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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENFOLDS

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Atom, 121:until it measures up to that greater one which enfolds it. You will remember that in trying toDiscipleship1, 366:to speak to you. I urge you from my heart (which enfolds you in its constant love) to look awayDiscipleship1, 502:time, my protecting aura reaches out to you. It enfolds you. The aura of protection with whichDiscipleship2, 471:be given - given step by step as needed. My love enfolds you, and the way into my Ashram standsDiscipleship2, 487:the group are not yet at that stage. The Ashram enfolds you all, but the next move is for each andDiscipleship2, 541:all easy for you. Remember ever that my Ashram enfolds you, without cessation, in its radiation.Externalisation, 560:all-inclusive awareness of the great Life which enfolds all that is, everything (except what weExternalisation, 667:wait. It is a third ray Ashram, and therefore enfolds within its ring-pass-not all the Ashrams toFire, 396:Mind purposes [396] of that cosmic ENTITY Who enfolds our solar Logos within His consciousness.Healing, 504:of the life principle of that greater Life which enfolds all the seven planetary systems which inInitiation, 117:he becomes aware also of that "Presence" which enfolds even that spiritual Entity, his own Monad.Magic, 396:be guided in such a manner that the soul nature enfolds, overpowers and uses the personality. TheMagic, 523:he works serve the higher ends of the Life which enfolds him. Thus he aids in the materializing ofRays, 694:on, the consciousness of the greater Life which enfolds our planetary Logos, as He enfolds humanityRays, 694:Life which enfolds our planetary Logos, as He enfolds humanity within His consciousness,Rays, 733:"The Unknown God," as it has been called, which enfolds all livingness and all forms upon and
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