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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENGAGE

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Destiny, 124:This interlocking directorate of energies will engage the attention of some of the best minds andDiscipleship1, 34:work of these groups of disciples which should engage your thoughts and communications with eachDiscipleship1, 345:them, their own souls and myself, and need not engage the attention of any other person. It is anDiscipleship1, 648:carefully phrased paragraph, given you enough to engage your attention until May. I would tell youDiscipleship2, 381:in the evolutionary scheme which should engage your attention. Earlier in these instructions IExternalisation, 204:of the new group of world servers and will engage the attention of intelligent people andFire, 763:certain contacts on the physical plane and to engage in certain work for the race. Fire, 1004:and Fire Elementals RULE V Three things engage the solar Angel before the sheath created passesHealingof adjustment, of elimination and of cure engage the minds of all thoughtful people as well as ofHealing, 398:scientists and similar intelligent seekers) who engage in the usually questionable techniques ofHercules, 145:of the misuse [145] of the energy known as sex engage our attention on every hand. The love ofIntellect, 128:through keen interest in the sciences which engage the attention of our best minds, and throughIntellect, 233:must not be merely a sporadic effort in which we engage when we feel inclined, but it is a steadyMagic, 146:the three worlds. The word vibration must next engage our attention but it may not be dissociatedMagic, 157:and its Thought-Forms RULE FIVE Three things engage the Solar Angel before the sheath createdMagic, 157:This fifth rule touches upon three factors which engage the attention of the creating agent beforeMagic, 158:Let us therefore take up the three factors which engage our attention, and let us consider themMagic, 268:a lesson little appreciated by aspirants. They engage in emotional desire for the appearance ofMagic, 402:ebb and flow of the cosmic processes do not engage Their attention in the first instance. At thisPsychology2, 643:government, religion or social order. They engage in no political activity of any kind, and attack
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