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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ENGROSSED

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Astrology, 236:of the law." Legislation has hitherto been engrossed with the enforcing of those negations andAstrology, 533:human need, individually and by the nations not engrossed with the essentials of the situation.Atom, 72:exists simply because we have been too much engrossed with the form, and too much occupied with ourAutobiography, 275:sidetracked the interest of the enquirer, and engrossed his attention through the importanceBethlehem, 8:and practical truth. Our attention has been engrossed by the symbol and by the outer form, whilstBethlehem, 48:We read that even on the Cross the Plan still engrossed His attention, and with His final "It isBethlehem, 91:many rulers and thinkers throughout the world is engrossed with the well-being of nations and men.Bethlehem, 235:of the Master. [235] In the past, being wholly engrossed with consideration of the Crucifixion, weDestiny, 55:nationalistic in their thinking, and too deeply engrossed with the prime importance of their ownDestiny, 106:human need, individually and by the nations not engrossed with the essentials of the situation.Discipleship1, 379:the many - all equal, all working as one, all engrossed with the one work. This you must learn toDiscipleship1, 490:thought and of activity, or else he is entirely engrossed with some individual or group ofDiscipleship1, 551:upon one's own individual salvation) which engrossed the attention of the aspirant. Naught else wasDiscipleship1, 601:adjectival phrases of the communicator who has engrossed your attention lately, I would call youDiscipleship1, 655:Was my interest in myself, as a server? Or was I engrossed with the need of those I served?Discipleship1, 718:and laying plans for the future; Shamballa is engrossed with the Eternal Now and with the dynamicDiscipleship1, 744:to the Master's work and the Ashram life. He is engrossed in the task and the opportunity and notDiscipleship1, 744:has called the "smug recollection of the self-engrossed mind." It is a form of veiled pride whichDiscipleship1, 746:the accepted disciple; he is decentralized and engrossed in the fulfilment of the divine Plan toDiscipleship1, 747:Are you preoccupied with human need or are you engrossed with your own position as a disciple, withDiscipleship1, 771:clarity about the issues involved, being unduly engrossed with the outer signs of the struggle andDiscipleship2, 69:for the disciple to remember. The more engrossed he is with his personal responsiveness andDiscipleship2, 205:need. The unthinking man or woman, or those engrossed entirely in business, political and familyDiscipleship2, 325:it is that mental alertness which has for ages engrossed their attention and it is this for whichDiscipleship2, 362:sensitive to impression by Shamballa; others are engrossed in the formulation of the program and inDiscipleship2, 389:of revelation. Finally, he becomes so engrossed with his service, with aiding his fellowmen andDiscipleship2, 451:the mechanics of right breathing seem inevitably engrossed with the processes involved, with theDiscipleship2, 603:more occupied with the inner realities and less engrossed with the outer difficulties. But this, asEducation, 127:the consciousness was purely instinctive, self-engrossed in the physical sense, and unable toExternalisation, 69:signs of the times portray and not be entirely engrossed with the immediate situation or dilemma;Externalisation, 237:for the higher value of world civilization engrossed them and the activities of their empires,Externalisation, 305:the Hierarchy - to be overcome by inertia, to be engrossed by their theories and idealisms, and toExternalisation, 581:of imprisonment and has, for untold aeons, engrossed the attention of the human being, to theFire, 738:of his unselfishness on earth. He is completely engrossed in the bliss of all his personal earthlyFire, 1063:subject is to be reached, - a subject which has engrossed philosophers, scientists and alchemistsFire, 1148:is then strongly individualized, entirely self-engrossed, free of [1149] all group sense, exceptGlamour, 52:The result of all this is that he becomes more engrossed with the sense of power, and with the partHealing, 100:or medical authority, nor have I the time to be engrossed with the technicalities. What I amHealing, 110:be ascribed. The metaphysical healer today is so engrossed by that which is not the body that he isHealing, 490:of outgoing love and aspiration; the man is engrossed with what engrossed his attention andHealing, 490:and aspiration; the man is engrossed with what engrossed his attention and involved the kamicHercules, 73:to penetrate within the veil, they become engrossed with the lower side of spiritualism and passHercules, 150:is the labor that from certain angles has engrossed us and will engross us for a long time because,Hercules, 158:began to dawn upon him that he was dual; he was engrossed with the problem of soul and body and howIntellect, 3:educational procedure. It is a subject that has engrossed the attention of thinkers in the East [4]Intellect, 125:a way in which the factors which have hitherto engrossed its attention can be negated and a newIntellect, 179:human affairs. It feels pleasure and pain; it is engrossed with moods and emotional reactions toIntellect, 219:sets us apart as potential knowers. We become engrossed with the form side of meditation and notIntellect, 247:associated with Him find an aspirant who is engrossed with the work to be done in self-discipline,Intellect, 258:sex life, or whose thoughts are much engrossed with sex, even if the physical life is controlled. AMagic, 24:this one life is purely relative. Those who are engrossed in the form side of existence think inMagic, 86:and it is with this that the race is now engrossed. The relation between the astral body and theMagic, 170:and seeks ever to serve; and then (when he is so engrossed in the work on hand that he hasMagic, 491:will be the hardest. After that the mind will be engrossed by the ideas and not by theMagic, 587:seek to awaken or energize them. He must remain engrossed with the [588] problem of purifying theMeditation, 47:(Some of you who meditate are apt to be so engrossed straining after intuitional consciousness thatPatanjali, 215:this can be done and when the mind can be so engrossed upon a consideration of the things of thePatanjali, 251:his attention. He is not concentrated upon, or engrossed by them. He can focus his attention atProblems, 148:ignorance and inexperience betray which have engrossed the attention of the churches to thePsychology1, 108:with Their disciples. They are too much engrossed with world problems, and with the work ofPsychology1, 171:of seven groups of workers in the world, all engrossed with activities along the seven major linesPsychology1, 338:superconscious." We have therefore a humanity engrossed by a tremendous activity and demonstratingPsychology1, 388:nationalistic in their viewpoint, and too deeply engrossed with the prime importance of their ownPsychology2, 76:and relinquishes willingly that which earlier engrossed his attention. [77] In considering thePsychology2, 326:gaining experience, but are at the same time so engrossed with the processes of the results ofPsychology2, 662:be touched upon. All nations at this time are engrossed with the imposition of some idea, or groupRays, 429:both are materially selfish and capitalistically engrossed. Russia is also selfish but it is theSoul, 78:nature and the laws governing natural phenomena engrossed attention, until speculations as to theTelepathy, 38:work and to hold back the group because he is so engrossed in his own affairs or in his own ideasTelepathy, 194:are most aspirants (though not all), are usually engrossed with the fact of the Ashram. TrainedTelepathy, 194:the fact of the Ashram. Trained disciples are engrossed with the work to be done, and the [195]
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