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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENGAGED

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Magic, 636:service, and with the activities in which he is engaged as a worker. His temperament, equipment ofMeditation, 9:the Personality by the Ego. Man at this time is engaged in many pursuits and through the force ofPatanjali, 392:in balancing the pairs of opposites, are now engaged in the process of conscious intelligentPatanjali, 421:early stages of his unfoldment; neither is he engaged with knowledge itself, as during the stage ofProblems, 40:youth of the world, them are those today who are engaged in raising funds to rebuild stone churchesProblems, 63:of many nations and peoples, competitively engaged in getting the best of each other andPsychology1, 82:we shall have every important group of men engaged in world affairs, or in the work of governmentPsychology1, 117:any disciples - working on the physical plane - engaged in training groups of communicators to bePsychology2, 61:of them would be meaningless. What we are engaged in is the development of those qualities andPsychology2, 67:of World Servers is composed of those who are engaged in this work for the race, and every personPsychology2, 94:learned (and it is the lesson which man is now engaged in learning) that death as the humanPsychology2, 127:task the aspirants of the world are at this time engaged. This indicates, does it not, the point ofPsychology2, 141:and Their groups of disciples are actively engaged at this time in an endeavor to impose certainPsychology2, 143:so that the true pattern is preserved. They are engaged with the bridging process, for they are thePsychology2, 202:teaching, right or wrong, that we are at present engaged, and our premises and conclusions can bePsychology2, 327:stages. In this Treatise with which we are now engaged, our primary aim is to point out the effectPsychology2, 460:soul but not by a human soul. We are primarily engaged with those problems which arise in thePsychology2, 476:In this discussion with which we are now engaged, I am not dealing with the man with the AtlanteanPsychology2, 726:of the human crisis, yet subjectively, all are engaged with the task of bringing order out of chaosRays, 230:the caliber and quality of the disciples who are engaged in world salvage, for it is through theseRays, 337:stages of the Path; with this we shall be partly engaged in this section. I would ask you, whilstRays, 419:and cosmic activities wherein They are eternally engaged. Their intention and purposes are not,Rays, 572:so in the seventh ray cycle we shall see men engaged on an even larger scale in the field ofRays, 587:transfer into certain groups of workers who are engaged in activities connected with the deva orRays, 648:aspect of atomic energy but are already engaged in harnessing - for the good of humanity - some ofRays, 672:creative task confronting the disciple who is engaged in lifting the energies of the sacral centerRays, 751:of all nations, but the others are not so openly engaged in telling other peoples what they shouldSoul, 84:are the cause of much of the confusion. We are engaged in separating a unified Reality into parts,Telepathy, 28:This swings etheric force into activity when engaged in telepathic work, but entails its conscious
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