscle or nerve in the body is theSoul, 69:an etheric body, the medium of a vital force, of energy or life, is not the vague dream of aSoul, 69:acting as a conductor of the life principle of energy, or prana. This life principle is the forceSoul, 75:is simply the conductor of certain types of energy and serves as the interrelating medium betweenSoul, 78:modern scientists' teaching as to force, as to energy, as to the atom, and we find that we are [79]Soul, 79:the transmission of sound, electrical energy, and many such phrases are the catch-words of today.Soul, 79:rather as the vehicle of a comprehensive vital energy; whereupon the 'body' ceases to be merelySoul, 84:formulated in the East, that matter is spirit or energy in its lowest manifestation, and spirit isSoul, 92: The Soul and its Mechanism - Soul, Ether and Energy Chapter V Oriental Teaching as to the Soul,Soul, 92:V Oriental Teaching as to the Soul, Ether and Energy "As from its fineness, the all-pervading etherSoul, 93:physicians are recognizing increasingly the energy factor in connection with man. The electricalSoul, 96:base? The answer is, infinitely tenuous formless energy which materializes into relatively stable,Soul, 96: The Soul and its Mechanism - Soul, Ether and Energy Vivekananda, who did so much to reveal theSoul, 97:this Prana, is evolved everything that we call energy, everything that we call force. It is theSoul, 97:word being the Sanskrit term meaning 'Absolute Energy.' Many occult authorities teach that theSoul, 97:Hindus term Prana is the universal principle of energy or force, and that all energy or force isSoul, 97:principle of energy or force, and that all energy or force is derived from that principle, or,Soul, 98:in every soul, around which clusters matter and energy. Prana is merely a form of energy used bySoul, 98:matter and energy. Prana is merely a form of energy used by the Ego in its material manifestation.Soul, 98:principle is the essence of all motion, force or energy, whether manifested in gravitation,Soul, 98:lowest. It may be called the soul of Force and Energy in all their forms, and that principle which,Soul, 99:and matter or substance, and demonstrates as the energy of the form, as it produces cohesion,Soul, 99:its tiny cycle of experience. Shakti is power or energy. Arthur Avalon defines it as follows: "WhatSoul, 100:Shakti and Shakta, p. 207. These three types of energy are therefore aspects of the one universalSoul, 100:component parts or atoms of the third type of energy, and the sumtotal of that atomic energy isSoul, 100:type of energy, and the sumtotal of that atomic energy is called Kundalini: "The center where allSoul, 100:up is called Muladhara chakra, and the coiled up energy of action is Kundalini, 'the coiled up'."Soul, 100: The Soul and its Mechanism - Soul, Ether and Energy The physical body itself is often regarded asSoul, 100:human kingdom, and in this case the Kundalini energy, localized as it is supposed to be in a centerSoul, 101:vivifying duality which we call prana. This dual energy has two positive centers in the vital bodySoul, 104: The Soul and its Mechanism - Soul, Ether and Energy Srinivasa Iyengar makes the followingSoul, 104:is material, and is other than the atman. All energy in the universe is personal, i.e., bound upSoul, 104:i.e., bound up with consciousness. This energy is prana, which is intermediate between mind andSoul, 104:regards Prana and not motion as the fundamental energy of the cosmos. Prana is conceived as a powerSoul, 104:aspect - A.A.B.) and acting on matter." "All the energy of animals is nervous energy till it leavesSoul, 104:matter." "All the energy of animals is nervous energy till it leaves the muscles and acts onSoul, 104:and acts on outside objects. This nervous energy is called Prana. Western Science has for a hundredSoul, 104:years unsuccessfully tried to explain nervous energy as a form of mechanical motion; EasternSoul, 105:derives [105] mechanical motion from Prana, of energy accompanied by consciousness. PranaSoul, 106:the increasing display of prana or life-soul energy. Through an understanding of this a man canSoul, 106:the Hindu teaching that the Kundalini fire, the energy of matter (sometimes called the mother) has
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