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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENGENDERED

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Astrology, 100:the Path, when the fire of Aries and the fires engendered through the potency of Uranus produce theAstrology, 397:the sight and this will finally dispel the self-engendered illusions and glamorous of the aspirant;Astrology, 477:for the pain and inner conflict they have engendered is never forgotten, for they draw upon theAstrology, 617:when humanity can work with the focused will, engendered by the life of Shamballa, inspired byAutobiography, 202:and told the bald facts. I would like to have engendered in the younger generation a respect forDiscipleship1, 379:this first ray personality and the difficulties engendered thereby in your group relations, you canDiscipleship1, 562:of self, and upon those reactions which may be engendered by your group brothers; shut them alsoDiscipleship1, 692:by the Master. It will be a potency which it has engendered itself. This power which disciplesDiscipleship1, 763:the receptivity of his centers to the activity engendered by the soul, under impression by theDiscipleship2, 89:and through the hope and expectancy thus engendered may move forward into greater light, betterDiscipleship2, 146:on this. Now take the idea which the theme has engendered, or take the theme-word itself if noDiscipleship2, 417:initiation is attained without an earlier self-engendered and not conferred revelation. Let me hereDiscipleship2, 558:and the period wherein you worked out karma (engendered many years ago) was both needed andDiscipleship2, 571:I refer to the distress and sorrow and anxiety engendered by having those for whom one cares in theDiscipleship2, 685:means whereby the fanatical emotional idealism (engendered by the potency of the sixth rayDiscipleship2, 733:contact, but knew not how to handle the force engendered. In this incarnation, this force flowedDiscipleship2, 754:a cycle wherein evil karma will no longer be engendered and past karma will work out inEducation, 106:ideologies, aggressiveness and ambition have engendered in the life of all nations. Education isExternalisation, 281:not mature. Maturity is achieved through self-engendered experience and decision, and for some timeExternalisation, 475:free will, the evil which humanity itself had engendered manifested itself, and that to whichFire, 47:Purely mental thought forms, animated by self-engendered fire, or by the fifth principle, andFire, 149:plus the gained faculty that experience has engendered. Second, Increased the vibration of matterFire, 339:of atomic matter in the system. Vibrations, engendered by will, working through love-wisdom, andFire, 721:process in those days. Through the force engendered during the process that vibration was set upFire, 1015:as secondary; his physical body, and the work engendered therein, being frequently referred to asFire, 1049:[1049] own plane began to respond to the self-engendered energy of the lower form, the two rhythmsFire, 1099:of man. When this is coupled with the self-engendered action of the individual atoms of any sheath,Fire, 1102:bringing together of these energies through self-engendered impulse. He, for purposes ofFire, 1110:called 'the knowledge petal. The stream of force engendered in the lower self circulates in aGlamour, 125:intensified throughout an aeonial past. Glamor engendered by the individual himself, either in theGlamour, 196:light. For aeons, he walks by means of the light engendered within his vehicles, by the lightGlamour, 207:that he is the victim of several glamors, engendered over many lives, deeply rooted in his pastHealing, 208:in its entirety) that diseases which are self-engendered (if I may use so curious and inadequate aHealing, 230:by fire and the intensity of the heat engendered by applied military methods are also helping, andHealing, 243:coming from the surface of the planet, engendered deep within the planet, and impinging upon theHealing, 493:and understood, a great deal of the [493] fear engendered by the thought of death would disappear.Healing, 500:earlier stages) very little responsibility is engendered by the soul. That which occurs within theHealing, 560:he is deliberately taking on conditions engendered by his world service for men. As the majority ofHealing, 566:upon the physical plane so that the turmoil thus engendered in the consciousness of man can andHealing, 568:supervenes as a result of the friction engendered. In studying these ideas, it should be rememberedHealing, 568:the man, via the head Center, and the friction engendered is due to the inactivity of the Center atInitiation, 193:which reach the Master through the energy engendered through pure altruistic motive are transmittedIntellect, 26:of instinct and the prompting of intuition are engendered in total secrecy. When they do appear,Intellect, 249:the racial and hereditary fears, or the fears engendered by world conditions prevailing at thisMagic, 15:Through it right processes of thought are engendered, non-essentials and incorrect formulations ofMagic, 151:the will, resulting in a "breathing forth", and engendered or arrived at dynamically in theMagic, 161:"condition of the waters" is not that of a self-engendered whirlpool, but is more allied to that ofMagic, 162:the survival of every thought form, rightly engendered in meditation by the man, functioning as aMagic, 163:and succumbs to the miasma which he himself has engendered. Or again, there are lines of thoughtMeditation, 119:set up on the mental plane and the forces engendered there are so much more potent than on thePatanjali, 253:through the mind and illumines it. The thoughts engendered in the automatic response of the chittaPatanjali, 392:neither black nor white. No karma of any kind is engendered; no effects are set up through causesPsychology2, 123:at this time; it is responsible for the hatred engendered by those who react sensitively toPsychology2, 225:of the great dualities. Through the activity engendered by this interplay, and through the resultsPsychology2, 269:and those of the "approaching" soul, a "light is engendered which fadeth not away." In these threePsychology2, 273:the Wesak Festival of 1936 and the response engendered among humanity would warrant the assumptionsPsychology2, 305:according to ray and to the karmic conditions engendered. 1. The stage of being alive. This is thePsychology2, 375:immediate reality by rushing off after a self-engendered vision of truth, he will go far along thePsychology2, 587:no light revealing can be seen but only self-engendered light and thus deluding. So, therefore,Psychology2, 630:and in the other, worn out by the suffering engendered by economic unrest, destitution and theRays, 86:will never be forgotten, and the horror thus engendered will aid in stiffening the will of humanityRays, 142:if you consider the brilliance of the physically engendered light in which we live when nightRays, 200:innate and natural, soul-imposed or spiritually engendered. If it is willfully self-induced, if itRays, 211:disciple. The spontaneously emerging group work, engendered by the group consciousness and fusingRays, 439:a time when he will be free from all reactions engendered by life on the dense cosmic physicalRays, 612:to see that these two results of the conflict, engendered at this time, are the two most desirableRays, 619:Again, under law, a profound optimism is engendered and may be rightly developed. The heart centerTelepathy, 4:this specializing faculty and his automatically engendered responsibility, he throws back of it allTelepathy, 62:emanating from or through the aura which he has engendered brings to him a developing revelation.Telepathy, 64:word) when the entity concerned brings to the engendered circumstances the needed intelligence,Telepathy, 96:service when the needed magnetic aura has been engendered and is brought under scientific control.Telepathy, 108:plane, so that the magnetic aura which he has engendered becomes increasingly sensitive to these
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